American Gods S1E8 (Season 1 Finale) "Come To Jesus" RECAP

The episode opens with Mr. Nancy sharing the story of Bilquis to Shadow and Wednesday. Bilquis is a fallen Old Goddess of spring and resurrection who had many men trying to knock her off her throne. She habitually consumes people and was able to continue doing so and survive into the modern era. Despite slipping into a low-point when her temples were destroyed and she lose worshippers, she is visited by Techno Boy who gives her a mobile phone through which she can use dating apps to find new people to consume.

The tale of Bilquis convinces Wednesday that they must find a queen. Mr. Nancy sews Shadow and Wednesday new suits so they can go to Kentucky and visit Easter, an Old Goddess of spring and resurrection. Wednesday warns Shadow that Easter may take a shining to him and that would not be good. He also notes that they might not be welcomed at first.

Upon arriving, they find that Easter is having a large party. She has survived into the modern era by capitalising on the Christian celebration of Christ's resurrection. Shadow begins to believe in the Gods, as more Gods seem to be present at the party.

We see Techno Boy visit Bilquis, saying that he owes her and he is now cashing in on the favour.

Laura and Mad Sweeney reach Easter's estate in search of Shadow, who is speaking with one of the many Jesus that are at Easter's party. Wednesday is speaking with Eastern in private, advising her that in the old days, starvation was a strong motivator for the people to believe in the Gods and pray to them. But Easter is visited by one of her rabbits that tells her of Laura and Mad Sweeney's arrival. Easter is alarmed that a dead woman is walking around and could ruin her party. Mad Sweeney and Laura want her to resurrect Laura properly but Easter is unable to do so, as she determines that she was killed by a god. Laura is furious and forces Sweeney to admit the extent of his involvement. He says that Wednesday ordered Laura's death and orchestrated Shadow's imprisonment so that he would be desperate enough to be malleable for Wednesday's biddings.

Media arrives to the party in the form of Judy Garland in Eastern Parade. Technical Boy and Mr. World are also with her, hoping to get Easter to join their cause and stand against Wednesday. Wednesday emerges with Shadow close behind him and the opposing sides engage in a verbal sparring match. These Gods believe that Wednesday is an old relic that should go quietly into the night but instead, he summons a lightning bolt that destroys all their men. He asks Shadow if he has faith and when Shadow asks who he is, he announces that he is Odin. Odin finally convinces Eastern to unleash her powers and upon doing so, she takes back the spring and casts a drought over America so as to ensure future worship. Mr. World declares that this means war and Odin says to let the people know that they can have spring back when they pray for it. Once more he asks Shadow if he believes and Shadow says he believes everything. It's then that Laura emerges, saying she wants to talk to her husband.

Finally, we see Bilquis on a bus headed to Wisconsin and about to consume another unsuspecting person.

American Gods will return for season 2 on Starz.


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