The Last Tycoon S01E03 "More Stars than there are in Heaven" Recap

Pat Brady is upset with Monroe for his move to ask Mayer for a loan but has no choice but to go along with it. Next, Brady goes to ask actress Margo Taft to come work on his film. She has a firm list of demands, including the fact that the film's director must come in before each take and show her his private parts. Brady agrees to all of them.

Clint and Bess, the lead actors on the film, have grown closer together. But Monroe throws a wrench into their newly blossomed relationship when he fires Clint from the picture, as his performance was too poor to be salvaged and is one of the largest reasons Brady's film requires reshooting.

Max Miner learns that Celia is the boss' daughter when he visits the Brady home to make a delivery. She follows him out and insists that he still treat her like a regular girl from wardrobe or else she will never learn the way things work in the world.

Monroe takes Kathleen out to a beachside house he had specially built and the two consummate their relationship. Monroe offers a job working at the studio as a tour guide and though she is reluctant at first, she eventually agrees to do so. Brady strikes a deal with Margo Taft that will give her box-office returns, thus finalizing the move for her to their studio, though she must also sign a non-disclosure agreement to not share about this deal. Celia goes to Monroe's office and pleasures herself to thoughts of him and inhaling a handkerchief that he gave her.

Margot prepares to begin her shoot and we learn that she never actually makes her directors expose themselves to her but merely puts on airs that she has done so to leverage a stance of power. All the directors must swear an oath of secrecy and pretend that they will do as they are told. Monroe visits her to say that she must treat others with respect and she reveals that she was sexually exploited when she first came out to Hollywood to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. It's also implied that her maid, an older black woman, is her mother when Monroe leaves and she makes Margot put a coin in a swear jar.

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