World Television Premieres at Anime Expo 2017

World Film and Television Premieres to Take Place at Anime Expo 2017 at Los Angeles Convention Center
Several long-anticipated film and television premieres will take place at Anime Expo (AX) 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1-4. Last year, the blockbuster film Your Name premiered at AX and became the highest-grossing anime film ever with box office totals exceeding $353 million.

This year, the live-action film Tokyo Ghoul will be screened, on July 3rd, well ahead of the July 29th release date in Japan. Based on an anime TV series, this will be the first live-action movie to premiere at AX. Because of the derivation of the concept and characters, it marks a major advancement in the anime world, as many live-action films (including recent blockbusters Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan) are adapting anime and manga.

A new CGI television series, Infini-T Force, will premiere at AX on July 1st to launch celebrations for Tatsunoko Productions’ 55th Anniversary. Following the film presentation, director Kiyotaka Suzuki (Psycho Pass 2 and Gatchaman Crowds Insight) will participate in a Q&A along with voice actor Tomokazu Seki.  Also taking place on July 1st is the series premiere of Cardcaptor Sakura. The show aired in 2000 on Kids WB, and will premiere its prologue episode Sakura and the Two Bears at AX, concluding with a Q&A with the producer, Chiyo Kawazoe.

Welcome to the Ballroom, a new series based on the blockbuster manga of the same name, will premiere on July 2nd with in-person greetings by director Yoshimi Itazu, animation director Takahiro Chiba, and producer Tetsuya Kinoshita. The manga series has sold over 1.5 million copies and the TV series is one of the most highly-anticipated debuts of the summer.

Violet Evergarden, a series based on a novel which won the grand prize in the fifth Kyoto Animation Award program’s novel category in 2014, That day will also have its world premiere on July 2nd.

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