Marvel's Daredevil S02E01 "Bang" Recap

Hell's Kitchen is in the midst of a power-play from a number of organised crime gangs all seeking to claim the throne of power left open after Fisk was arrested and put in prison. As for Matt, Foggy, and Karen, they are struggling to pay their bills due to their firm's not making much money.

They eventually learn about a series of deaths towards different criminal groups. The police believe it to be an army of some kind enacting this vigilante justice but what they don't know just yet is that it's Frank Castle, the Punisher, but we won't see him introduced to them properly just yet.

A man named Elliot "Grotto" Grote finds Nelson and Murdock in the hopes of gaining their protection as The Punisher had gunned down the group of Irish that Grotto was a part of. Karen takes Grotto to the hospital where The Punisher tracks them down and begins shooting up the hospital in order to complete his mission of finishing off this gang. Meanwhile, Foggy visited the Dogs of Hell biker gang that one of their groups was also killed by this "army" that took out the Irish.

Matt, donning his new red suit, goes on an investigation of his own. He discovers that some drug cartels had a considerable supply of their weapons stolen by a single man. This sends Matt down a path of encountering The Punisher just as he was about to shoot Grotto in the getaway car Karen is driving. After an impressive fight sequence between the two, Matt is shot in the head at point blank range and falls off the roof.

Marvel's "Daredevil" is available for streaming on Netflix.


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