Marvel's Daredevil S02E02 "Dogs to a Gunfight" Recap

Foggy finds Matt the morning after he was shot point-black in the head during his confrontation with Frank Castle ("The Punisher" - though they don't know that's his name yet). The protective capabilities of Matt's suit are what save his life but the encounter has damaged his heightened abilities so Foggy is insistent that Matt rest in order to recover and heal.

Foggy must now handle Grotto's case on his own, or at least without Matt. He pushes to get Grotto into witness-protection but all of the information and mob contacts Grotto had were murdered so there isn't anything he can use as leverage in a deal. District Attorney Samantha Reyes will only assist in getting Grotto into witness-protection if he meets with a high-level drug lord and wears a wire during the exchange.

Matt is able to recover enough to go on the hunt for more answers and information regarding this unknown (to him) sniper and he visits his armorer, Melvin Potter to get a new and improved mask. He then pays a visit to the location where the Irish were murdered, but is only donning dark clothes and a hoodie as opposed to his suit. He follows the sound of a barking dog when he realises that the Irish were missing a dog, and finds it in an apartment that The Punisher had been hiding out in and using a police radio to eavesdrop on the mission Reyes had been organising. Castle had obtained the radio in a deal with a shady weapons dealer whom he decided to kill when the man offered him the opportunity to purchase time with an underaged sex-trafficking victim.

The Punisher arrives at the deal and Foggy and Karen are horrified to learn that Reyes had only set up this meeting to use Grotto as bait for The Punisher. Police snipers fire at a truck they believe The Punisher is driving but in actuality, he was privy to their plan all along because of the radio. He is actually set up high on a tower to try and finally kill Grotto. Matt arrives back in his new and improved Daredevil suit and begins fighting Punisher while the police snipers begin firing at him under Reyes' orders while Foggy looks on in concerned horror for Matt's safety. In the commotion, Grotto escapes and Castle is wounded by a flying bullet in addition to the hits from Matt. The two fall through a glass roof into a warehouse. When the police and Foggy look in on the scene, both Punisher and Daredevil are gone, with Matt having passed out and seemingly dragged away at the tail end of the fight due to his already being injured and recovering when he began this latest confrontation.

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