Marvel's Daredevil S02E10 "The Man in the Box" Recap

Matt (as Daredevil) asks Mahoney to send the children he discovered being kept in cages while their bodies were used incubators for chemical compounds at the Farm to Claire Temple for their medical treatment, trusting her to give them the best care but also to keep them anonymous from being found again by the Hand. He tells Mahoney to make sure that no one else knows that he's bringing them there. Claire is alarmed to find that all of the victims had their fingertips burned off so they wouldn't be able to be identified by fingerprints. Matt secretly visits Claire at the hospital and tells her that the situation is complicated. He says that the man responsible for his injuries the last time she patched him up when he was on the brink of death, Nobu, is the man responsible for this latest wave of victims. She is surprised, as Nobu was supposed to be dead, but Matt is insistent that she know that someone may come to the hospital to try to kill the patients and she must be careful. Claire also insists on giving Matt some aspirin after checking on his wounds. Matt then overhears a police radio transmission announcing that Castle has escaped and tells Claire the news.

Reyes summons Matt, Foggy, and Karen to her office after the news breaks of Castle's escape. Matt is convinced that Fisk was involved in Castle's escape after learning they were in the same ward, though Foggy is skeptical of believing it's anything more than a coincidence. Things are awkward in the dynamic of the trio after their falling out but they must focus on the massive load of secrets Reyes is about to unload on them. She shares how her office was the one that had organised a sting operation on the Blacksmith's deal with the Irish, Cartel, and the Dogs of Hell. Reyes was the one that made the call not to clear the area because she didn't want to tip off the crime groups and this led to the deaths of Castle's family as well as the undercover cop when the deal went bad. Reyes is now concerned that Castle is targeting her daughter, which goes completely against his philosophy but she doesn't know him well enough to understand that. The trio aren't keen on the idea of helping Reyes but they don't want an innocent child to die in the commotion. Reyes pleads for their help, no longer caring about her career. Matt hears a gun cocking, using his enhanced hearing and yells at everyone to get down. Reyes is shot dead in the commotion and Foggy is non-fatally injured by a stray bullet.

Matt visits Fisk in prison and is able to confirm that Fisk has now seized control of the prison and was responsible for Castle escaping it. He does so by threatening to use the law against Vanessa by getting her visa revoked so she will never be able to return to the country again. He reminds Fisk that New York is his true home so he would never be able to truly live with Vanessa. Fisk becomes angered and breaks free from his restraints and this is what lets Matt know that he is running things. Fisk promises to destroy his and Foggy's lives when he gets out of prison. Matt tries to put all the blame onto himself and off of Foggy but Fisk stays his course.

Elektra is visited by an assassin at the airport on her way out of New York. The two engage in an impressive battle before she kills him. In his dying moments, he reveals that it wasn't The Hand that sent him as she originally suspected, but Stick.

Karen follows the lead to find Castle by visiting the medical examiner that faked the results of the autopsies in the massacre of his family only to find the ME is already dead and killed. She doesn't believe Castle is the culprit as the messiness of the attack doesn't match his style. Karen is ordered to have protective security stay with her and the victims in the hospital begin to wake from their drugged state. Matt has a heart-to-heart with Claire on the roof. She thinks he's overextending himself but Matt feels he has no choice but to keep fighting and trying to protect everyone. He's now starting to doubt the power of the law and feeling hopeless. He feels resigned to stop being a lawyer and stop having friends and only focus on being Daredevil. Claire tells him he's only cutting off his only anchor.

When Karen returns to her apartment with protective officers, she begins to gather her files. When she hears the sound of bodies thumping outside, she becomes concerned that someone is going to try to kill her next. She pulls out a gun and Castle emerges from the shadows, saying that the most recent murders he's accused of weren't his doing. He hears a noise and tackles Karen to the ground and shields her body just as an unknown assailant shoots up her apartment.

Alarms go off at the hospital and Matt prepares for battle on the roof as he hears assassins from The Hand preparing to infiltrate the hospital. Claire is alarmed to find that all of the patients are in a trance-like state and have killed on the patient's father. Foggy is also in the hospital and looks out concerned by the assailants scaling the building.

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