American Gods S1E5 "Lemon Scented You" Recap

The episode opens with an animated story about an ancient tribe travelling across the Bering Strait. This tribe prays to a god names Nynyunnini for help in their travels. But when the tribe faces great difficulty and obstacles on their journey, they begin to lose faith in Nynyunnini which results in the god being forgotten and dying.

Returning to the motel, Shadow must deal with the fact that Laura is alive and waiting for him. She admits to her affair and the events that led to her death. He struggles to understand how she is alive again but still somewhat dead. When she kisses him, she feels her heart give a beat and she is amazed.

Media summons Technical Boy, while assuming the form of David Bowie and brings a message from Mr. World who is the New God of Globalisation. Technical Boy is in trouble for his attack and attempted lynching of Shadow and reprimanded accordingly.

Shadow and Wednesday are arrested for bank robbery and interrogated at the police station. While Shadow is away, Mad Sweeney tracks Laura down and confronts her about having his coin. He wants her to return it but she refuses to give it back, as it was given to her by Shadow and is now inside of her giving her life. Mad Sweeney threatens her but Laura easily overpowers him and questions him. Mad Sweeney warns her not to trust Wednesday.

Media visits Shadow and Wednesday in the jail, this time assuming the form of Marilyn Monroe. Together, Media and Mr. World bring out Technical Boy and force him to apologise for his assault. These New Gods propose an alliance with Wednesday in which they will help him to 'find his audience' by sending a missile named Odin to attack North Korean. Following the discussion, they murder the police so that Shadow and Wednesday can escape from the station and consider their offer.

Finally, we see Laura break into a morgue and steal a bag of blood.

American Gods airs on Sundays on Starz at 9/8c.


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