Preacher S2E3 "Damsels" Recap

Eugene, still trapped in hell due to Jesse's accidental using of his Genesis powers in season one, is shown to be trapped in an endless loop of reliving how he came to be known as "Arseface" with his facial disfigurement. A girl he was in love with was on the verge of committing suicide but Eugene talked her out of it. But when he kissed her afterwards, she became disgusted and shot herself in the head anyway. When Eugene was about to be caught by her mother, he shot himself with the same gun, thus leading to his disfigurement.

The trio arrive in New Orleans and split up to search for God. Jesse begins his search by visiting bars and asking the locals about where God is. He eventually encounters a singer in a jazz bar. This singer is later kidnapped by an unknown group but Jesse saves her. She goes on to tell Jesse that she had been told by a man that God was missing, but that man later turned up dead.

Tulip is becoming increasingly concerned when she spots a black limo driving around. She opens up to Cassidy when the two visit a house owned by one of Cassidy's friends, Dennis. Tulip tells Cassidy that she had betrayed a man named Viktor, whose men are now coming after her. She doesn't want her past to become a problem for Jesse and Cassidy so she allows herself to be caught by Viktor's men, who call Viktor to tell him that they've finally caught Tulip.

The singer Jesse saved is revealed to be an operative for the group that had seemingly come after her. Jesse had used Genesis (along with some fighting skills) to save her but he unknowingly revealed confirmation to pass on to her superiors of Genesis' existence.

A glitch in Hell's system allows Eugene to be freed from his memory loop and he observes that he is in sort of prison cell. When he exits his cell and walks out into a corridor of many other cells. When Eugene calls out for help, he is shocked when he sees Adolf Hitler walk out of the cell next to him.

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


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