Wizard World Philadelphia Brings Stars From Riverdale, Luke Cage, and more!

Wizard World held another jam-packed convention in Philadelphia that invited guests from hit properties spanning film, television, and the comic book industries.

Friday is typically the calmest day, as many of the celebrity guests wait till Saturday or sometimes even Sunday to begin their attendance. At this event, one exception to this tendency was actor Theo Rossi, most notably known to fans for his roles on Marvel's Luke Cage and Sons of Anarchy.

In a panel moderated by Vantage Inhouse's Victor Dandridge, Rossi shared about his recent film Lowriders, playfully teased his tightlip status regarding season 2 of Luke Cage, and answered fan questions about his professional start in the industry and fan-favourite roles.

At the artist alley, we met writer Dirk Manning, who was kind enough to gift us with one of his books, Love Stories (To Die For), which we've now read and reviewed for your convenience here:

One of the largest crowd-drawers was the attendance of all four of the main leads on CW's Riverdale series. Due to the show's appeal to a younger audience, the con received many first-time attendees from the adolescent female demographic. We observed a number of them asking various questions about the logistics of how they would proceed with being able to meet and get photo ops with the actors attending. One issue that arose significantly was a repeated shifting of schedules on Sunday for the series stars. Those attending were trying to manage when to queue and for whom, but problems began to pile up as the repeated changes in scheduling caused confusion and delays, particularly for the attendees under time pressures due to travel plans already set to leave at specific times on Sunday afternoon. In the future, Wizard World organisers would benefit from working with the management of the talent, particularly when so many stars are attending from the same property, to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Not only is there a balance required between autograph and photo-op scheduling, there is the additional element of individual and group photo-ops to take into account.

Still, overall, the con left many attendees satisfied due to the guests in attendance and additional panel programming addressing interesting topics pertaining to media content.

You can watch our more extensive recap of the weekend here:


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