Preacher S2E1 "On the Road" Recap

The Search For God

Cassidy is ranting about the number of circumcisions that take place annually, while Tulip drives him and Jesse. A high-speed pursuit begins when police cars chase after them for speeding. Tulip loses them momentarily but they're caught once the car runs out of gas. Rudy needs an umbrella to protect him from the sun and runs into one of the squad cars when a police officer knocks it away. He tries to force Jesse back into the sun but Jesse uses the power of Genesis to command the officers do various things (gas up their car, hold hands with each other, recite the Yellow Rose of Texas, and the officer that had threatened Cassidy to mace his own balls).

The standoff is interrupted by an unknown sniper shooting explosive rounds at the group. Many officers end up dead and the trio are able to get away by using one of the dead officer's intestines to siphon off some gas to refill Tulip's car. The Saint of Killers is shown to be pursuing Jesse, as he had been summoned from Hell specifically to destroy him. The Saint of Killers also kills a roadside worker that had encountered the trio.

Cassidy feels guilty about concealing the fact that he and Tulip previously had sex and she tells him to go ahead if he really wants to. They all reach a preacher-friend of Jesse's named Mike, who has a woman kept in a covered cage as a way to cleanse her of her sins. They tell Mike that God is missing. Jesse also shows him his newly manifested Genesis powers. After the trio leaves, Mike realises that the Saint of Killers will be coming after him too so he kills himself after the Saint  enters his home, questioning where Jesse is.

The trio visit Tammy, a woman that Mike had previously helped with this special brand of cleansing, where she works at a strip club. Tammy had claimed to have seen God and admits this to be true but won't provide anything more than the fact that God loves jazz and a terrifying stare. Cassidy uses the time on the mission to indulge in a lap dance while Jesse wants to use Genesis to get more information out of Tammy. Tulip doesn't Jesse being so quick to use his ability, as she'd also rather beat the information out of Tammy. But after Cassidy gropes a stripper and a scuffle ensues which results in a security guard shooting his gun. The bullet goes through the wall and kills Tammy. Jesse tries to use Genesis on her but doesn't get anything helpful.

Jesse hooks up with Tulip in their shared hotel room, and the noise is abundantly clear to Cassidy who is staying in the next room over. When Jesse emerges from the room, the Saint of Killers emerges with a gun and Jesse's Genesis powers don't work to try to stop him.

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