American Gods S1E6 "A Murder Of Gods" Recap

The episode opens with a group of Mexicans attempting to cross the border into the States. They pray to Jesus to help them in their efforts and Jesus arrives in person. However, Jesus is shot by border patrol while trying to protect the Mexicans.

Shadow questions Wednesday about what it was that he saw at the police station, confused by the visit from the Gods. He also admits that Laura has returned from the dead but when they return to the motel she is gone and Wednesday doesn't believe Shadow, thinking it's just a hallucination induced by stress or grief. They leave together just as Laura returns to the motel.

Laura's car was towed by the police, as it belongs to a 'dead woman' (her) so she is forced to team up with Mad Sweeney, who wants to help her get resurrected properly so he can get his coin back. They encounter Salim when trying to steal his cab, and Salim decides to join them so they can find the jinn together.

Wednesday and Shadow head toward Virginia and when Shadow gets a parasite burrowing through his body, Wednesday pulls the car over to pull it out of him and toss it on the side of the road. They eventually reach their destination and meet with the Old God Vulcan who has kept control over a small town by using their strong belief in their right to bear arms. Wednesday hopes to recruit Vulcan to his alliance. Vulcan agrees and even forges a sword but then betrays them by telling the New Gods where they are. As an act of revenge, Wednesday kills him and curses his believers.

American Gods airs on Sundays on Starz at 9/8c.


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