Preacher S02E05 "Dallas" Recap

Jesse is shaken by the revelation that Tulip is married to Viktor and continues to beat on him and keep him a chokehold despite Tulip's protests that she only came there to get a divorce from him. Tulip is shocked by Jesse's blatant use of Genesis, as evidenced by all the frozen henchmen scattered throughout the house and Jesse drags Viktor to the torture room in the house. Tulip repeatedly apologises and tells Jesses to stop what he is doing but Jesse ropes Viktor up and prepares to torture him. Tulip implores him to remember that they had originally been through with their relationship after Dallas but Jesse uses Genesis on her and orders her to leave the room.

A flashback begins about what happened after Carlos betrayed Jesse and Tulip, causing her to miscarry their baby. This is the story of Jesse and Tulip in Dallas. They tried to pick up the pieces of their life by living a regular life with non-criminal jobs despite offers to get back into the business of crime. They also try to get pregnant again but are unsuccessful.

Tulip brings Viktor's young daughter Ally to Denis' house to try to keep her away from the violence, though she knows about Jesse and how he intends to kill Viktor. Tulip punches Cassidy for telling Jesse where she went and Cassidy insists that he only did so because he was worried about her safety.

Resuming the flashback, Jesse increasingly spirals into drinking his sorrows away and prays even more for Tulip and he to be able to conceive. His routine is monotonous, consisting of drinking, getting high, trying to get Tulip pregnant, and being despondent all the while. The discontent accumulates until Tulip decides to begin working as a contract criminal once again. Jesse is upset when he finds a stash of cash which reveals her return to crime-work and the fact that she lied about it. The two have a massive argument in which Jesse also confronts Tulip about how she hasn't gotten pregnant because she's been taking birth control the entire time while pretending to try to get pregnant again with Jesse. Tulip says she doesn't know how to aspire for the normal life that Jesse has been trying to build and the two separate, with Jesse returning to his father's church to become a preacher. This is the final straw that leads to their breakup.

Cassidy visits Jesse, seemingly to try to talk him out of killing Viktor. Jesse confronts Cassidy about how he lied to him for all that time about Tulip and Viktor and Cassidy convinces him that no matter what Jesse decides to do about Viktor, he will support his decision and expresses empathy to his predicament. Cassidy acknowledges that if it was his woman in Tulip's situation, he wouldn't hesitate to kill Viktor. He also stresses that Tulip still loves Jesse even after everything that has happened. Jesse is concerned that killing Viktor would mean the end of his relationship with Tulip but appears determined to carry out his brutalisation of Viktor anyway.

When Jesse returns to Denis' house, Tulip and Cassidy stare at him tensely, wanting to know what has happened to Viktor. Jesse reveals that he took Viktor down, and the pair initially interpret this to mean that he killed Viktor. He then clarifies that he took Viktor down from the ceiling straps and did not actually kill him. The only thing he did was compel Viktor to sign the divorce papers. Viktor's daughter is still at Denis' house and Cassidy leaves to tell her the good news while Tulip and Jesse reconcile their relationship despite knowing they have toxic aspects to it.

In the flashback, we see Tulip begin her relationship with Viktor and marry him due to his money and power. One day, she receives a call from Dany who tries to offer her a job that Tulip declines. But when Dany informs her that she has found Carlos, Tulip runs off and leaves Viktor immediately.

In the present, Ally is returned to Viktor and asks him to read to her till she falls asleep. The Saint of Killers arrives at Viktor's house, having tracked Jesse's use of Genesis. Viktor tells his daughter to hide in the closet and attempts to shoot the Saint of Killers but to no avail. The Saint demands to know where Jesse is and shoots Viktor when he doesn't give an answer. The Saint then finds Ally hiding in the closet and prepares to shoot her until she says she knows where Jesse is.

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