Gotham S03E12 "Mad City: Ghosts" Recap

Jim tries to attend Mario Falcone's funeral, but Harvey stops him from entering, lest Falcone or Lee see him. Harvey is concerned that Falcone may want him dead if he ever sees him again. Little do they know that Falcone is watching Jim from afar as the pair leave.

Oswald is attending a press conference put on by his deputy chief of staff, Tarquin. After it finishes, Tarquin tells him he has set up an interview with Margaret Hearst, a high-profile reporter that can expand Oswald's legacy to reach a national scale. Following Hearst's departure, Oswald has a vision of Elijah Van Dahl (Oswald's father) in the hallway.

Jim finds Zsasz waiting for him back at his apartment to say that it's only a matter of time before Falcone will send him to kill Jim. Meanwhile, Selina confronts her mother Maria for abandoning her as a child. Maria claimed to be on the run due to her criminal life and that keeping Selina would only end up with them being caught and harmed so Selina was left at an orphanage. Selina isn't interested in offering forgiveness and orders Maria to leave.

Fox shows Jim and Harvey the body of a girl that was found undressed on the train tracks but died on the way to the hospital. The marks on her body indicate that an electrical current ran through her but three days prior she had been stabbed and taken to the morgue. While working on this case, Jim is interrupted by Lee who pays a visit to the GCPD to demand that he be arrested for killing Mario and destroying so many people's lives.

Oswald begins being haunted by visions of his father, who repeatedly tells him he's not to be trusted. Not long after, Oswald is informed by law enforcement that someone has dug up his father's body. Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey must speak to the night manager of the morgue to investigate the apparently revived corpse of the young woman. The night manager says that nothing strange is going on but is then shocked to find that the girl's body is missing et again. Jim finds a bloody smiley on his clothes and decides to follow the morgue manager with Harvey after work once they learn that he used to work on Indian Hill.

Maria pays a visit to Wayne Manor and delivers a box for Selina but Bruce is the one to deliver it to her. When Selina opens it, she finds several childhood items in it and decides to forgive her mother.

Falcone and Lee meet to discuss what to do about Jim. Lee wants him killed and even though Falcone is willing to order it done, but warns Lee that this will take a toll on her too. He knows that killing Jim will not be a simple fix to the pain she is harboring regarding Mario's death.

Jim and Harvey have followed the morgue manager Dwight to an abandoned theatre and find a crowd has gathered. A rally is taking place and Dwight addresses the crowd and says that the only person to stand up for the people being exploited by the systems in place is Jerome Valeska. A video plays of Jerome's massacre of the GCPD which leads to Jim and Harvey trying to stop the rally. The group keeps Jim and Harvey at bay so that Dwight can make his escape. When they are finally able to leave, Jim is attacked by Zsasz and more of Falcolne's men. As Jim continues to run, he is able to kill the extra people coming after him and knock Zsasz out.

Oswald is visited again by the ghost of his father who tells him that he will not be able to rest until his body is returned to the ground, and also informs him that Isabella is on the other side with him and that Penguin should not trust the birthday boy.

Lee visits Barnes who is being held in Arkham Asylum in order to learn more about the virus. Barnes raves about the disease and said that it gave him greater clarity, strength, and focus, and is more like an antidote to their regular state. In seeing how Barnes is behaving, Lee begins to believe that Mario would not have lived a healthy life when infected with it.

Oswald is in city hall and finds that Tarquin is having a birthday party, which makes him suspect Tarquin of being the "birthday boy" that the ghost of his father warned him about. He then finds his father's body in Tarquin's office, prompting Oswald to kill him when he enters. Oswald is then called to his interview and he is so agitated that he botches his interview and insults the people of Gotham during it. Afterwards, he goes to Tarquin's office but Dahl's body is gone.

Jim and Harvey return to his apartment where they must fight Zsasz again until Falcone arrives and calls off the hit, since Lee convinced him to do so. Falcone still has not forgiven Jim for killing Mario, but the conflict will have to be resolved another day.

Ed Nygma turns out to be the one that orchestrated Oswald's demise and meltdown on TV, with the help of Basil Karlo pretending to be Oswald's father and pushing him to the edge. They meet with Barbara and Tabitha and Ed swears to make Oswald die a slow, painful death. Barbara and Tabitha want to take his empire.

Alfred takes Maria to a hotel and she kisses him to thank him for all his help. She then finds a man named Cole Clemons in the room who demands that she pay back the money she owes. Selina visits and mentions Bruce's name, which makes Cole decide to go to Wayne Manor later to get the money he is after.

Dwight meets with a doctor and together they conspire to resurrect Jerome whose body is shown to be smiling and marked with death, while other dead bodies are in pods in the warehouse they are working out of.

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