The Last Tycoon S01E08 "An Enemy Among Us" Recap

Monroe gives Kathleen a seven-picture contract and advises her to get a lawyer to look it over before signings it, as they are technically on opposing sides when it comes to this deal. Brady is meeting with a special accountant to try to find a way to balance the studio's finances while also appeasing its Board of Directors.

Monroe and Brady meet with a reporter to try to set up a campaign in order to get the studio its first Oscar nominations, as those nominations have always gone to the other dominant studios.

Celia is struggling to run the picture she is producing as Lang is growing increasingly more demanding of the other crew members and Celia herself, even going so far as to fire the art director that's under contract. Monroe offers to talk to Lang for Celia but she only wants his help to find a new art director.

Kathleen visits Rupert, the man she had been scheming to con Monroe with. He tries to bribe her affections back with the gift of a snow globe, saying that his jealousy got the best of him the last time they spoke which had ended with him hitting her.

Starr coconuts a campaign to secure the studio's first ever Oscar nominations. Brady scours for a solution to balance the book and get the Board of Directors off his back. Celia's mettle as a producers tested by Lang's outrageous demands. Kathleen plots an escape from her dangerous charade. Rose makes a shocking discovery.

Max meets with a loan shark he is indebted to and asks for more time to pay off what he owes due to the hobo attacking and robbing him of all of his money. The man is willing to extend Max's time to pay back what he owes, plus interest, if he lets the man's brother-in-law visit the studio for half an hour. Max is reluctant to do so but doesn't seem to have other options. Max lets him come on but the man ends up stealing a truck and driving off with it.

Rose decides to let Kitty move into her place. Brady isn't fond of the idea but relents nonetheless. But when Rose heads to the hospital to take Kitty home, she is nowhere to be found, having left in the middle of the night.

Monroe and Brady had agreed to a reporter flying out to Dublin to do a profile piece of where Kathleen comes from and Kathleen begs him to kill the piece, spinning a sob-story of how her mother was a drunk and her family is too rough and she is estranged from them. Monroe is sympathetic to the lies she spins and agrees to kill the piece.

Celia pulls Lang aside and is firm with him but still gives him an inspiring pep-talk that he cannot let his fear of failing get in the way of filmmaking. Now he is throwing tantrums at everyone because he is alarmed by the shorter period of time he has been given to direct the film.

Max is confronted by another staff member that captured the man that stole a truck, beat him up, and tossed him in the boot of a car. He will keep Max's secret but only under the condition that he will be working for him in shady dealings as opposed to being a mere office boy.

Kathleen finally signs her seven-picture contract and Brady receives a call that the campaigning paid off and now his film has received Oscar-nominations. But the bad news follows shortly thereafter when he is advised that to make his budgets work he must fire 300 employees and sell off his back lot. When he goes to tell Rose, she is taken aback that he doesn't care about how hurt she is that Kitty ran off.

Monroe is told by a studio employee that had Kathleen followed about how she has been visiting Rupert Vajya. Monroe is in denial but is determined to get the truth. Meanwhile, Kathleen goes to visit Rupert and give him a payoff but Rupert refuses to let her go and gets aggressive with her. She strikes him on the head with a snow globe when it appears as if she might be thrown over the balcony. When Monroe arrives at Rupert's place, he finds Kathleen there claiming that Rupert attacked her. She starts to tell him the truth about Rupert's plan and reveals her true accent and Monroe is horrified by the truth and leaves her despite her protestations that she loves him. Rupert wakes up and insists that Kathleen belongs to him and Monroe seems resigned to leave them together but when Rupert speaks ill of Minna, Monroe attacks him and in the confrontation, Rupert gets thrown over the second-story balcony to his death. Finally, Monroe asks Kathleen where she's really from and she tells him, Wisconsin.

Monroe calls Tom, the studio employee that informed him of Kathleen's lies, and Tom gets to work cleaning up the scene to cover up what has happened. He tells them that this never happened and to leave the house separately.

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