Preacher S2E2 "Mumbai Sky Tower" Recap

We pick up immediately where we last left off on Preacher, as Jesse has been found by the Saint of Killers who has been shown to be immune to Jesse's Genesis powers. The trio is able to escape due to a large group of bystanders acting as figurative cannon-fodder when a large shoot-out ensues but their guns do nothing to stop the Saint of Killers. Regardless of the show's heightened reality and style, we have to wonder if there is an unknown force at work protecting Jesse and/or the rest of the trio because by now, they really should have ended up dead or at the very least shot during all these shoot-outs.

The trio heads to the Mumbai Sky Tower casino where fallen angel Fiore has taken up residence as a magician. He is in a slump and alternates between indulging in hedonistic vices such as gambling and sex, and unsuccessfully trying to kill himself. His antics are discovered and he gains an adoring audience in awe of his suicide attempts which they believe to be eccentric, gory magic tricks.

Fiore explains that he was the one to hire the Saint of Killers in order to stop Genesis. Fiore refuses to call the Saint off and inadvertently reveals that Jesse using Genesis is how the Saint tracks his location. In turn, Jesse reveals that God is missing but Fiore doesn't seem to care much about anything anymore, resigned to a life of magical antics.

Cassidy concocts an intense drug that he injects into Fiore, sending him on a wild trip. Afterwards, Cassidy seems confident that Fiore will call off the Saint.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip get engaged but shortly thereafter, Tulip is startled by the reappearance of a man from her past named Gary. Tulip invites Gary into her room and he tells her that Victor has been looking for her. She tries to play it cool but it's clear that there's some skeletons threatening to spill out of her closet. Gary tries to call Victor but Tulip stops him, leading to a confrontation between the two. Gary has a significantly larger frame than Tulip and has the upper hand at first but eventually, Tulip is able to get some good blows in and brutally beats his skull till he dies. Cassidy comes to talk to Tulip after learning of her engagement and she insists that he not tell Jesse about this incident.

Jesse is downstairs waiting for Tulip so they can get married. Fiore reminds him that he sent a boy (Eugene) to hell and when Jesse asks if he can get him out, Fiore is adamant that he will never go to hell again. Jesse wants to be able to use his gift freely but Fiore tells him that Genesis isn't a toy. When Tulip arrives, she says she no longer wants to get married and that they love each other so they don't need to get married as they continue on their quest to find God.

Jesse says that they're going to New Orleans because the only clue they have about God thus far is that he loves jazz. Fiore says he'll call off the Saint but as the trio leaves, Jesse uses Genesis to tell Fiore to "find peace" which has disastrous consequences. When the Saint arrives, Fiore tells him to kill him onstage. The Saint is the only one that kill an angel so that it will stick. Fiore reminds the Saint that their deal still holds, in that if he kills Genesis the Saint can see his family again. Fiore tells the Saint where they're headed, since Jesse has disregarded his warning to not use Genesis. After the Saint kills Fiore, he does not rise again and so the audience boos.

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


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