Gotham S03E14 "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" Recap

Gotham is in darkness after the power outage Jerome caused by blowing up the power plant. The GCPD is overrun with criminals that the police officers are attempting to arrest and keep under control.

Oswald arrives with his henchmen at the warehouse Ed had called to say he was being held captive at. Ed is indeed waiting there and kills all of Oswald's henchmen. He then reveals Isabella's destroyed car to inform Oswald of the fact that he knows Oswald was responsible for her death.

Kathryn and a Court member discuss the ongoings of the destruction in the city and the member advises her to give the GCPD a chance. She remains skeptical of his faith in "him."

The lights will not come back on in the city until the following morning and Jim and Harvey must determine what Jerome's next move will be. Through backtracking the conversations he had with Lee, they realise that he will be going after Bruce Wayne.

Ed ties Oswald to Isabella's car and forces him to confess his role in killing Isabella. Oswald does so and claims to have done it for love. Ed them puts a cauldron of corrosive acid onto a giant ice block so that it will kill Oswald once the ice melts.

Jerome and his followers attack Bruce and Alfred at Wayne manor and destroy his owl statue. Jerome takes Bruce for himself while ordering his followers to kill Alfred. Jim arrives in time to save Alfred and kills the followers. Jerome has taken Bruce to a boardwalk circus where Gotham citizens are being used as game attractions to entertain Jerome's followers. Jerome is more deranged than ever and kills one of his followers for the blood which he smears on Bruce's mouth into a clown-smile.

Oswald breaks free with the help of a police officer but is taken captive once again by Butch and Tabitha upon returning to Dahl Manor.

Jerome ties Bruce to a post and declares what's about to happen as the closing event. He has loaded up a canon with a cannonball plus some knives for good measure so that Bruce will be killed in a boom. Jim, Alfred, and Harvey arrive to save Bruce and fight off Jerome's followers while Jerome lights the fuse on the cannon. Bruce is able to free himself at the last second and runs away while being pursued by Jerome.

Barbara tells a captive Oswald that the only way he can escape and live is to call Ed, which will result in Ed's death. Oswald then decides that love means being willing to sacrifice oneself if it comes to such extremities and understands that he denied Ed his happiness by killing Isabella. Oswald declares that he will die in order to save Ed. It's then that Ed appears and declares that Oswald was supposed to die proving that he isn't capable of loving anyone but is now shaken by the twist development in his scheme.

Bruce runs into a house of mirrors, followed by Jerome. When the two finally encounter one another, they begin to fight in one of the mirrored hallways. Bruce is eventually able to gain the upper hand and beat Jerome, even disfiguring him in the scuffle. Jerome taunts Bruce and tries to get him to kill him with a shard of glass but Bruce decides not to kill him, and leaves the house of mirrors to reunited with Alfred. Jerome comes chasing after him and tries to attack Bruce once more but Jim stops him and knocks off Jerome's stapled-on face in the encounter. Jerome is arrested and returned to Arkham Asylum with his face having been reattached.

Bruce tells Alfred about his battle with Jerome and that sparing him instead of killing him felt like justice. Alfred instructs Bruce on having a code of ethics and Bruce makes a vow not to kill in his quest for justice.

Kathryn speaks with Five, who has been brainwashed to do her bidding. Five is concerned but a Court member says that he will go with someone to join them, adding that "no one refuses the Court". The man then visits Jim and is revealed to be his uncle Frank Gordon, the man who wore the ring.

Ed takes Oswald to the harbor docks, intent on killing him. Oswald begs him to spare his life, adding that he was the one that created Ed into the person he now is, adding that he still loves him. Ed shoots him in the stomach and throws his body into the harbour.

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