Marvel's Daredevil S02E08 "Guilty as Sin" Recap

Matt and Elektra are busy fighting off more Yakuza henchmen near the giant hole they discovered. Elektra is badly injured and just when it looks as if she and Matt are done for, Matt's old mentor Stick arrives and fights off the last of their opponents. Matt wants to take Elektra to the hospital but Stick insists that he can help her himself but they must do it back at Matt's apartment. He does a painful treatment of her injuries but it still manages to save her life. While Elektra rests, Stick tells Matt that he not only knows Elektra but she works for him.

At Castle's trial, Karen is alarmed by the fact that Matt has stayed home. Foggy had advised him to do so but didn't think he actually would. Colonel Ray Schoonover, Castle's former commanding officer in the Marine Corps, is called in to testify as a character witness. He shares about the events that led to Castle being awarded special commendations for outstanding service. He risked his life to save the men in his unit and was successful in doing so. Reyes tries to question the legitimacy of these claims, asking how Schoonover can be sure this happened as he stated if he wasn't there, only for Schoonover to reveal that he was there and was the commanding officer that had gotten the unit into danger in the first place and that he would've lost a limb were it not for Castle's bravery. Reyes didn't know about this detail due to the names being redacted from the file, as the mission was classified.

Stick reveals to Matt that Elektra has been working with him in a mission against an ancient group called "Yaminote" which translated to the Hand. The Japanese Roxxon branch is merely a front for the Hand, which aims to unlock the secrecy to resurrecting the dead. He speaks about a kid called the Chaste, who has lead the fight against the Hand. Stick had hoped to have Elektra recruit Matt to join Stick in his fight against the Hand.

Foggy has a medical examiner speak to the injuries Castle has experienced due to being shot in the head on the attack on his family. Castle is weary that they are going against his wishes to avoid the PTSD defense but instead, this medical examiner is merely speaking to how the brain injury results in an extreme emotional disturbance. The circumstances surrounding Castle's condition are even more extreme due to the loss of his family in such a brutal manner. But despite things starting to work in Castle's defense, much of it is undone when a family member of one of Castle's victims has an outburst in the trial professing how Castle has killed his father. Castle begins to feel guilt, knowing all too well the pain of losing one's family. Karen remains sympathetic to Castle's trauma and tells him he must take the stand and testify to show everyone that he isn't a monster. Castle remains skeptical as to whether he is truly not a monster but agrees anyway.

When Karen tells Foggy that she has convinced Castle to take the stand, Foggy insists that Matt needs to be the one to question him if they are to stand any chance of winning this case.

Elektra wakes and Matt questions her about the secrets she has kept. She admits that their meeting was always a mission on her part. But she says that she truly did fall in love with him and Matt knows she is telling the truth due to his enhanced abilities to read people. Matt offers to help her on this mission against the Hand but only on the condition that she leave Stick and be with him, admitting how hollow he felt when he thought he would lose her. She is moved by his plea and agrees, regardless of the fact that Stick can hear their entire conversation. Karen arrives to ask Matt to question Castle the next day and is shaken by seeing the company at his place. Matt tries to explain what is happening but Karen leaves without hearing him out.

At the trial, Matt begins to question Castle to make the jury believe that Castle believes the depth of what he has said about the murder of his family. When Castle arrives to testify, he is dressed in a suit. Castle is evasive to Matt's maneuvers, but Matt is effective in making a speech to the court about how the city is corrupt and in need of help and that Castle simply wanted to make the city better but didn't know the difference between right and wrong. Castle then tanks Matt's work by going on a tirade in which he doesn't have remorse for anything he could've done. Foggy blames Matt for messing up the case that he didn't even want to take in the first place. Karen also tells Matt that she is done with him.

Elektra orders Stick to leave and he questions whether Matt will still want to be with her if he finds out who she truly is but she remains firm in her resolve to be good the way Matt believes her to be. Elektra senses that Matt has suffered tremendous loss when he returns home but he is still happy to be with her. She questions how they will make a relationship work and he tells her to rest and that they will figure it out. When Matt leaves the bedroom to let her rest, he is attacked by a ninja that shoots him with an arrow and begins fighting him. Elektra rises to help Matt in the conflict and in the process, Matt is able to de-mask the assailant and realises that it's a boy, likely still in his teens, but before he can process it further, Elektra slits their throat. Matt is shocked and upset by the action. Elektra says it's who she is and asks if he still wants her but he passes out from his wounds before they can discuss anything.

Castle is sent to prison where the general population yell at him and throw objects his way. Then, a guard leads him to a meeting with an imprisoned Wilson Fisk.

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