Marvel's Daredevil S02E06 "Regrets Only" Recap

Matt and Elektra fight off the Roxxon Corporation henchmen that have come to her apartment. Following the encounter, the two go out for food and Matt chides Elektra for not telling him that the Yakuza were in town and getting up to trouble. Elektra remains determined to stop them so Matt agrees to help under the condition that she will leave once they complete their mission.

Later, Matt, Foggy, and Karen are visited by the public defender working Frank Castle's case. They learn that Reyes will be working to get the death penalty for Castle by linking him to the murders of various other Dogs of Hell groups outside of New York. Foggy doesn't understand why Matt is so determined to save Castle but Matt remains determined that despite disagreeing with Castle's methodology, he isn't inherently a bad person deserving of the death penalty. The three go to visit Castle in the hospital and offer to represent him and are determined to uncover the truth about what happened to him and his family. Reyes tries to muscle them out of helping him but Castle decides to have Nelson & Murdock represent him instead of the public defender.

Matt must take off when Elektra sends a car for him, much to the shock of Foggy and Karen who are prepared to get into knowing more about what happened to Castle and his family. Castle only wants to speak to Karen without Foggy present. Karen shares what she has gathered so far about the death of his family and he begins to trust her as much as he's capable of.

Matt and Elektra infiltrate a Roxxon gala and get into a bit of covert mischief, including Matt spilling some wine on an executive to force him into a washroom to rinse his shirt off so they could steal a card to get into a back room and steal a Yakuza ledger.

Foggy tells Karen and Castle that Reyes has offered a plea deal that would put the death penalty off the table but in return he would have to serve three consecutive life sentences in general population prison which would mean he'd be surrounded by criminals connected to those he killed. Frank agrees to the deal but when Reyes and the judge come in, Frank changes his mind and refuses to plead guilty.

Matt and Elektra have to pretend to be a drunken couple hooking up when they are caught by guards but are able to get away with the ledger and determine that the Yakuza are smuggling something in, though they don't know just what yet.

Foggy tells Matt about everything that happened with Castle, along with the fact that Reyes has made the trial fast tracked so The People v. Frank Castle will begin in just a week.

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