The Last Tycoon S01E05 "Eine Kleine Reichmusik" Recap

Monroe tells Kathleen he wants her to read for the lead in his passion-project, "An Enemy Among Us," the next film set to be made after the studio's current project. She is taken aback by the proposition and declines the offer, leaving him confused.

Max's younger sister strikes up an interest in acting and wants to get some headshots taken and meet some important people form the studio. Max is reluctant to spend their limited funds on something he sees as frivolous and impractical but she remains determined to pursue her dreams.

Monroe organises a visit from the Austrian National Orchestra, as they were already visiting the States to perform and Monroe merely needed to make the extra arrangements to get them to come record for the studio. Hackett is smitten by one of the cellists.

Tragedy strikes when Margot's maid Lucille dies on the lot and Monroe correctly deduces that Lucille was Margot's mother. Margot confides in him that Lucille was not only her mother but the daughter of a salve and Monroe agrees to keep her background a secret. Monroe shuts down production long enough for Margot to mourn her mother at a memorial and must divulge the truth to Brady, who is surprisingly understanding. He has more depth and heart than he typically reveals but the more the show progresses, the more we come to understand who Brady truly is.

Kathleen changes her mind and agrees to screen test for the lead in Monroe's film. Later at a fancy party, Rose is overcome with jealousy of Kathleen and begs Monroe to begin their affair again. HE declines, saying that he is in love with Kathleen but thanks her for helping to get him through the grief he felt immediately after Minna's death. Celia goes upstairs at the party, following after Lang, and the two begin to fool around in a bedroom. Celia wants to embark on a passionate relationship but is put off when Lang is only interested in a casual fling that is too kinky for Celia's sexual preferences.

Hackett wants to start up a relationship with the cellist but she seems content to return to Austria. Monroe meets with the orchestra in private and informs them that he is willing to help any and all of those that would like to stay in the States as opposed to risking their lives if they return to Austria and may fall victims to the Nazi's aggression. The Nazi's consultant to the studio was old friends with one of the Jewish members of the orchestra, Leo, and tries to advise him not to return to Europe, knowing what's to come for him, but Leo merely tells him that he is just like any other Jew in Europe and the only difference is that they are familiar with one another.

Louis B. Mayer pays a visit to Margot and Brady and says that a reporter has gotten wind of Margot's secret heritage. He blackmails her into returning to his studio or else he will not stop the story from being made public. Margot is willing to risk exposure to maintain her autonomy but Brady advises her to go back to MGM Studios so she can be the biggest star in the world and show people what she has to offer. She will finish the film she is currently producing but will have to return after it wraps. Margot also jokes that she promises to keep secret the fact that Brady has a heart, something not many people know.

The orchestra leaves for Vienna but some of the members stay behind to seek a new life free from Nazi terror in the States.

Max agrees to set up some headshots for his sister. Celia visits him at his home and has dinner with him and his siblings. The implication is that she will now embark on a relationship with someone more stable and aligning with her philosophies on love and relationships as opposed to someone as eccentric as Lang.

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