Marvel's Daredevil S02E07 "Semper Fidelis" Recap

Castle's trial is underway after a grueling jury-selection process. Due to Frank's case being so high-profile, it was difficult to find jury members that could be deemed impartial. Matt, Foggy, and Karen must determine a strategy to use before the opening statement set to take place the following morning. Matt wants to use a PTSD defense, as Castle spent time in the war. Karen visits Castle and he refuses to let the team use a PTSD defense because he believes it would be an insult to veterans that actually suffer from the condition. He does offer up a former military superior that they can use for a character reference if they want.

Elektra calls Matt to come with him to track down a professor that was working for the Yakuza and they corner him in his apartment indulging in prostitutes. They follow the trail to a warehouse where they must fight some other random henchmen and Elektra ends up injured in the fight but not to such an extent that she can't carry on in the fight with Matt against more Yakuza that show up in another wave. Matt patches up Elektra's wounds back at his place and the two catch up on all their unresolved issues. Matt wants to know why she left all those years ago and she says he deserved better. The following morning, Matt is late leaving his apartment when he needs to make the opening statement at Castle's trial.

Foggy must make the opening statement and chooses to focus on how the justice system has failed Castle's murdered family. Matt is apologetic for showing up late but implores Foggy to let him get back to work on the case. The next plan is to try to trip up the medical examiner that Reyes will be calling to the stand. Their report conflicts with what Frank claims happened to his family, so it would seem that they are involved in a conspiracy of sorts. Later, when Matt is working with Karen on the case, the two come to a philosophical disagreement when Karen suggests that Castle isn't so wrong for seeking vengeance on the criminals he has killed while Matt believes that it isn't up to Castle to play executioner. The two leave and Elektra emerges from the shadows, having heard their disagreement. She wants to go out and do more recon but Matt says he needs to work on the case, so she suggests he come out with her tomorrow night instead.

When Matt questions the medical examiner in court, the man is nervous and sweating a great deal. Without Matt doing much to probe a confession, the man confesses to having doctored the Castle family autopsy reports, claiming he was threatened by some men who claimed they'd harm the medical examiner's family if he didn't do as they said. He also doctored the report on an additional John Doe. He says that he was compelled to confess due to being threatened by a woman that Matt quickly deduces is Elektra. She seemingly took the initiative after over-hearing Matt's conversation with Karen. Now the medical examiner's entire testimony will be thrown out.

Matt is forced to admit to Foggy about Elektra's return and that she isn't a mere diplomat's daughter, but her own brand of vigilante as well as the private client that gave the firm a sizable payment. Foggy is outraged at having been lied to yet again and that Elektra and Matt's actions have interfered with their efforts to stop Reyes from taking down Castle. Foggy says that Matt is the one at fault for his determination to engage in vigilantism and Elektra isn't the problem. Matt and Foggy are now at odds once again.

Matt pays a visit to Elektra and demands that she stay away from the trial, since her interference only harmed the case. The two then head into a run-down building site they decided to stake out based on the Yakuza ledge. After fighting through some Yakuza henchmen, they find a giant hole that was being dug with no explanation as to why it exists.

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