Gotham S03E13 "Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It" Recap

Dwight and the other cult members infiltrate a warehouse in order to retrieve Jerome's corpse. The GCPD are called to investigate the break-in and discover that the warehouse belongs to Wayne Enterprises. Someone had retrieved various corpses from Indian Hill and the woman from the morgue that was dead more than once had merely been a test of this experiment. After tracking down an injured member of the cult, they arrest him.

Cole pays a visit to Wayne Manor and informs Bruce that Selina's mother Maria is indebted to him for $200,000. If Bruce does not pay it, Cole will ensure that Maria goes to jail. Selina doesn't want Bruce to pay the sum but Bruce pays Maria the money anyway.

Jim interrogates the cult member and discovers that Jerome's cryogenic pod was stolen and also learns of the cult's plan to resurrect him. Dwight and another cult member are show to already be working on Jerome's corpse.

Oswald is still recovering from the interview that went wrong due to Ed's scheming revenge plan. The people of Gotham no longer respect or trust him as a leader and are calling for him to resign. Barbara tells Oswald that Tommy Bones is also questioning his authority and has turned against him. She informs him that she will set up a meeting for him with the other organised crime leaders.

Fox tells Jim and Harvey that the procedure required to resurrect the girl that was in the morgue would require a significant amount of energy and based on this, they should investigate a nearby power plant as it's the most likely operation base for the experiment to revive Jerome. Jim and Harvey head out to investigate the lead but the cult has a mole in the GCPD that tips the other cult members off beforehand. Dwight is unsuccessful in his attempt to revive Jerome and the other cult members working nearby remind him that he had promised the rest of the cult that they would see Jerome's smiling face again. Dwight becomes enraged and murders his assistant before cutting off Jerome's face and taking it with him in his escape before the police arrive to find only Jerome's corpse left. Dwight later addresses the members of the cult while wearing Jerome's face and gives a deranged but somehow convincing speech that they are "all Jerome".

Oswald confronts Barbara, believing her to be a conspirator against him after being called by Tommy Bones, who is claiming that they will end their partnership and also that he is holding Ed Nygma captive. Oswald rounds up his henchmen to rescue Ed, after which Tommy is revealed to be operating under threat by Tabitha who proceeds to kill him.

Jim and Harvey interrogate the cult member that was acting as a mole in the GCPD but he won't answer any of their questions until Lee injects him with a truth serum. The mole then reveals that Dwight and the rest of the cult are planning to infiltrate a TV station in order to broadcast a message to all of Gotham. When Lee returns to her office, a resurrected Jerome is waiting for her and takes her captive.

Maria and Cole are revealed to be scheming together in order to scam Bruce out of money but Selina learns of this and is outraged at Maria for this betrayal. Selina reveals this information to Bruce, who admits that he always suspected it was a scam but paid the money in the hopes of helping Selina to reconcile with her mother. Selina is too overcome by emotion at all of the stress from the circumstances, devastated that Maria never made an effort to reconnect with her until Bruce was in her life and takes it out on Bruce by attacking him. But as Bruce has been working hard in his training, he is able to fend off her attack without receiving too much injury.

Dwight and the rest of the cult infiltrate the television station as planned and take over a news broadcast. Dwight is acting out a Jerome facade while Jim and other officers are entering the building through the ventilation system to stop the cult and save the hostages. When Jerome sees the broadcast taking place, he leaves the precinct disguised in a uniform and leaves Lee inside bound and gagged. Jim, Harvey, and the other officers finally get into the main room of the station right as Dwight has broadcast his message. Many cult members are killed in the commotion and Dwight is arrested.

Oswald receives a hostage call from Ed, who claims to be held captive at Kane Chemicals.

Jerome steals a station van and kidnaps Dwight for stealing his face and acting as him. Jerome brings him to a power plant and attaches explosives to him before beginning a broadcast of his own, claiming that "in the darkness, there are no rules" and encourages the citizens watching to kill anyone and do whatever they want, claiming that in the morning they will be reborn. He then lights the explosives and leaves Dwight to die.

Jim orders a chopper so he can make it to the power plant and stop the destruction but when he goes outside, he sees the power plant explode which results in a city-wide power outage plunging Gotham into darkness.

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