The Last Tycoon S01E06 "A Brady-American Christmas" Recap

It's Christmas time and a holiday party is underway. A shady manager that Kathleen is intimidated by turns up to the festivities but Monroe warns him to back off. Lang corners them and asks why Kathleen doesn't want to do the in-depth rehearsals leading up to filming and Monroe encourages her to do so even though it would mean missing out on their holiday plans.

Celia invites Max over to her place for dinner, to reciprocate his having hosted her at his place. He is initially nervous about the prospect of being in such a luxurious set-up but she puts him at ease about what a lovely time they'd have together. Max kisses her, surprising Celia, and he is apologetic at his confusion over whether or not she wanted him to do so in the first place.

Rose is visiting with her special patient in the hospital, Kitty. Kitty confesses that she was doing sex-work to survive and in turn, Rose confesses having had an affair with one of her husband's associates. Rose proposes that both of them forgive themselves for their misdoings.

Hackett invites his new Austrian girlfriend Hannah to Christmas mass, where he is singing in the choir. Though he didn't want to invite her at first, she insisted that she wanted to come and eventually he relented. She becomes overcome with emotion at the experience and leaves in the middle of the service.

Monroe calls his mother to send his holiday regards and share the news that he has found new loves. Kathleen undergoes a grueling workshop with Lang to try to improve her acting skills.

Max ends up in the hospital and everyone comes to see how he is doing. Monroe finds out that Max's younger siblings brought a hobo home to try to help him just like how they've seen things done in films. When Max returned home and asked him to leave, the man attacked Max and beat him up. Monroe tries to remind Darla and Nathan that films are just stories, Darla responds that they're better than real life.

Brady initially struggles to get people to come see his new film but through some strategic moves like asking the local priest to pass out tickets to the film, word of mouth takes effect and the film finally becomes a box-office success as he'd hoped.

Finally, Monroe is reunited with Kathleen and apologises for their argument and the two make up.

The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Netflix.


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