Dirk Manning & Friends Serve "Love Stories (To Die For)" Spanning Multiple Genres

Author Dirk Manning has compiled a series of stories seemingly unrelated save for one common theme: love. Those with less familiarity with the horror genre can still find something to appreciate in this compilation, so long as they are open to content with darker undertones. The stories span a wide array of genres, including sci-fi, supernatural, and zombies.

Each of Manning's stories effectively build up tension till the pressure bursts in the climax and readers are left to process the sombre conclusion before proceeding onto the next one. The variety in artists that have done the illustrations further enhances the scope of Manning's versatility as a writer. Though the stories can all tie into the horror genre to varying extents, it is a more intelligent approach than the stereotypes associated with the genre.

One disclaimer worth giving is that the "An Inability To Cope" story contains graphic illustrations and content pertaining to suicide. Those with a particular sensitivity to this issue may be better off skipping this story. All of the stories are much better suited to an adult audience, not only due to the more violent illustrations but the tone and plots also bear a weight unfit for a too-young audience without a parental pre-read approval given first.

But if you find yourself in the mood for some dark and twisted stories with tragic love components woven in, don't miss out on Dirk Manning & Friends' "Love Stories (To Die For)"!


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