Preacher S2E4 "Viktor" Recap

Tulip is away, having turned herself in to Viktor's men but Jesse and Cassidy are none the wiser. Jesse goes to Denis' house and decides to take a nap after talking with Cassidy about the continuing search he has been on for God.

Tulip is finally reunited with Viktor and he is less than welcoming as are other faces familiar to her at his house.

Eugene encounters Hitler in hell along with some of the other residents form other cells. Eugene sticks up for one of the women when one resident named Tyler is giving her a hard time. When Tyler turns his attention to Eugene, Hitler steps in and tells him to stop. Some alarms start blaring and everyone retreats back into their cells. Eugene is locked out of his room and Hitler offers him opportunity to come into his room, saying if he is caught in the hall that he will be put into the hole. Eugene is understandably nervous being in the same room as Hitler. Eugene experiences Hitler's simulation which takes him back to Munich 1919 where he is having lunch with a woman that arises him to speak to an important dealer in the same restaurant as them. The simulation is interrupted midway due to the machine resetting and Hitler advises Eugene to go back to his cell.

Jesse tells Cassidy they need to keep searching for God and claims that Tulip being missing is just due to their having fought and that she will return once she has settled down. Cassidy spots an actor on an infomercial that had posed as God in Jesse's church. They do a bit of research and find that the actor is Mark Harelik (who is playing a fictionalized version of himself). After tracking down Haerlik's talent manger, they obtain a demo reel of his that was provided by the people who hired Harelik to portray God.

Eugene is pulled aside by some higher-ups in Hell that inform him of how overcrowded the place is which is why they are often breaking down, plus the low budget doesn't help, and warn him that they've reviewed his life tapes and observed his kind nature. Such behaviour won't be tolerated in Hell and he will be expected to act accordingly to his surroundings and the higher-ups will be watching.

Jesse and Cassidy watch Harelik's demo reel and in it, Harelik is executed in order to be sent to Heaven. This makes Jesse wonder why they have encountered so many coincidences in New Orleans related to his quest to find God. Cassidy then decides to reveal to Jesse about how Tulip had turned herself in to Viktor. Tulip has grown sick of everyone giving her the cold shoulder and knocks out one of the henchmen to get his gun and plot to kill Viktor and make her escape. She corners him with the gun and demands that he let her go or else she will kill him. Heels her to do it but she is tackled by some of Viktor's men before she can go through with it. They disarm her and knock her down and Viktor tells them to leave her to him. She looks helplessly at her phone that's been knocked to the side which is receiving text messages from Cassidy asking if she's okay.

Eugene is sent to a room where the other Hell residents are lounging. He strikes up a conversation with Hitler and says he doesn't seem as bad as he was when alive and asks him if he is still bad. Tyler comes over and begins to make fun of Eugene's facial deformity and Hitler stops him once again. When Tyler begins to beat Hitler up instead with the other inmates, Eugene looks at the cameras monitoring them and joins in by kicking Hitler.

Jesse uses Genesis to infiltrate Viktor's home in search of Tulip. One of Viktor's henchmen knocks Jesse down and puts some headphones in and blasts music loudly so Jesse's attempts to use Genesis are unsuccessful. A fight breaks out between the two until Jesse manages to get the upper hand and find out where Tulip is. He goes upstairs to Viktor's bedroom and finds Tulip talking with Viktor and when Jesse punches Viktor and overpowers him, Tulip says he can't kill Viktor because he is her husband. Finally, we see the Saint on the move, having detected Jesse through the multiple uses of Genesis.

Preachers airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


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