Midnight Texas S01E02: Bad Moon Rising Recap

Tonight starts our featured character episodes, and its gonna be a good one!

Creek and Manfred are running through the streets from something. Manfred has a deep gash in his side, that Creek tends to in his RV. Their kiss gets interrupted a second time but the beast rocking the RV. Manfred gives her a knife, he's new to Texas. He asks his grandma for help, but she just tells him to run.

24 hours earlier. Manfred chugs pills. He doesn't understand why his grandma Xylda sent him there. He was looking for a quiet retreat, not a house infested. Xylda was trying to give him people. He needs someone now that she's dead. She tells him to let his freak flag fly. There's no need to be normal anymore.

The other main Midnighters are all meeting together. They're upset that Bobo was taken, and that they're now on the Police radar. Manfred arrives and tells the group that he needs help. He's got a demonic presence at his house. Lemuel is out since the sun is set to rise soon, but the rest are willing and able.

Bobo get interrogated by the Sheriff. He noticed that the town wasn't too fond of Aubrey. Bobo knows that the town is easily misunderstood, but they're good people. The Sheriff asks if it was in his head that his friend tried to crush his car with her mind. Bobo doesn't know what he's talking about. The deputy has an idea. She sticks him in with a bunch of Sons of Lucifer. Bobo doesn't object. When they shut the door, Bobo is surrounded, but he's still not concerned. He beats up all of the Sons of Lucifer, and tells them to leave him alone. He didn't kill Aubrey.

Olivia walks with the Reverend to the chapel. She tells him that its too early to lock him away, but he insists. There are too many outsiders around, and he's fond of his home.

Manfred, Joe, and Fiji return to Manfred's home. Fiji can feel the bad energy. Manfred is looking for Aubrey, he finds her in the corner, and tells her that Bobo has been arrested for her death. She looks more distraught than normal. He invites her into his body so he can see her death. He sees flashes of events leading up to her death, including her drowning. Manfred collapses as Aubrey drowns, and Fiji and Joe watch.

Manfred awakens at Fiji's. It's quiet there. Fiji admits that mediums don't stay there long, that it must be hard with the veil so thin. Manfred tells her that he saw bikers. Fiji fills him in on the Sons of Lucifer, and how Aubrey was married to one. He's just as confused as everyone else about that bit of information. Fiji urges Manfred to do as he promised and tell the Sheriff what he saw to save Bobo. She heads to rid his house of what's under his floor with an exorcism.

Chewy sees Joe, and he's concerned. He asks if he went flying, and he did. With the murder of Aubrey, and Manfred's arrival, Joe's worried about the end of everything they love.

Manfred pays Creek a visit. She cuts their conversation short so as not to rouse her father's suspicions. They head to Davy. Manfred tells the Sheriff that the Sons of Lucifer are responsible, but he doesn't know who exactly since he never saw his face. The Sheriff wants more details, and so he gives him more, which leads the Sheriff to suspect him. Manfred is definitely not the killer, and he tells the Sheriff to keep looking, and he'll find the killer.

Joe and Manfred drive home, and Joe is a little impressed with his gall.

The Sheriff orders more extensive searching around Aubrey's murder scene. He gets an update on one of Sons of Lucifer. He's coming out of surgery after taking Bobo's beating. He suspends the Deputy immediately. She balks, prejudice of Midnighters. But the Sheriff isn't listening. The suspension is effective immediately.

The reverend sits nude in prayer.

Manfred asks Fiji if a mirror seance is a good idea. Fiji laughs, she can't see the dead, so she needs the help. She notices the medallion on the door, its very powerful, but that's for another time. Fiji starts the seance, but they're swirling around Manfred. He can be hijacked, but she can't so she suggests he leaves. He watches from the porch as Fiji works her magic.

The deputy is noising around Midnight, when a cat crosses her path. She disregards it and continues her snooping. She notices some chains on the cellar door and unlocks it. She heads down the steps, and finds a very large cow getting eaten by an enormous tiger.

Manfred finds the deputy's body in a tree. He runs into the diner. He tells Madonna who's trying to close down the place that she can't let anyone leave. She notices its a full moon, and agrees. Manfred is looking for Creek, but she's not there. He finds her cleaning up at her father's gas station. The tiger takes a swipe at Manfred as it runs by. They run through the garage and Creek drops a lifted car onto the tiger. It slows it down, but not for long. Manfred suspects that the Reverend is the tiger, which surprises Creek. The tiger gives chase, and the pair run.

Olivia notices that Lemuel is late. He's hungry, but she turns him down. She worked the shop all day, and she's tired. He smells blood a whole lot of it. The pair quickly track down the Tiger, and she shoots him. Olivia accuses Manfred of letting the Reverend out, but he's not the culprit. He shows her the deputy in the tree. It's a waste of blood and Lemuel notices Manfred's cut. Creek quickly gets Manfred to Madonna. Olivia and Lemuel arm up. Olivia grabs some silver bullets. They'd make Lemuel sick, but they'll kill the Reverend. Olivia is less than concerned about that now.

Madonna sews up Manfred. She's cares a lot for Creek, and she warns Manfred that he's brought nothing but a heap of trouble to town with him, but that he better not hurt Creek. He puts on a brave face for Creek, but his glowing house concerns him. He heads over to check on Fiji. The air is whirling around, as Fiji finishes cleansing his house. She's gotten rid of most of the things haunting his house. The glowy floor is still there, and its super easy. Manfred urges her to leave, but the floor monster calls to her. It wants her, and doesn't need Manfred. It throws his straight out of the door. Manfred is locked out of his own house, as something has its way with Fiji. He manages to break in, but some force has her pinned. It puts her against the wall, but Manfred isn't powerful enough. He goes to his RV. Xylda asks him what he's doing with his great great grandmother's skull. He rushes back into the house, and uses the skull to get rid of the entity. Fiji isn't hurt, just shaken. Manfred's home is finally clean. Fiji needs to go home, for a bath. Manfred tells her that she can't leave, that the Reverend has escaped.

Fiji calls Olivia. She hasn't found him yet. Fiji and Manfred decide to take the ranches. They find his likely kill zone quickly. The Reverend still in tiger form stalks out of the woods. Olivia and Lemuel arrive soon after. Olivia has her sight on the tiger. Lemuel takes on the tiger. He throws him aside easily. Manfred runs in to see if Lemuel is okay, he is. Olivia is prepared to end the fight quickly, but Lemuel doesn't want to kill the reverend. He's not himself at the moment. Lemuel chokes the Tiger, leaving him unconscious.

As the sun rises, the Reverend transforms from a tiger, back to his nude human form. Manfred covers him with his jacket, as Olivia welcomes him back. Things aren't ok though, he remembers.

Joe watches from his shop window.

Bobo gets released. The Sheriff tells him that his neighbor helped get him released. A Sons of Lucifer jacket was found, and on that jacket was one of Aubrey's hair. Her husband is now the prime suspect, and the Sheriff urges him to call if he sees him.

The Reverend lays the Deputy to rest. He hasn't killed in a long time, and he's concerned. The bull is usually enough to soothe him, and keep him sated, but that wasn't the case last night, and that has him worried.

At Fiji's, she stores away Manfred's hair. It seems the witch has a little bit of hair from everyone. The dark voice calls to Fiji, but before she can find where it's coming from, Bobo strolls in. He tells her the good news, that he was released. But its not over for him. Aubrey's husband is still on the loose.

The Sheriff goes to his car, and it explodes. The Sons of Lucifer aren't happy about him releasing Bobo. Aubrey's killer rides off.

Joe tells Chewy about his concerns. The Veil is slowly tearing. There is a prophecy that one with vision can lead an army to seal the Veil. Joe was there the last time that the Veil ripped, but he believes that Manfred may be that man with the Vision.

Bobo delivers a thank you sign for Manfred. He's super thankful for what Manfred did. Creek and Manfred finally get to share that kiss, and its only slightly because she's rebelling against her papa.

Chewy takes in the horror of Joe's paining, surprised that Manfred is what stands between them and hell.


Preacher S02E07 "Pig" Recap

In Vietnam, an older couple is frightened by something outside their home. Herr Starr is called in to investigate the commotion it attracts and finds a floating pig that both frightens and awes the locals.

Back in New Orleans, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are resuming their search for God but struggle to know what to do next. Denis is recuperating as well as to be expected after being terrorized by the Saint, whom Jesse had locked in an armored truck and sunk into the swamp in the previous episode. When Jesse is at a loss as to where to go next and what to do so Cassidy proposes they go to a dive bar where a dangerous game is being played. People that choose to participate must don a bulletproof vest, be shot at and then get up afterwards. Jesse and Tulip set up a scam so Cassidy will be shot at in the game with the biggest gun the the players have which would kill anyone that was a regular human. Cassidy is posing as Tulip's boyfriend and the two kiss as part of the charade which Jesse is taken aback by, believing it to be a bit more convincing than he'd like. Cassidy is injured but survives due to his being a vampire and the trio are able to scam the players out of their money.

Denis must use a translator at the bar, due to Cassidy not understanding French, to inform him that although Cassidy has been a selfish, absent father, he can save Denis from dying of congestive heart failure if he would agree to turn him into a vampire. Cassidy refuses to do so and Denis leaves the bar upset.

In a flashback, Herr Starr is interviewed by a hiring agent that informs him that only the most qualified and pious candidates will be considered for an elite new job. Herr Starr has resolved the floating pig situation in Vietnam by killing everyone that was exposed to it. He is invited to a rigorous boot camp in which he is tested on a number of skills including combat and seduction. He has the most unconventional approach out of any of the candidates but proves to be an effective candidate, though opts to make threats instead of traditional seduction. However, he is the strongest at withstanding torture by electrical shocks as he doesn't react at all. When the candidates are narrowed down to two candidates and they are tested on their ability to shoot, Herr Starr opts to shoot the final candidate remaining instead of the target. Thus, he is selected to join The Grail. This secret organisation has been at the heart of many world events for a long time and their aim is to preserve the lineage of Jesus Christ, who secretly had a child, in preparation for the apocalypse. Herr Starr must help take out false prophets and be the right-hand man of the Grail's leader. The Grail was even responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. But Herr Starr kills the man in charge that recruited him shortly after he is brought into the group.

Tulip has a nightmare about the Saint of Killers due to the trauma of her encounter with him. Cassidy is missing as he passed out drunk after his disagreement with Denis and was mistaken for a dead body. When he wakes up he is inside a morgue cabinet. Tulip decides to cope with her trauma by engaging in the dangerous shooting game as a way of distractive thrill-seeking.

Herr Starr is given his next assignment, which is to go after Jesse next. Jesse is sitting watching a news story about the dead Vietnamese village that Herr Starr killed. He has been struggling with the aftermath of sacrificing part of his soul for his loved ones.

Preachers airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.



WGN America announced today that it has acquired the U.S. rights to the compelling original drama series “Bellevue,” starring Academy® and Golden Globe® winner Anna Paquin (“True Blood,” “Roots”), who executive produces alongside creators/showrunners Jane Maggs (“The Offering”) and producer/director Adrienne Mitchell (“Bomb Girls,” "Durham County”). The eight-episode, one-hour drama is produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Film Productions and also stars Shawn Doyle (“House of Cards,” “Fargo”) and Allen Leech (“Downton Abbey,” The Imitation Game). “Bellevue” will premiere in early 2018 on WGN America. 


Star Anna Paquin Executive Produces Original Series, Alongside Creators Jane Maggs and Adrienne Mitchell, with Janis Lundman, Michael Prupas, Morwyn Brebner and Jesse Prupas

Los Angeles, July 31, 2017 – WGN America announced today that it has acquired the U.S. rights to the compelling original drama series “Bellevue,” starring Academy® and Golden Globe® winner Anna Paquin (“True Blood,” “Roots”), who executive produces alongside creators/showrunners Jane Maggs (“The Offering”) and producer/directorAdrienne Mitchell (“Bomb Girls,” "Durham County”). The eight-episode, one-hour drama is produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Film Productions and also stars Shawn Doyle (“House of Cards,” “Fargo”) and Allen Leech (“Downton Abbey,” The Imitation Game). “Bellevue” will premiere in early 2018 on WGN America. 

Welcome to “Bellevue” – a small town with big secrets. Twenty years ago   the murder of a young woman traumatized the community. Now the killer is back. Or is he? When a high school hockey star wrestling with his gender identity goes missing and all signs point to foul play, Detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) must unravel all the pieces to this gripping mystery before her own life falls apart. As the case pulls her further away from her family, she is also confronted by a mysterious person from her past with disturbing answers and a terrifying need to get inside her head. Along the way, Annie must navigate a complicated relationship with her on again, off again ex, Eddie (Allen Leech) and her boss on the force, Police Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle).

Award-winning actress Anna Paquin is best known for her seven-season starring role as Sookie Stackhouse in the hit series True Blood. Born in Canada and raised in New Zealand, Paquin began acting at the age of 11 with her breakout role in The Piano, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, making her the second youngest winner in Oscar history. She has since had a successful career, boasting high profile roles in the X-Men film franchise, Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeThe Courageous Heart of Irena SendlerThe Squid and The Whale, 25th Hour, Finding ForesterAlmost Famous, Amistad, Buffalo SoldiersA Walk on the Moon, Fly Away Home, Jane Eyre,  The Romantics, Margaret, Straight A's, and History’s remake of Roots.  Paquin also stars in the upcoming CBC and Netflix mini-series Alias Grace.

Canadian actor Shawn Doyle has won two ACTRA awards for his performance in The Eleventh Hour and The Disappeared, a Gemini award for Eight Days to Live, and a Canadian Screen Award for John A: Birth of a Country. Other TV credits include the series LostCSIHannibalLie to MeEnd GameRepublic of DoyleRookie Blue24Desperate HousewivesReign and Big Love. Doyle can also be seen in the CBC drama series This Life; the Syfy series The Expanse; and the upcoming Netflix series Frontier.

Allen Leech is an Irish stage, television and film actor best known for his role as chauffeur-turned-son-in-law Tom Branson on the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning historical drama Downton Abbey. Leech is a three-time SAG award winner and has appeared in television series The Tudors and Rome. He also starred in The Imitation Game opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, which was nominated for five Golden Globes and eight Academy Awards. Leech can also be seen in Jonathan Mostow's The Hunter's Prayer with Sam Worthington.

“Bellevue” is produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Film Productions and is co-created by Jane Maggs and Adrienne Mitchell who is also the lead director. The other directors are April Mullen and Kim Nguyen.  The U.S. premiere of “Bellevue” follows the series’ lauded debut on Canada’s CBC.

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Muse Entertainment Enterprises
Muse Entertainment is a world-class studio and one of Canada’s largest film and television production companies, with its development and production offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. Muse productions have won critical acclaim, large audiences, over 100 international awards, including Emmy Awards, and over 300 award nominations. Muse produces a wide range of primetime comedy and dramatic series, miniseries, television movies, feature films, documentaries, factual entertainment, family programs and animation.  Please visit www.muse.ca for more information.

Back Alley Film Productions
Back Alley Film Productions Ltd, founded by Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell, has been producing entertaining, award winning television for over 25 years. Past work includes the WWII drama series Bomb Girls, which won Outstanding Drama at the 2013 Gracie Awards in Los Angeles, and was selected as one of ten series for ITV3’s Decade of Great Drama. The series wrapped up with a two-hour MOW in 2014, winning the Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Mini-series or TV Movie.  Back Alley’s other series include the critically acclaimed crime series Durham County, billed by the New York Times as “entirely addictive” as well as the series PlayedBliss, Straight Upand Drop the Beat. Back Alley has offices in Toronto and Montreal.  For more information visit: www.backalleyfilms.ca


Matt Bomer and Dominique McElligott on "The Last Tycoon" Social Commentary and Character Journeys

Photo: Jenevia Kagawa Darcy

Matt Bomer and Dominique McElligott star as romantic interests in the new Amazon Prime series The Last Tycoon which brings a highly classic spin to their love story that isn't often portrayed in contemporary content. Monroe Stahr is a hot-shot film producer with enormous charisma to endear people to his ways, while Kathleen Moore is an Irish waitress-turned-actress that becomes swept up in Monroe's dashing efforts to not only woo her but make her a star as well.

Getting to play an actress was a new opportunity for McElligott, as well as getting to thicken up her original Irish accent for a role. "With Kathleen, the part that I love about her is the survival aspect of her story. Being in the economic depression and coming from where she came and on a bus to Hollywood, and I just love that idea of her getting off the bus in Pasadena and being greeted by this manager and having that experience and not being able to meet and having no money and going on this journey. It was a very different perspective, the triumph over adversity and what she had to go through, I think that I related to that aspect I guess in terms of being a struggling actor. I never thought I'd play an actor. It never occurred to me that I would actually have the opportunity to do that. I really loved that aspect of it and I really enjoyed it. I love Kathleen, I just love her. I'm Irish, my accent's a little hybrid. I was four years in London, and I was seven years in LA, but I lived in Dublin till I was twenty-one. So I thickened the accent up for the Irish part but my own accent is a little hybrid."

Another pillar of Monroe Stahr as a character is his struggle to cope with the loss of his wife, Minna. "Poor Kathleen, Monroe just can't give up the ghost," says Bomer. "He's still so, whether he is even aware of it or not, he is still so devastated by the loss of Minna that he's willing to project her onto Kathleen without even really knowing that he is. So much of him in this piece is about trying to achieve immortality, trying to put his stamp on the world and a big part of that was being able to create a star, being able to make something immortal, something permanent, even if his heart condition takes him out of the world early. So when that fell through with Minna, he sees another chance to do that but it doesn't really start out on a fair playing ground. It's only when the relationship gets deeper and deeper that I think he starts to really understand who she is and love her for that on top of just the qualities she has that are similar to Minna's."

The Last Tycoon is also set on a backdrop of an America struggling with the Great Depression while the Nazi's are rising to power in Germany. The series touches on a number of sociopolitical topics ranging from sexism, racism, antisemitism, and economic disparities across social classes. The weight of this relevance to today's world began to sink in even more as the series was filmed.

"It was really revelatory to me that as the show went on, the social commentary became more and more appropriate to now," states Bomer. "It could've taken place in 1936 or 2017 seamlessly, and I knew that that was something that Billy and Chris were going to try and integrate into the show but it was wild to me. We've talked about this a bunch but there was so much going on in 1936 with the height of the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War and Germany on the move and all those things. There was a tension in the air and I felt like there was a palpable tension, is a palpable tension in the air here and now that they were able to tap into."

"Hollywood provided this big escape from all of that, which it still does in today's climate so it's an escape, as is TV and all the content that we have on offer today," adds McElligott.

"I'm not gonna lie, I was watching Shark Week on my lunch break," interjects Bomer. "Straight up."

"Escape from the filming?" asks McElligott.

"No, no, just now, today," responds Bomer. "'Matt! We need you on set!' Michael Phelps is about to race a Great White shark! I will be out when I'm ready!"

After all jokes about sharks have passed, McElligott addresses her favourite aspects of portraying the period elements of the series. "I liked the romantic aspects. I like the handholding and the fact that we didn't kiss on the first date and all that aspect of it. I think the building of the tension and the formality of intimacy with another person, the courting and the wooing and all of that that goes with it, the old-school style of dating, I really loved that aspect of it cause I guess maybe I'm old-school myself. I loved that, I think that's romance. Then on top of that, obviously the costumes were just stunning.

Bomer echoes McElligott's praises for the costume design. "There were moments when it all came together and it just was completely immersive and we really didn't have to push it too hard to be in that time. I think actually we filmed the Oscars in the same room they filmed it in, in 1936."

As The Last Tycoon managed to cram a rigorous filming schedule of all nine episodes into roughly sixty-five days, Bomer was well prepared for the challenge from his years starring on White Collar. "White Collar, we did an episode in seven days and we shot sixty-something page scripts that would get whittled down and for the first three seasons we got our revisions the morning of and I'd have monologues about art history. I would just be flying by the seat of my pants. How could you not be? But I think it was a great training and a good way to prepare for other things. American Horror Story is a little different because it's an ensemble, really, so there are times you might work till four in the morning three days in a row and then have a week off."

But whether the challenges arise through time crunches on filming or by wearing thick, wool suits tailored to one's rib cage to authenticate the period setting, Bomer remains enthusiastic about the project. "This is stylized dialogue as well but it's fun. This is why we act. We get to do all these different things and we get all these challenges thrown at us and sometimes in the medium of episodic one of those challenges is time. I think it probably is on every medium. Gotta roll with it, baby!"

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


Lily Collins and Kelsey Grammar on "The Last Tycoon" Character Depths

Photo: Jenevia Kagawa Darcy

Lily Collins and Kelsey Grammar co-star as daughter and father, Celia Brady and Pat Brady, in the glamorous new period piece by Amazon Prime, The Last Tycoon, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel. Pat Brady is big-shot head of the studio driven to try to get the praise he feels more frequently falls to Monroe Stahr, whom he harbour complicated feelings of paternalism and jealousy, while Celia is the optimistic, driven young woman looking to take up the family business of producing films, much to her father's chagrin.

Collins has some notable parallels with her character, as she also comes from a famous father in the entertainment industry, singer Phil Collins. "It didn't dawn on me until after I shot the pilot, of that connection. I honestly was just so focused on Celia, and her passion for her project that she's trying to pitch I didn't even really think about that aspect of it. But I definitely have had conversations with both my parents about the industry and my choice to be in it, the pros and cons. In this situation though we both are in the exact same industry whereas in mine it's music and film so it's a little different. But I grew up with a mom who is obsessed with Old Hollywood and I grew up literally running around the hallways of Greystone Mansion because my mom helped preserve it. So the fact that then one day I would be there and be filming there as the Brady household was very strange. I had a lot of weird, kismet situations with this project and connections that were very beautiful."

Grammar drew inspirations from Harry Cohn, the co-founder, president, and production director of Columbia Pictures Corporation for developing the physicality and general demeanor of Pat Brady. "The key for my guy was just this one little blurb I read about Harry Cohn in the book Citizen Kohn where it said he loved gangster movies because he fancied himself a little bit of a gangster."

Both Celia and Pat undergo tremendous character journeys over the course of the first season that not only evolves them but explores the depths of their identities. When taking on the role initially, Collins was passionate about her character due to how much she was informed of where the journey would take her. "My first meeting with Billy Ray was one of those that I left, I would've been devastated had I not been able to be a part of this because he basically just rattled off my entire future. 'And then in season five, episode *this*, at the end of the series and this', he kind of mapped out exactly where he wants me to go. He gave me a rough outline of course, all that, once you get a writer's room going can slightly deviate, but the main stops along the way he already pinned out. But I'd never done TV so I don't know the idea of from script to script not knowing your fate. That's scary but at the same time, very exciting and Celia gets to be almost the experimenter in this time period."

Grammar, being a long-time veteran of television as he is still known to many for his titular role on Frasier, had a different approach to Brady's journey and unfolding character dimensions. "I have done a lot of television so I tend to say to the guys, 'Surprise me.' Whatever, I'm coming to work. So I come into work, I read the script, I look at the sides and say, 'Oh, that'll be fun, let's do that today.'"

"I love watching that by the way," interjects Collins. "I'm like, Oh! How does he go from being like 'What scene are we doing?' to then in the scene being like, 'Oh, he's nailing it!'"

"It also gives me the opportunity to surprise myself," continues Grammar. "What's nice about this character, you can tell from the questions you get how many [episodes] people have seen. I've gotten a couple questions today like, 'What's it like playing a prick?' If you've watched it, you know he's not a full prick. He sort of bumps into his emotions along the way and doesn't know what to do with them and I really enjoy that."

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


"The Last Tycoon" Producers on The Series' Social Commentary, Top-Choice Cast, and Meticulously Crafted Sets

Photo: Jenevia Kagawa Darcy

"The Last Tycoon" is a meticulously crafted period piece that combines the deepest nostalgia for Old Hollywood glamour with all the relevant sociopolitical commentary necessary to address the inequalities of show business both then and now. The latest in a line of original programming commissioned by Amazon Prime to expand the service's standing in an increasingly expanding competitive market.

Adapted from the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, "The Last Tycoon" centers around the charismatic protagonist, Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer). Stahr works as a big-shot film producer on Brady studios run by Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammar). Also starring are Pat's daughter Celia (Lily Collins) who hopes to take up the family business of producing films, Brady's wife Rose (Rosemarie DeWitt), and Monroe's new love interest Kathleen Moore (Dominique McElligott). Though the series' plot is interwoven through an extensive network of moving parts with a large roster of starring and supporting characters, it thoughtfully addresses the questionable dealings involved in filmmaking and the entertainment industry in general.

The question of adapting a novel often comes down to how closely to follow the source material versus taking creative liberties to make it better work for live-action.

"Tycoon, as opposed to other novels is unfinished, so it gave us a little bit of leeway," says executive produce and writer Chris Keyser. They also visited the Fitzgerald Society to meet with experts and discuss how to adapt the novel and get their seal of approval. Expanding beyond the original material was seen as a faithful homage to Fitzgerald's work. The television format also allowed for greater room to expand on the material more effectively than if they were to simply do a two-hour film. Additionally, the writers had a wider scope of the historical setting Fitzgerald was writing in as well as a fresh perspective better suited to create content for a contemporary audience. "He didn't know a lot of the stuff we're talking about. He didn't know about the Nazis, he couldn't have thought about women the same way, couldn't have thought about the underprivileged in American the same way. But that doesn't mean it's not from Fitzgerald. It just means that we're talking about Fitzgerald as he applies to 2017."

Diverse audiences are left feeling excluded even when consuming a modern palette of film and television and that feeling is exponentially larger when looking at older Hollywood properties. The approach of "The Last Tycoon" to addressing relevant social topics that arise in the original novel are equally as relevant to today's social climate. These sociopolitical elements are one of the staples to the show's success and greatly appealed to the creators and actors.

"It was such a huge part of the appeal for both of us," says executive producer and writer Billy Ray. "When I first heard the book, I thought the conversations that he's writing about in 1930's Hollywood are conversations I've had a hundred times in my career, because the basic power dynamic of Hollywood has never changed. That struggle between art versus commerce or passion versus profit, it is exactly the conversations that people were having then because the fact is that movies are the most expensive medium in the world and if you want to make a movie today, it's going to cost you sixty million to make it and another fifty to open it and if you don't have it, you have to go to a source of finance which is probably going to be a studio. Once you go to that studio, your movie becomes their product and that's where the clash comes. Who then controls it? Who should control it? That was completely true in the 1930's, it's been true from the moment film began. Then throw on top of it, the thematic realities of the American dream and its promise and its cost, and the perspective of that from the 1930's, and then this perspective of it from today and what we've learned in those intervening years that have made us look a little differently at the American Dream."

"I'm really interested in the idea that movies are a lie, essentially, that we tell ourselves about who we are," adds Keyser. "They were certainly a lie in the 1930's in the midst of a Depression because they didn't talk about the Depression to people. They talked about what American might be. That was necessary, right? You needed something you could go to. People had no money for anything else but they went to the movies because they went to the movies for hope. Still, it was a lie about the truth of America. So much a lie by the way that the Jewish-American men, the immigrants who came to this country to make those movies created a world of America that did not include Jews. Movies tells us these lies, amongst them are lies like 'Anyone in this country can grow up to be anything he or she wants,' the American Dream idea, not just in movies but in general. We just have a different perspective on that in 2017. It's very clear that the America we thought we were in the 1930's and 1940's is at least not the America we still are. Whether it was ever that entirely we don't know. It's pretty clear now that the idea that somebody can grow up to be anything he or she wants to be is not really true in this country. In fact, it's demonstrably less true in this country than it is in any other country in the Western world. There is less intergenerational social mobility in America than any other place. Having said all of that, there is some reason why we tell stories to each other and why we need those stories and that question is really interesting to us."

With a cast full of strong performers, Keyser was eager to share on how remarkable an experience casting the series was. "This was a unique experience in my career in that every single person we went after said yes. Nobody said no. The first person we talked about for Stahr was Matt Bomer, the first person we talked about for Brady was Kelsey Grammar, the first person we talked about for Rose was Rosemarie Dewitt. Similarly, we never offered the part of Celia to anyone but Lily and never offered the part of Kathleen to anybody but Dominique. It was extraordinary in that way, the type of momentum that built off of Matt saying yes." The domino effect even extended to the production design, costume design, and the DP.

"The Last Tycoon" also boasts an impressive set of visuals, with careful attention going into the production design by Patrizia von Brandenstein. Keyser shares how extensively the the show's sets and costumes were crafted and that this foundation made it all the more seamless for the actors to perform on the backdrop of a period piece. "We were pretty fastidious about the idea that every prop, everything that people picked up and looked at and every corner of every room you went into felt genuinely like the thing itself. Then it gets filmed in this incredibly romantic way by Danny Moder [the series cinematographer] who not only channels the 1930's but also in many ways, as was sort of our obligation, takes 2017 sensibility and applies it to that. It was very complicated to do something like that. We had tremendous resources compared to a television show I might have done years ago on broadcast but we were pushing up against what we were physically capable of doing in an eight and a half, essentially nine day shoot per episode togged those kinds of sets built and costumes."

"It's a question of where you set the bar," adds Ray. "We felt very strongly that the show was about the power that the dream has on everybody in Hollywood. They're all chasing something that is so elusive and so romantic and so intoxicating and they're all so compelled by the pursuit of that dream. If you're gonna do that, you better shoot it in a dreamlike way. You better make sure that dream looks beautiful. So the bar that we set was, we were making nine movies this year. We didn't think of them as episodes in a production sense. They had to be as good as movies, as good-looking as movies. They had to give you that feeling that you have when you sit in a beautiful theatre and you watch a hundred-million dollar movie, that it feels lush and it feels specific and it feels romantic, and every lighting choice feels like the right choice. That's a hard thing to do if you're doing it in sixty-four days. We feel we did it."

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Teen Wolf S06E11 "Said the Spider to the Fly" Recap

It's summer at Beacon Hills and Lacrosse practice is underway. Scott is acting as assistant coach before he'll be heading off to university. Liam is wallowing after Hayden left to protect her sister and because of all the change to come. Liam is overcome from some stress and his eyes start to glow, forcing Scott to rush on the field to to try to coach him down from exposing himself. A wolf with a bloody mouth then comes onto the field and Scott advises everyone to get back. Getting in front of the group, he glows his alpha red eyes and the wolf promptly leaves back into the forest. Scott and Liam walk after it in search of answers but what they find is a whole pack of dead wolves, though it's unclear if they are regular wolves or supernatural ones. Either way, it's an ominous opening.

Lydia tells Malia to get up and help, as Liam was asking for her assistance due to her experience of living as a coyote. She would rather get ready for her upcoming trip to France and fantasize about men.

Scott is packing in preparation for leaving Beacon Hills and advises Liam to remember his mantra so he will be able to keep control of his shifting when Scott isn't there in person to help him through it.

Two men observe a patient at Eiken house that has apparently been there since the facility opened in 1912. The patient is frozen solid and covered in hardened volcanic ash but when one of them taps the surface, the figure starts to crack through. The man tries to lower the ice-cold room even more but the figure explodes out of his shell to reveal a flaming hellhound.

Liam is struggling to pick his classes. He wants to find a way to raise his GPA and his guidance counselor encourages him to take Spanish instead of Latin. She continues her advising by helping Corey and Mason. She encourages them to lean on her and assures them that whatever strange things they want to talk about will be kept confidential. None of them are interested in sharing until Nolan comes in, still shaken from seeing the wolf at practice. She tells him he can talk about the animal attack in the library and he says that he's sick of people claiming strange happenings are animal attacks when they're not. He says that the wolf at lacrosse practice was "some kind of wolf" and she pushes him to share what other kind of wolves he's seen before the scene cuts away.

Liam and Mason head to the library and find some books are missing but then a classroom is attacked by a pack of rats which draws their attention away. They reach it after the new hellhound leaves his position of observing the screaming students. Mason observes that the rats came from the vents so he and Liam follow the drain down into the sewage where they find a bloody, dead rat gang.

Scott is concerned to leave his mother behind and gifts her with an electric stun baton. She promises to call Liam if she needs help and reveals a supply of items she plans on using if needed.

Liam and Mason bring Malia down to analyse the rat gang and she determines that the rats got scared, got their tails tangled up when crawling all over each other in a panic and tore each other apart. Malia can smell the fear on the dead rats but isn't interested in staying to help their investigation because her rerouted plane to Paris will be coming in soon.

The new hellhound is at the police station, having knocked out the people in it, and listens to the police radio scan until he hears Deputy Parrish reporting in about an accident. He heads to the hospital where an accident is being worked on. Parrish spots the hellhound walking off down a distant hallway and follows him. Liam and Mason bring a dead rat to Scott's mother hoping to have her medically examine it but she doesn't want to at that particular moment in time. Parrish has a vision of the hellhound despite not having caught up to him yet.

The hellhound hides in a room and is seemingly listening to people's heartbeats like he did when the students were panicking about the rats. Liam is punched by an angry man that was in an accident and must run away due to his being briefly spotted having the glowing eyes and fangs. With his bloody claws digging into his palms, he runs toward an elevator. The hellhound senses him running by and chases after him but Liam is none the wiser to his being chased, being distracted by trying to control his transformation. The doors shut before the hellhound can get to him.

Lydia has a vision of entering an empty home. The phone rings but it's just a shrill tone on the other end of the line. Suddenly, the house is covered in cobwebs and there's no way to get out. There's sounds of people screaming and gunfire. A voice tells her that they "let it out" and she becomes tangled in the webs before coming out of the premonition. She determines that the group inadvertently let something out of the other world when they rescued their friends from the Riders on the Storm.

Parrish tracks the hellhound to the school and asks him what he is. The hellhound says they are the same. Parrish tries to question what his motives and intentions are and the hellhound says he's after something they let out (the same thing Lydia had a premonition of) and that thing must be stopped. Liam and Mason arrive at the school and witness the two just as the hellhound activates his powers and Parrish does the same before a fight breaks out. The guidance counselor from earlier is outside and hears the sounds of the fight. She handles some vials and gets a gun out of her car. The new hellhound gets the upper hand on Parrish and throws him into a wall, knocking him out. Liam tells Mason to run and attempts to fight the hellhound. The hellhound easily overpowers Liam long enough to listen to his heartbeat and determines that Liam is not the one he is looking for. Mason tries to attack the hellhound with a bat but the hellhound knocks him out and Liam becomes energized to fight the hellhound and get some good hits/scratches in. The two eventually stop fighting and the hellhound says that what he's after must be stopped and nothing else matters. Liam recites his mantra to return to his regular state and when he looks up the hellhound has disappeared.

Scott has packed up and is ready to leave for university but the truck stalls. When it finally starts, he sees Lydia standing in front of it and she tells him they can't leave.

Liam is concerned his wounds haven't healed yet but Mason tells him that it's hellfire so it will take longer. Liam is discouraged but Mason tells him he did well without Scott, advising him that things change and people move on. Liam understands this but says it still hurts.

Lydia and Scott stop Malia on her way to the airport to leave for Paris, saying they need her help. She  goes to leave but then relents and decides to stay and help, postponing her trip to Paris in the process. Lydia informs them that they let something out and must put it back. They are concerned that there will be a big price to pay, as this is what the Nematon has taught them.

The guidance counselor tracks the injured hellhound down in the forest and shoots him. At first, he retaliates by attacking her but she gets hold of a log and knocks him in the head long enough to regain her gun and shoot him in the head, killing him. Scott, Lydia, and Malia reach the scene and find the dead hellhound. They're confused, as it was said that you can't kill hellhound but when they find the shell casing from the gun, it bears the mark of Argent. The guidance counselor had already gotten away and returned to her car where she wipes the blood from her face. This guidance counselor has yet to be properly identified but she appears to be an Argent.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia contemplate having to call Stiles and bring him in on their case. He had called from Quantico, Virginia where he is entering the FBI academy and very excited about it. He left a voicemail saying he misses them and advises Scott to get out of Beacon Hills to live his life. They know that if they don't call him and what they're up against ends up being something big, he would never forgive him. Stiles is in a class and shown a video of a recent manhunt of "feral unsub" which Stiles recognises as Derek Hale. The instructor says that the man is wanted for mass murder.

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The Last Tycoon S01E09 "Oscar, Oscar, Oscar" Recap (Season Finale)

Monroe is still reeling from learning of Kathleen's betrayal and for the confrontation that resulted in the death of Rupert. Kathleen is being put through dance lessons to expand her versatility as a movie-star.

Max is visited by Tomas Szep, the man who cleaned up after Rupert's death and also tasked Max with more shady work after letting a truck be stolen. Max is shaken at the prospect of having to be involved with the shadier side of Hollywood's cover-ups but he has no choice if he expects to keep paying for his family.

Monroe and Kathleen must attend their engagement party and act like everything is still normal even though there is a significant rift in their relationship that's severe enough that it's unclear if they will ever recover. Kathleen professes that she still loves Monroe but he says that now he assumes that everything she says is a lie. He reminds her to not forget her fake Irish accent before the two head into the party.

At the party, Rose says goodbye to Monroe by gifting him with the red tie she would use to signal that they would have a secret rendezvous (she would dress Brady with it and he would be none the wiser due to his being color-blind). She tells him to be happy and walks off.

In private, Brady offers Monroe a trip for he and Kathleen as a consolation prize. He will be pulling the plug on Monroe's film for Minna and Monroe is devastated. He says he will be taking Mayer's job-offer. Brady then reveals that he knows about Monroe's role in the death of Rupert and makes it clear he will be blackmailing Monroe into stay at his studio. Celia is outraged at her father when she finds out the film she poured so much of herself into will be scrapped. She makes an impassioned speech about how the film matters and Rose is moved by it. She scolds Brady for his brash actions against Monroe and Celia. She proceeds to kick Brady out of the house for being so cold and not understanding her or any of the other loved ones in his life.

Monroe kicks Kathleen out of his place despite her pleas to understand that she loves him. He is resigned to carry out their sham of a marriage for a respectable amount of time before they will divorce, claiming that they simply grew apart. Celia stays with Max, who encourages her to try to work things out with her father in the morning. Instead, she asks if she can stay for an undisclosed period of time.

Monroe must break the news of his film being scrapped to Lang and Hackett. Lang storms out while Hackett encourages him to leave the studio and offers to leave with him, saying anyone at the studio would follow him anywhere. Hackett proceeds to find Hannah, who is working in the recording studio, and propose marriage to her. She declines, feeling it is too soon to do so and he implores her to be brave and take a leap with him.

Kathleen asks Brady to let her out of her contract but Brady is determined to make the most of his investment. He doesn't care about her deception just as long as he can profit from her. Much of his scheming stems from his insecurities about Monroe being the beloved Golden Boy of the studio and getting the praise that he feels he is owed himself. Kathleen must begin work on the next musical starring a child-star named Sally.

Hackett asks Hannah again to marry him but it's then that she reveals that she is already married and has been for five years. Two years ago her husband was arrested and sent to a work-camp. She hasn't heard from him in eighteen months and has no idea if he is alive or dead. This spurred her decision to run away and feels guilty for saving herself. She appreciates Hackett's kindness and doesn't want to lose him as a friend and he seems content to support her, having grown to care for her.

Max and Celia meet in private at the studio and admit that the studio and the industry as a whole isn't how they imagined it to be growing up but agree that they'll figure out a way to manage. The illusion may be shattered but they profess their young love to one another and serve as a symbol of hope in the midst of everything bleak going on around them.

Max's younger sister goes to get her headshots taken and the photographer leers a bit at her, telling her to make subtle adjustments that make her more provocative.

It's the night of the Oscars and everyone arrives to see if Brady Studios will win any awards. Margot Taft picks up an award for her acting and gives an emotional speech that gives a cryptic nod to Brady, for his support in allowing her to flourish instead of outing herself as being mixed-race, and thanks her mother but in a way that only mentions her name without revealing that she is in fact thanking her black mother.

Monroe and Celia make a power-play at the Oscar's by selling the film Brady canned to Mayer. Brady wants to carry on being petty but there is no legal way he can keep Monroe from selling the film since doing so doesn't violate any rules and would allow the studio to make some money. Celia is also prepared to go and produce it and Lang would go along as director. All of this transpires just before Brady wins an Oscar for Best Picture, which he never would have gotten without Monroe's help in campaigning for it.

Brady enjoys a happy moment with Margot before confronting Monroe and telling him that he will never win and that he will outlive Monroe. Monroe insists that he would've remained loyal to Brady till the end but Brady doesn't believe him. Monroe says that this is precisely why what he's done is so tragic. Monroe then leaves with Kathleen and she says that she wishes this were one of his pictures because in the end, he'd certainly forgive her. The two share a kiss for the cameras before getting in the car.

Celia heads back to Monroe's office to return his handkerchief and to pack up some of her belongings. He offers to let her keep it and gives her advice on what's to come when working with Mayer. After Celia leaves, Monroe begins to experience chest-pains and collapses on the floor trying to call her back for help.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Last Tycoon S01E08 "An Enemy Among Us" Recap

Monroe gives Kathleen a seven-picture contract and advises her to get a lawyer to look it over before signings it, as they are technically on opposing sides when it comes to this deal. Brady is meeting with a special accountant to try to find a way to balance the studio's finances while also appeasing its Board of Directors.

Monroe and Brady meet with a reporter to try to set up a campaign in order to get the studio its first Oscar nominations, as those nominations have always gone to the other dominant studios.

Celia is struggling to run the picture she is producing as Lang is growing increasingly more demanding of the other crew members and Celia herself, even going so far as to fire the art director that's under contract. Monroe offers to talk to Lang for Celia but she only wants his help to find a new art director.

Kathleen visits Rupert, the man she had been scheming to con Monroe with. He tries to bribe her affections back with the gift of a snow globe, saying that his jealousy got the best of him the last time they spoke which had ended with him hitting her.

Starr coconuts a campaign to secure the studio's first ever Oscar nominations. Brady scours for a solution to balance the book and get the Board of Directors off his back. Celia's mettle as a producers tested by Lang's outrageous demands. Kathleen plots an escape from her dangerous charade. Rose makes a shocking discovery.

Max meets with a loan shark he is indebted to and asks for more time to pay off what he owes due to the hobo attacking and robbing him of all of his money. The man is willing to extend Max's time to pay back what he owes, plus interest, if he lets the man's brother-in-law visit the studio for half an hour. Max is reluctant to do so but doesn't seem to have other options. Max lets him come on but the man ends up stealing a truck and driving off with it.

Rose decides to let Kitty move into her place. Brady isn't fond of the idea but relents nonetheless. But when Rose heads to the hospital to take Kitty home, she is nowhere to be found, having left in the middle of the night.

Monroe and Brady had agreed to a reporter flying out to Dublin to do a profile piece of where Kathleen comes from and Kathleen begs him to kill the piece, spinning a sob-story of how her mother was a drunk and her family is too rough and she is estranged from them. Monroe is sympathetic to the lies she spins and agrees to kill the piece.

Celia pulls Lang aside and is firm with him but still gives him an inspiring pep-talk that he cannot let his fear of failing get in the way of filmmaking. Now he is throwing tantrums at everyone because he is alarmed by the shorter period of time he has been given to direct the film.

Max is confronted by another staff member that captured the man that stole a truck, beat him up, and tossed him in the boot of a car. He will keep Max's secret but only under the condition that he will be working for him in shady dealings as opposed to being a mere office boy.

Kathleen finally signs her seven-picture contract and Brady receives a call that the campaigning paid off and now his film has received Oscar-nominations. But the bad news follows shortly thereafter when he is advised that to make his budgets work he must fire 300 employees and sell off his back lot. When he goes to tell Rose, she is taken aback that he doesn't care about how hurt she is that Kitty ran off.

Monroe is told by a studio employee that had Kathleen followed about how she has been visiting Rupert Vajya. Monroe is in denial but is determined to get the truth. Meanwhile, Kathleen goes to visit Rupert and give him a payoff but Rupert refuses to let her go and gets aggressive with her. She strikes him on the head with a snow globe when it appears as if she might be thrown over the balcony. When Monroe arrives at Rupert's place, he finds Kathleen there claiming that Rupert attacked her. She starts to tell him the truth about Rupert's plan and reveals her true accent and Monroe is horrified by the truth and leaves her despite her protestations that she loves him. Rupert wakes up and insists that Kathleen belongs to him and Monroe seems resigned to leave them together but when Rupert speaks ill of Minna, Monroe attacks him and in the confrontation, Rupert gets thrown over the second-story balcony to his death. Finally, Monroe asks Kathleen where she's really from and she tells him, Wisconsin.

Monroe calls Tom, the studio employee that informed him of Kathleen's lies, and Tom gets to work cleaning up the scene to cover up what has happened. He tells them that this never happened and to leave the house separately.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Last Tycoon S01E07 "A More Perfect Union" Recap

Monroe confides in Kathleen that Minna had problems the public didn't know about. With a modern understanding of mental illness, we can speculate that she suffered from depression and possibly bipolar disorder, along with substance abuse. Monroe confesses that he didn't tell her about his condition because she needed his support and confesses that one night he gave her a sleeping pill to help her and then she fell asleep with a lit cigarette in her mouth which led to her death. Kathleen supports him and insists that it was an accident and he shouldn't blame himself. Monroe later visits Rose to tell her that he proposed marriage to Kathleen and they will be getting married. Rose says she is happy for him, or at least that she needs to be happy for him.

Celia stays at Max's place to help look after the kids while he is at the hospital. She orders some food but he wants her to take it back after he returns home because he wants to be with her without her seeing him as a charity case. Celia learns about Monroe's engagement during a meeting about how to handle the publicity to introduce Kathleen.

Brady slashes everyone's salaries by thirty percent and when Monroe confronts him, Brady admits it was done to pay off Mayer after what he'd done previously with stealing Margot back by blackmailing her.

Kathleen confronts the man that's been following her, Rupert Vajna, saying she wants out. He then reveals Kathleen's secret, that she is an actress from Wisconsin working a long con of Monroe. She wants out because she has really fallen for Monroe but he won't let her go so easily. Celia also decides to spin Kathleen's publicity by using the love story of her and Monroe which will prove enticing to audiences. Celia then tracks down Max and says that her crush on Monroe was merely a childhood crush and that the only person she wants is him. He apologizes for being ungrateful towards her help and the two consummate their relationship on a car on a studio set, with both admitting to the other that it is their first time. The camera then cuts to a blinking red light and a sign that warns about it being an indication that recording is taking place.

The studio employees organise a walk-out to protest the salary cut, forcing the child-star of one of the films in production to throw a tantrum and refuse to come out of her trailer. Monroe is working hard to negotiate to appease those that are organising the protests versus Brady but in the end, Brady strong-arms them and insists they get back to work.

Celia confronts Brady for slashing everyone's salary, saying no one had forced him to pay Mayer back but Brady refuses to acknowledge any wrong-doing. The next day when he has some investors coming to visit the studio, it is completely empty of any employees. They have all refused to come to work due to the abrupt pay-reduction. Mayer comes to the studio and once again tries to convince Monroe to come work for him, even pointing out that the Wizard of Oz script is one that was made for him to work on. He promises him that together they could get him to win Oscars but Monroe refuses to abandon Brady. Meanwhile, Brady is being threatened to be fired from his position by the higher-ups, who tell him that everyone knows that it's really Monroe that has made the studio successful.

Rose finds out that Kitty will likely be moved to a long-term treatment centre that isn't all that well-equipped, and Rose considers having Kitty come home to live with her instead.

Monroe presents Kathleen with an engagement ring and reiterates his love for her. He promises that he loves her for who she is and says she should always be herself and we see her look guilty when he isn't looking directly at her.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Last Tycoon S01E06 "A Brady-American Christmas" Recap

It's Christmas time and a holiday party is underway. A shady manager that Kathleen is intimidated by turns up to the festivities but Monroe warns him to back off. Lang corners them and asks why Kathleen doesn't want to do the in-depth rehearsals leading up to filming and Monroe encourages her to do so even though it would mean missing out on their holiday plans.

Celia invites Max over to her place for dinner, to reciprocate his having hosted her at his place. He is initially nervous about the prospect of being in such a luxurious set-up but she puts him at ease about what a lovely time they'd have together. Max kisses her, surprising Celia, and he is apologetic at his confusion over whether or not she wanted him to do so in the first place.

Rose is visiting with her special patient in the hospital, Kitty. Kitty confesses that she was doing sex-work to survive and in turn, Rose confesses having had an affair with one of her husband's associates. Rose proposes that both of them forgive themselves for their misdoings.

Hackett invites his new Austrian girlfriend Hannah to Christmas mass, where he is singing in the choir. Though he didn't want to invite her at first, she insisted that she wanted to come and eventually he relented. She becomes overcome with emotion at the experience and leaves in the middle of the service.

Monroe calls his mother to send his holiday regards and share the news that he has found new loves. Kathleen undergoes a grueling workshop with Lang to try to improve her acting skills.

Max ends up in the hospital and everyone comes to see how he is doing. Monroe finds out that Max's younger siblings brought a hobo home to try to help him just like how they've seen things done in films. When Max returned home and asked him to leave, the man attacked Max and beat him up. Monroe tries to remind Darla and Nathan that films are just stories, Darla responds that they're better than real life.

Brady initially struggles to get people to come see his new film but through some strategic moves like asking the local priest to pass out tickets to the film, word of mouth takes effect and the film finally becomes a box-office success as he'd hoped.

Finally, Monroe is reunited with Kathleen and apologises for their argument and the two make up.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Last Tycoon S01E05 "Eine Kleine Reichmusik" Recap

Monroe tells Kathleen he wants her to read for the lead in his passion-project, "An Enemy Among Us," the next film set to be made after the studio's current project. She is taken aback by the proposition and declines the offer, leaving him confused.

Max's younger sister strikes up an interest in acting and wants to get some headshots taken and meet some important people form the studio. Max is reluctant to spend their limited funds on something he sees as frivolous and impractical but she remains determined to pursue her dreams.

Monroe organises a visit from the Austrian National Orchestra, as they were already visiting the States to perform and Monroe merely needed to make the extra arrangements to get them to come record for the studio. Hackett is smitten by one of the cellists.

Tragedy strikes when Margot's maid Lucille dies on the lot and Monroe correctly deduces that Lucille was Margot's mother. Margot confides in him that Lucille was not only her mother but the daughter of a salve and Monroe agrees to keep her background a secret. Monroe shuts down production long enough for Margot to mourn her mother at a memorial and must divulge the truth to Brady, who is surprisingly understanding. He has more depth and heart than he typically reveals but the more the show progresses, the more we come to understand who Brady truly is.

Kathleen changes her mind and agrees to screen test for the lead in Monroe's film. Later at a fancy party, Rose is overcome with jealousy of Kathleen and begs Monroe to begin their affair again. HE declines, saying that he is in love with Kathleen but thanks her for helping to get him through the grief he felt immediately after Minna's death. Celia goes upstairs at the party, following after Lang, and the two begin to fool around in a bedroom. Celia wants to embark on a passionate relationship but is put off when Lang is only interested in a casual fling that is too kinky for Celia's sexual preferences.

Hackett wants to start up a relationship with the cellist but she seems content to return to Austria. Monroe meets with the orchestra in private and informs them that he is willing to help any and all of those that would like to stay in the States as opposed to risking their lives if they return to Austria and may fall victims to the Nazi's aggression. The Nazi's consultant to the studio was old friends with one of the Jewish members of the orchestra, Leo, and tries to advise him not to return to Europe, knowing what's to come for him, but Leo merely tells him that he is just like any other Jew in Europe and the only difference is that they are familiar with one another.

Louis B. Mayer pays a visit to Margot and Brady and says that a reporter has gotten wind of Margot's secret heritage. He blackmails her into returning to his studio or else he will not stop the story from being made public. Margot is willing to risk exposure to maintain her autonomy but Brady advises her to go back to MGM Studios so she can be the biggest star in the world and show people what she has to offer. She will finish the film she is currently producing but will have to return after it wraps. Margot also jokes that she promises to keep secret the fact that Brady has a heart, something not many people know.

The orchestra leaves for Vienna but some of the members stay behind to seek a new life free from Nazi terror in the States.

Max agrees to set up some headshots for his sister. Celia visits him at his home and has dinner with him and his siblings. The implication is that she will now embark on a relationship with someone more stable and aligning with her philosophies on love and relationships as opposed to someone as eccentric as Lang.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Last Tycoon S01E04 "Burying the Boy Genius" Recap

The death of Irving Thalberg strikes a heavy blow to all the industry professionals starring in our series. Brady begins to feel greater insecurity about Monroe being the golden boy of his studio. They need to find someone that can dub Minna's voice for an in-memorium project but the American actress, Bess, they've been using isn't quite up to parr.

Celia is starting to find her footing as a producer as she begins consulting with the writers of the film she is developing. Rose begins her volunteer work at the hospital and becomes attached to a young patient named Kitty who is suffering from a brain tumor.

Monroe and the team are busy at work looking for a voice-over actress to do Minna's dubbing but no one is fitting the part quite right. Brady suggests Monroe ask Kathleen to do the voiceover work and although Monroe is hesitant at first, he eventually asks her and she is willing to do so. However, it all seems to stir up more of her conflicted emotions regarding Minna, as she was a fan of hers before ever meeting Monroe and she wants to do her justice.

Celia makes some adjustments to Hackett's script and Monroe and Brady approve,. They even get the renowned Fritz Lang to come on as the director to the project. In private, Lang tells Celia that the one thing the script is missing is passion and sexuality. Celia seems intrigued by being invited to a world of sexuality, particularly when Lang invites her over to meet famed actress Marlene Dietrich, who is staying at Lang's place. It's proposed that they could get Marlene to play one of the supporting roles, but much to Celia's surprise, an orgy breaks out that she is invited to sit and watch with Lang and Marlene. The German backers are not happy about the prospect of Lang being the director, as he's considered an enemy to the Nazi party and was also born to a Jewish mother. Brady informs them that regardless of their having to play nice currently, as soon as the Nazis lose power, they will not hesitate to turn on them.

Monroe has his birthday but the occasion is made awkward and tense when Brady becomes upset and paranoid that Monroe will be tempted away to another studio. The film they are working on is meant to be a symbol of loyalty and Monroe assures him that he isn't going anywhere else.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Last Tycoon S01E03 "More Stars than there are in Heaven" Recap

Pat Brady is upset with Monroe for his move to ask Mayer for a loan but has no choice but to go along with it. Next, Brady goes to ask actress Margo Taft to come work on his film. She has a firm list of demands, including the fact that the film's director must come in before each take and show her his private parts. Brady agrees to all of them.

Clint and Bess, the lead actors on the film, have grown closer together. But Monroe throws a wrench into their newly blossomed relationship when he fires Clint from the picture, as his performance was too poor to be salvaged and is one of the largest reasons Brady's film requires reshooting.

Max Miner learns that Celia is the boss' daughter when he visits the Brady home to make a delivery. She follows him out and insists that he still treat her like a regular girl from wardrobe or else she will never learn the way things work in the world.

Monroe takes Kathleen out to a beachside house he had specially built and the two consummate their relationship. Monroe offers a job working at the studio as a tour guide and though she is reluctant at first, she eventually agrees to do so. Brady strikes a deal with Margo Taft that will give her box-office returns, thus finalizing the move for her to their studio, though she must also sign a non-disclosure agreement to not share about this deal. Celia goes to Monroe's office and pleasures herself to thoughts of him and inhaling a handkerchief that he gave her.

Margot prepares to begin her shoot and we learn that she never actually makes her directors expose themselves to her but merely puts on airs that she has done so to leverage a stance of power. All the directors must swear an oath of secrecy and pretend that they will do as they are told. Monroe visits her to say that she must treat others with respect and she reveals that she was sexually exploited when she first came out to Hollywood to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. It's also implied that her maid, an older black woman, is her mother when Monroe leaves and she makes Margot put a coin in a swear jar.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


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Stan Lee
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