Marvel's Daredevil S02E11 ".380" Recap

The Hand begins to infiltrate the hospital that has the rescued patients in it. Though Matt is able to save Claire from being harmed, all of the patients act as if under some sort of trance and willingly leave with the Hand.

Karen gives a false statement about the attack on the officers assigned to protect her as well as the shoot-out on her apartment. She leaves out the detail that Castle was present and saved her from certain death. Matt confronts her as she's leaving the station for not asking for his help in the matter and she discretely lets him know about Castle saving her during the shoot-out. She is determined to prove that Castle didn't kill Reyes and that someone is setting them up. Castle believes he can find the culprit faster than the NYPD and Karen agrees. Matt wants to help Karen and protect her but she declines his offer. Karen goes to stay at a hotel and her police protection check her room first. After they leave, she sneaks downstairs and meets Castle who is waiting with her car that he stole to meet her.

Marci visits Foggy in the hospital and offers him a potential job offer down the line, saying that the work he did on the Castle case made waves. He doesn't explicitly accept but doesn't decline either.

Autopsies are performed on the dead Hand members from the hospital attack and find that at least one of them has scars that indicate a prior autopsy. The hospital board is insistent about covering this up and one board member seems inclined to try to put the blame of everything that happened on Claire. Refusing to let the hospital prioritise their funding over truth and justice, Claire quits her job.

Karen and Frank Castle have a sit-down in a diner and have an honest conversation about who thy are and what they are doing. Frank says that Karen loves Matt and should hold on to what she cherishes because he would give anything to be reunited with his family. She also believes his entire story and his innocence in relation to the death of his family. Frank tells Karen to go to the back and hide with the waitress. The men that are after Karen had driven around the block three times and have now pulled up so Frank is ready to confront them himself.

Matt (as Daredevil) confronts Tower and muscles a lead out of him. The one piece of information they have that's useful related to the Blacksmith is a competitor they had that works out of Chinatown. Daredevil follows that lead there and finds Madame Gao, one of Fisk's allies seen previously in season one. Matt wants to know where to find the Blacksmith and after a bit of tiptoeing, she directs him to a particular pier.

The Blacksmith's men that are after Karen enter the diner which is now empty in the main area except for Frank. A vicious fight breaks out that ends with Frank brutally overpowering the men, killing one, and relentlessly beating the other until they reveal the Blacksmith's location after which Frank kills him. Karen is horrified by the violence and Frank tells her to get to protective custody and stay away from him.

Frank heads to the same pier Matt was directed to and attacks a boat used to smuggle drugs. He tries to kill a man that is insistent in claiming to be the Blacksmith but Daredevil arrives in time to stop him and says that the man is lying and only pretending to be the Blacksmith. When Frank attacks Daredevil for interfering and not minding his business, the man speaks on a walkie talkie to signal that Frank is there and that whomever he is talking to should get back to the boat. Frank and Daredevil's fight is interrupted by the return of Blacksmith's men who attack the boat and set off an explosion. Frank is able to escape in the commotion.

Stick receives the news that the hitman he ordered was unsuccessful in killing Elektra so he decides that he must be the one to fight her himself. Elektra reveals herself by mortally wounding the men that had just delivered the news to Stick, just as they were leaving the location of the meet.

Karen arrives at the boat and is emotional at there being more destruction and perhaps also, Frank's potential further injury or even death.

Claire is leaving the hospital at the same time as Foggy being discharged and advises him to let Matt know that she won't be around to help him anymore.

The patients from the hospital are back at the hideout of the Hand and willingly let members of the Hand slit their wrists to drain them of the chemicals in their blood to be fueled into an ancient device, with its purpose being yet unknown.

Matt hears a strange noise outside and a car crashes outside of his apartment building. Inside the car is the men Elektra injured before and the driver uses his dying breaths to tell Matt that Elektra found Stick and warns of the impending showdown between the two. Stick is shown to be sharpening his blade while Elektra descends the steps and makes her way towards him. She tells him they need to talk but by the looks of the blades in both of their hands, there's no way this talk won't be anything less than an epic fight.

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