Marvel's Daredevil S02E09 "Seven Minutes in Heaven" Recap

In a flashback, we see Fisk when he first enters prison. He is using his finances to see that Vanessa is taken care of and kept safe. She wants to visit Fisk but he wants to stay away where she will be out of danger. His lawyer, Mr. Donovan, advises him that a lot of his money was seized by the government so he is operating under limited funds. The case against him was bulletproof and submitting appeals that will be successful may take months or even years. He needs to stay out of trouble and keep his head down as best as he can or else the courts will use that as an excuse to shoot down his appeals.

An inmate named Dutton tries to intimidate Fisk. Dutton runs roughly 80% of the contraband dealings in the prison and Fisk had already heard of him for the drug-running he had done before he was incarcerated. Fisk begins to buy up protection by using his funds to help a select few other inmates that become his crew. Fisk uses the last of his limited funds to orchestrate Castle receiving a message that leads him to Fisk in prison for a meeting. Fisk tries to convince Castle that Dutton was the one that organised the dealings that resulted in the deaths of Castle's family. Fisk hopes to use this information to usurp Dutton's position of power running the prison if Castle takes him out. Fisk has organised a small timeframe for him to go to where Dutton is and also provides him with a small shiv.

Back at Matt's place, Elektra tends to his wounds and summons a cleaning crew to scrub the place down and removes all traces of the murder and the body. Matt is upset at Elektra for killing the boy and she insists that it was self-defense and that he would've killed them or summoned others to do if she didn't. Matt struggles with what he sees as Elektra's enjoyment in killing others. She shares about her first kill which happened when she was twelve years old. Matt believes they can't be together due to their differences. He wants to fight the Hand alone and sends her away.

Foggy visits Matt and the two decide to part ways, both professionally and personally. When Foggy guest tell Karen, she shares information she has obtained further information in her investigation of Castle. There was another victim of the massacre that killed Castle's family. Foggy thinks she should let it go and chooses then to reveal to her that he and Matt are finished.

Matt continues his investigation into finding the Hand while Karen tracks down the former chief medical examiner in the case of Castle's family and confirms that there was another victim of the massacre. This victims was an undercover cop that was part of a sting operation that tied into the deal that went wrong and the massacre that ensued.

Castle is given his opportunity at Dutton, who reveals that he organised the deal for a drug dealer known as "the Blacksmith" and then tells Castle that his question will never be finished. Castle admits this to be true and then stabs Dutton. Fisk betrays Castle by having the guards open the wing so Castle must fight off all of Dutton's supporters. Castle ends up killing every single one of them in a gratuitous display. After Castle accomplishes this, Fisk pays a visit to Castle in his cell and shares how despite his original plan was to kill him and close that loop, he was impressed by Castle's display of violence. Fisk decides that Castle could be a greater asset to him by killing his competitors while Fisk is incarcerated so he sets up an opportunity for Castle to escape. Castle promises Fisk that the next time they see each other, only one of them will walk away and Fisk says that he is counting on it.

Matt tracks down a Hand facility known as the Farm. While there, he hears the sound of blood dripping and is led to a room where there is a series of cages with victims being drained of their blood. Matt wants to free the victims, including a boy named Daniel that is the son of a lawyer that accompanied Matt to the facility due to his connections to the information. Their attempts to break people out are short-lived when a ninja attacks. Matt begins to fight him.

Fisk visits a gravely wounded Dutton in the hospital and informs him that his lungs are slowly filling with liquid due to his injuries and it's only a matter of time before he dies. He echoes Dutton's earlier sentiment that in prison there's only room for one Kingpin.

Matt continues his fight against the masked ninja who is eventually unmasked and revealed to be Nobu Yoshioka, a facially scarred man Matt had previously fought and killed.

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