Midnight Texas S01E02: Bad Moon Rising Recap

Tonight starts our featured character episodes, and its gonna be a good one!

Creek and Manfred are running through the streets from something. Manfred has a deep gash in his side, that Creek tends to in his RV. Their kiss gets interrupted a second time but the beast rocking the RV. Manfred gives her a knife, he's new to Texas. He asks his grandma for help, but she just tells him to run.

24 hours earlier. Manfred chugs pills. He doesn't understand why his grandma Xylda sent him there. He was looking for a quiet retreat, not a house infested. Xylda was trying to give him people. He needs someone now that she's dead. She tells him to let his freak flag fly. There's no need to be normal anymore.

The other main Midnighters are all meeting together. They're upset that Bobo was taken, and that they're now on the Police radar. Manfred arrives and tells the group that he needs help. He's got a demonic presence at his house. Lemuel is out since the sun is set to rise soon, but the rest are willing and able.

Bobo get interrogated by the Sheriff. He noticed that the town wasn't too fond of Aubrey. Bobo knows that the town is easily misunderstood, but they're good people. The Sheriff asks if it was in his head that his friend tried to crush his car with her mind. Bobo doesn't know what he's talking about. The deputy has an idea. She sticks him in with a bunch of Sons of Lucifer. Bobo doesn't object. When they shut the door, Bobo is surrounded, but he's still not concerned. He beats up all of the Sons of Lucifer, and tells them to leave him alone. He didn't kill Aubrey.

Olivia walks with the Reverend to the chapel. She tells him that its too early to lock him away, but he insists. There are too many outsiders around, and he's fond of his home.

Manfred, Joe, and Fiji return to Manfred's home. Fiji can feel the bad energy. Manfred is looking for Aubrey, he finds her in the corner, and tells her that Bobo has been arrested for her death. She looks more distraught than normal. He invites her into his body so he can see her death. He sees flashes of events leading up to her death, including her drowning. Manfred collapses as Aubrey drowns, and Fiji and Joe watch.

Manfred awakens at Fiji's. It's quiet there. Fiji admits that mediums don't stay there long, that it must be hard with the veil so thin. Manfred tells her that he saw bikers. Fiji fills him in on the Sons of Lucifer, and how Aubrey was married to one. He's just as confused as everyone else about that bit of information. Fiji urges Manfred to do as he promised and tell the Sheriff what he saw to save Bobo. She heads to rid his house of what's under his floor with an exorcism.

Chewy sees Joe, and he's concerned. He asks if he went flying, and he did. With the murder of Aubrey, and Manfred's arrival, Joe's worried about the end of everything they love.

Manfred pays Creek a visit. She cuts their conversation short so as not to rouse her father's suspicions. They head to Davy. Manfred tells the Sheriff that the Sons of Lucifer are responsible, but he doesn't know who exactly since he never saw his face. The Sheriff wants more details, and so he gives him more, which leads the Sheriff to suspect him. Manfred is definitely not the killer, and he tells the Sheriff to keep looking, and he'll find the killer.

Joe and Manfred drive home, and Joe is a little impressed with his gall.

The Sheriff orders more extensive searching around Aubrey's murder scene. He gets an update on one of Sons of Lucifer. He's coming out of surgery after taking Bobo's beating. He suspends the Deputy immediately. She balks, prejudice of Midnighters. But the Sheriff isn't listening. The suspension is effective immediately.

The reverend sits nude in prayer.

Manfred asks Fiji if a mirror seance is a good idea. Fiji laughs, she can't see the dead, so she needs the help. She notices the medallion on the door, its very powerful, but that's for another time. Fiji starts the seance, but they're swirling around Manfred. He can be hijacked, but she can't so she suggests he leaves. He watches from the porch as Fiji works her magic.

The deputy is noising around Midnight, when a cat crosses her path. She disregards it and continues her snooping. She notices some chains on the cellar door and unlocks it. She heads down the steps, and finds a very large cow getting eaten by an enormous tiger.

Manfred finds the deputy's body in a tree. He runs into the diner. He tells Madonna who's trying to close down the place that she can't let anyone leave. She notices its a full moon, and agrees. Manfred is looking for Creek, but she's not there. He finds her cleaning up at her father's gas station. The tiger takes a swipe at Manfred as it runs by. They run through the garage and Creek drops a lifted car onto the tiger. It slows it down, but not for long. Manfred suspects that the Reverend is the tiger, which surprises Creek. The tiger gives chase, and the pair run.

Olivia notices that Lemuel is late. He's hungry, but she turns him down. She worked the shop all day, and she's tired. He smells blood a whole lot of it. The pair quickly track down the Tiger, and she shoots him. Olivia accuses Manfred of letting the Reverend out, but he's not the culprit. He shows her the deputy in the tree. It's a waste of blood and Lemuel notices Manfred's cut. Creek quickly gets Manfred to Madonna. Olivia and Lemuel arm up. Olivia grabs some silver bullets. They'd make Lemuel sick, but they'll kill the Reverend. Olivia is less than concerned about that now.

Madonna sews up Manfred. She's cares a lot for Creek, and she warns Manfred that he's brought nothing but a heap of trouble to town with him, but that he better not hurt Creek. He puts on a brave face for Creek, but his glowing house concerns him. He heads over to check on Fiji. The air is whirling around, as Fiji finishes cleansing his house. She's gotten rid of most of the things haunting his house. The glowy floor is still there, and its super easy. Manfred urges her to leave, but the floor monster calls to her. It wants her, and doesn't need Manfred. It throws his straight out of the door. Manfred is locked out of his own house, as something has its way with Fiji. He manages to break in, but some force has her pinned. It puts her against the wall, but Manfred isn't powerful enough. He goes to his RV. Xylda asks him what he's doing with his great great grandmother's skull. He rushes back into the house, and uses the skull to get rid of the entity. Fiji isn't hurt, just shaken. Manfred's home is finally clean. Fiji needs to go home, for a bath. Manfred tells her that she can't leave, that the Reverend has escaped.

Fiji calls Olivia. She hasn't found him yet. Fiji and Manfred decide to take the ranches. They find his likely kill zone quickly. The Reverend still in tiger form stalks out of the woods. Olivia and Lemuel arrive soon after. Olivia has her sight on the tiger. Lemuel takes on the tiger. He throws him aside easily. Manfred runs in to see if Lemuel is okay, he is. Olivia is prepared to end the fight quickly, but Lemuel doesn't want to kill the reverend. He's not himself at the moment. Lemuel chokes the Tiger, leaving him unconscious.

As the sun rises, the Reverend transforms from a tiger, back to his nude human form. Manfred covers him with his jacket, as Olivia welcomes him back. Things aren't ok though, he remembers.

Joe watches from his shop window.

Bobo gets released. The Sheriff tells him that his neighbor helped get him released. A Sons of Lucifer jacket was found, and on that jacket was one of Aubrey's hair. Her husband is now the prime suspect, and the Sheriff urges him to call if he sees him.

The Reverend lays the Deputy to rest. He hasn't killed in a long time, and he's concerned. The bull is usually enough to soothe him, and keep him sated, but that wasn't the case last night, and that has him worried.

At Fiji's, she stores away Manfred's hair. It seems the witch has a little bit of hair from everyone. The dark voice calls to Fiji, but before she can find where it's coming from, Bobo strolls in. He tells her the good news, that he was released. But its not over for him. Aubrey's husband is still on the loose.

The Sheriff goes to his car, and it explodes. The Sons of Lucifer aren't happy about him releasing Bobo. Aubrey's killer rides off.

Joe tells Chewy about his concerns. The Veil is slowly tearing. There is a prophecy that one with vision can lead an army to seal the Veil. Joe was there the last time that the Veil ripped, but he believes that Manfred may be that man with the Vision.

Bobo delivers a thank you sign for Manfred. He's super thankful for what Manfred did. Creek and Manfred finally get to share that kiss, and its only slightly because she's rebelling against her papa.

Chewy takes in the horror of Joe's paining, surprised that Manfred is what stands between them and hell.


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