The Defenders S01E07 "Fish in the Jailhouse" Recap

In a flashback, we see Elektra reporting back to Stick of her failure to recruit Matt into joining the Chaste. Matt has darkness in him but ultimately, he wants to rise above those impulses. Stick is critical of Elektra for falling in love with Matt and allowing him to change who she is. Stick sees her love for Matt as evidence of her weakness. In the present, Stick lies dead by Elektra's hand and Matt, Jessica, and Luke are still unconscious after fighting her. Later, they all wake in the police station, having been brought in as suspects for both Sowande and Stick's murders. Misty is questioning them and they tell her a bit about the Hand but refuse to give too many details out of concern for her safety. Matt meets Foggy, who is still at the station to stay in protective custody, and informs him of Elektra's resurrection and Danny's kidnapping.

The fingers of the Hand must now adjust to Elektra taking claim of the group. They are concerned and skeptical of her ability to fulfill all of the work that Alexandra took on as leader, such as cultivating and maintaining relationships with crime lords and corporate groups but for the time being, they decide to let her lead in the hopes that she will be able to get them access to more of the substance needed to sustain their lives.

Matt, Jessica, and Luke are able to escape from the police station to go after Elektra and try to stop the Hand. They head to Midland Circle, with Matt fully done up in his suit. Elektra has brought Danny down to the hole beneath the building. There is a mystical door that he must open but he strongly objects to doing so. Back upstairs, Matt, Jessica, and Luke are confronted by Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami, who have been tasked with stopping them from interfering with their plans, while Elektra and Danny are fighting beneath the building.

Colleen arrives at Midland Circle to help the Defenders in their fight, also having brought along the mass supply of explosives that John Raymond had been gathering to try to stop the Hand. They're able to work together to overpower Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami. Claire is also there to help Colleen's efforts, having arrived with Misty who must stall the other law enforcement that are showing up intent on reclaiming their murder-suspects.

Claire is concerned about the plan to set off such a large supply of explosives but eventually gives in, seeing there is no other better option available. Down below the building, Elektra is able to trick Danny into opening the mystical door, which sets off a large blast that causes a city-wide power outage. When Danny wakes, he finds that he is lying beneath the ribcage of a dragon skeleton.

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Defenders S01E06 "Ashes, Ashes" Recap

Following the revelation that the Hand wants to use the Iron First as a key to unlock something to give them more power, the rest of the Defenders (plus Stick) decide they need to keep Danny hidden from them while the fight carries on. Danny strongly objects to this idea and a fight breaks out in the group. But Danny is overpowered and tied up so he can be kept safe from the Hand's efforts to get him. Matt is also forced to admit the truth about the extent of his relationship with Elektra.

Elektra is slowly beginning to regain her memories from her former life but Alexandra tries to further manipulate her into only being the Black Sky and claims that Elektra is not the person she once was. The Hand learns of Sowande's death when his head is posted to them. The other members are skeptical that Alexandra still has what it takes to lead them the way that they need her to. Alexandra tells her their task is to find more of the substance that the Hand have used to stay alive over the centuries; the last of it was used to resurrect Elektra. Without it, both of them will die.

Luke is tasked with monitoring Danny, who plans to recharge his glowing hand to be able to break free of his restraints, and Stick also remains behind. Jessica and Matt connote their investigation into Raymond and go to visit his family once more. Matt decides to play the family piano and discovers something hidden inside. The document indicates that there is something hidden beneath Midland Circle and Matt recalls previously coming across a large hole. Matt and Jessica head back to the building with the intent to regather the group to infiltrate the building once again but they must rush inside because Stick has used a chemical concoction to knock Luke out so he can try to murder Danny to prevent the Hand from being able to use him as a tool for their plan. But Elektra gets there first and begins fighting Stick.

Matt tries to stop Elektra but she still kills Stick and knocks Matt out. Jessica and Luke try to join in to stop her but she overpowers them both. With the other three Defenders knocked unconscious, she cuts off Danny's restraints and kidnaps him to bring back to the Hand.

Murakami treats Alexandra to a nice meal, intending for her to have one last meal of luxury before he kills her to overthrow her poor leadership. This is all part of a larger conspiracy with the other remaining fingers of the Hand. Elektra arrives with Danny in captivity so Murakami changes his mind about trying to kill Alexandra. Danny has awakened from his unconscious states and Alexandra claims that K'un-Lun can be restored with his help. Danny is wheeled away and Alexandra orders Elektra to kill Matt, Jessica, and Luke and Elektra seemingly walks away. Alexandra proceeds to gloat about how she was right to put priority on the Black Sky and that her entire plan worked but Elektra then kills Elektra, who reclaims her former identity and announces that she is now in charge of the Hand.

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Defenders S01E05 "Take Shelter" Recap

The Defenders must fight together, along with Stick, against the agents of the Hand that are descending on the restaurant. Alexandra slips out before the bulk of the fight can begin, while Elektra must stay behind and fight too. Matt is quick to grab her and pull her aside, saying he wants to talk to her. He won't attack her but does fend off her blows as best as he can against such a skilled fighter. They slip outside where Matt implores her to remember who she was, saying that he held her in his arms as she died. When he calls her by her name, Elektra, she stops attacking him and appears to be confused in having some memories return. The moment is interrupted when Murakami comes outside and asks what she is doing. Murakami tries to attack Matt but Elektra stops him from doing so, knocking him out, and then she escapes into the night.

Agents of the Hand try to kidnap Danny but Jessica and Stick stop them. Luke gets into a confrontation with Sowande and ends up hit by a truck, though he's presumably unscathed from the hit. Jessica, Stick, and Danny get out back and meet a still-shaken Matt. Together, they all escape into a sewer tunnel and head back to their hide-out. Luke arrives after them, having brought a long Sowande, whom he kidnapped. When Sowande is questioned, he warns that all the loved ones of the Defenders are in danger, so each of them sends the people most important to them to the police station to be watched by Misty Knight. Those present include Claire, Trish, Foggy, Karen, and Colleen. But before Colleen goes to the station, she is confronted by a resurrected Bakuto, who was formerly her mentor. He tries to recruit her to formally join the Hand, which had been what she was raised for before leaving in order to be with Danny. The Defenders, plus Claire, all arrive in time to stop Bakuto and rescue an injured Colleen.

Matt finally decides to reclaim his Daredevil identity and dons the suit once more, just in time to help Jessica fight off another attack from the Hand. The other leaders in the Hand are concerned by this particularly as Elektra had knocked Murakami off his feet when he was going to attack Matt. Murakami is skeptical of whether Alexandra is right to put so much faith in Elektra and to be so reliant on her to fulfill their goals. He reminds them all that the Hand used the last of their resources on resurrecting Elektra and thus they are all susceptible to death. Murakami consults with the other Hand leaders and proposes they put a new plan together without her.

Sowande tries to escape but Stick stops him by way of decaptiation.

Alexandra goes to Elektra's room to check on her but Elektra has gone out into the city. She returns to the roof where she was killed and further retraces her steps by going to Matt's apartment and lying in his bed, where she had been before when injured and recovering.

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


Preacher S02E11 "Backdoors" Recap

The episode opens on grim flashbacks of Jesse being submerged in a pond while locked in a coffin. He's just a teenager and his grandmother L'Angelle is ordering this shocking treatment in order to break his will.

In the present day plot, there are divers that have worked to draw the armored truck from the swamp under the orders of Jesse and Tulip. Tulip is furious that Jesse didn't kill him and also lied about it. There's still tensions between the two from all the baggage in their relationships. Jesse assures Tulip that the Saint can't get out but when he opens the truck, he finds that the Saint has disappeared. This only further escalates the animosity between the two.

Lara Featherstone reports back to Herr Starr about what has just transpired between Jesse and Tulip. Herr Starr reveals to his agents about his plan to replace the mentally handicapped Messiah with Jesse. He believes this will bring real order and control to the world.

Jesse gets into an argument with Tulip and Cassidy but the conversation is interrupted when he begins to intuitively realise that the man in the dog costume that he briefly encountered at the beginning of his search for God in New Orleans is possibly God himself. Tulip and Cassidy won't go with him, so Jesse must follow this lead on his own.

Eugene decides to try to team up with Hitler and Tyler to try to escape Hell. Eugene and Tyler go with Hitler to relive his worst memory, which is of his last day as a good person. He had tried to pitch his art to an art dealer but his work was insulted. He then had an opportunity to stand up for himself when some men came in and attacked the restaurant he was in but he maintained his demure approach. Things escalate further when the woman he is with leaves him for his lack of drive and aggression, and the last piece of plum cake he had ordered went to a Jewish man that arrived after Hitler had already ordered.

Tulip wants to have all of the Saint's weapons melted down but they are indestructible by any regular mortal methods so she opts to send mail them to Brazil instead. Out of sight, out of mind.

Jesse is unable to find the man in the dog suit and visit Herr Starr to demand answers. Starr didn't know about God, and Jesse now blames himself for not having realised right then that it was God. When Starr plays a recording of Jesse's prayers as a teenager, he is heard to be begging for his father's death and being sent to Hell. Once again Starr offers Jesse the opportunity to take over the vacancy God has left but Jesse declines it again, even going so far as to command Starr to shove the tapes of his prayers up his bum. This leads to the reveal that the Grail had been behind swapping out the truck in the swamp and the Saint of Killers is released under Starr's order.

Back in Hell, Eugene reaffirms his commitment to escaping, teaming up with Hitler in the process, and the pair enter the "Hole" in pursuit of a backdoor out.

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


The Defenders S01E04 "Royal Dragon" Recap

The Defenders have made their getaway and take refuge in a nearby Chinese restaurant. They're still getting adjusted to getting introduced to one another. Matt initially wants to keep Jessica's scarf tied around his head to maintain some anonymity, while Danny uses his black card to pay off the restaurant owner's rent for the next six months and order some food in order to keep them appeased. Danny wants them all to team up but Matt is already reluctant about returning to vigilantism, let alone teaming up with others. Jessica gives him her own unique brand of a pep-talk, and Matt finally relents by removing his mask and introducing himself to the others.

Elektra is shown to be confused about her existential purpose, and Alexandra is more than happy to fill her head with all kinds of rhetoric about being the Black Sky and being a weapon. The other members of the Hand are skeptical of Elektra and whether she is truly loyal to them, or whether her connection to Matt will pose a problem. Alexandra's health continues to decline.

The Defenders are discussing whether or not they will team up together, with Matt being particularly reluctant to join the team. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Stick, who is fresh off his escape from the Hand. Stick informs them that the elders of K'un-Lun had come together a long time ago in order to study the healing powers of qi and five of them had hoped to use that power to gain immortality. These elders were cast out for this, and thus became the five fingers of the Hand. Alexandra is the main leader of the Hand, and the other members include Madame Gao, Sowande (the one that has been recruiting young people in Harlem, Murakami, and Bakuto who was recently killed. All the information proves too overwhelming for Jessica, who excuses herself from the meeting to continue her investigation alone, despite Luke's personal plea for her to stay with them.

Jessica goes to check on the widow of John Raymond and is alarmed to learn that a man had come to her house to claim he was there to be protective police service but didn't ever identify himself with a badge. Jessica fights him, realizing he's an agent of the Hand.

The rest of the Defenders remain at the restaurant and Stick and Matt discuss Elektra's resurrection in private. Matt is certain he can reach her, due to her hesitation to kill him at Midland Circle but Stick is insistent that at some point, Elektra will have to die again and is no longer the woman he trained and Matt loved. The conversation is short-lived as Alexandra arrives at the restaurant. She offers to spare New York from destruction if Danny will leave with her, as the Iron Fist is a necessary part of the larger plan the Hand has. Danny refuses to do so, and then Elektra arrives prepared to fight the group. But before the fight can begin, Jessica crashes into the restaurant with a car. Jessica is now prepared to fight Elektra with the other Defenders (plus Stick).

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Defenders S01E03 "Worst Behavior" Recap

Some months ago, Alexandra is informed that agents of the Hand have acquired the Black Sky. This is an ancient weapon prophesised to be something that will help them in their quest for power. The Black Sky is Elektra's deceased body. The Hand is running low on resources and must use the last of what they have to gather what's necessary to perform a ritual that will resurrect her. When Elektra rises, she appears to have no memory of who she once was and must regain her faculties. She still has strength and fighting skills but being resurrected means relearning and adjusting to being alive. Alexandra is with Elektra every step of the way to teach her to be the weapon that the Hand can use against those that would try to stop them. Elektra helps Alexandra to interrogate Stick, who is amazed to learn of her resurrection. However, Stick gets his own hand cut off so he can make his escape.

Matt makes his best attempts to help Jessica as her legal representation but she is dismissive of his taking her case. However, he picks up on hints that there is more to her case than he first realised and begins to investigate it himself by following her. Jessica goes to visit the once-missing-but-now-dead man John's wife, having now agreed to fully take on the case of investigating what he was getting into. Afterwards, she realises that Matt is following her so she slips him and begins to follow him instead. She follows his down an alleyway where she sees him do some parkour and even photographs him.

Luke expresses his guilt to Claire about not being able to save Cole, who has now been arrested. He also shares about the confrontation with a skinny white kid with a glowing hand, leading Claire to realise it's Danny that had fought him. She calls Danny and Colleen and sets up a meeting for Luke and Danny to be introduced. Things remain tense between the two, as Luke can't relate to Danny's tone-deaf privilege and his inability to utilise the resources at his disposal to more effectively fight the causes he claims to be in favour of. Luke storms out and goes to visit Cole in jail. Afterwards he visits Cole's mother to check in on her but things take a dark turn when she gets a call that Cole died in jail, presumably by the Hand.

Danny takes inspiration from what Luke said about his privilege so he uses his corporate connections to find the location of the Hand's new business front, a company called Midland Circle. Jessica arrives there from having followed her own leads and Matt follows her there too. Luke also arrives to help Danny, who has crashed a large meeting of the higher-ups of the Hand. A fight breaks out between the Defenders and the Hand and after some time, Elektra emerges and begins fighting Matt though it takes him some time to realise who it is that he's fighting. The Defenders all escape together after Danny punches Elektra through a wall with his magical glowing hand.

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Defenders S01E02 "Mean Right Hook" Recap

Following the earthquake, Matt overhears some crime underway and impulsively parkours his way to the location and disarms a criminal of his gun, despite still only wearing his business suit and no mask to hide his face.

When Trish Walker goes into her job, she must handle many callers expressing concern about the earthquake. She tries to reassure them as best as she can but is shocked when a geologist calls in to say that whatever happened was not a natural earthquake. The call gets cut off early when Trish's employee says they ordered to end the talk of earthquakes by the higher-ups in their company.

Misty Knight and other police officers are called in to the scene by Jessica Jones, regarding the large number of explosive devices found in the room rented by John, the missing man Jessica was hired to find. Misty tries to stop Jessica from leaving with some evidence but Jessica is too quick to be caught at that time.

Alexandra meets with Madame Gao and learns that there is a mystical wall blocking their plans. Alexandra surmises that the wall must serve as a door of some sorts and that every locked door must have a hidden key, but finding such a key would require tracking down an old enemy first.

The other Defenders are still working hard on their investigations. Jessica is following the leads she absconded with about John's disappearance but Jeri Hogarth warns her to stop this search. Jeri later tells Foggy, who now works for her, to keep whatever inevitable fallout will come from Jessica's pursuits away from the firm. Foggy also meets Matt for drinks, as the two begin to mend their personal relationship, even though they won't be working together professionally. Matt appears to be at a crossroads once again about returning to vigilantism. Luke Cage is following some leads on the disappearance of local kids in Harlem which leads him to a workshop where one kid has been sent with others to clean up a massive amount of dead bodies that the Hand murdered. Danny and Colleen are also there, having ended up there through their own investigation.

Jessica arrives back at her apartment and finds the missing man, John Raymond, already there and waiting for her and holding Malcolm hostage. He wants Jessica to stop following him, as he is intent on staying hidden.

Danny and Colleen begin attacking the workers cleaning up the crime scene, demanding to know if they are working with the Hand but Luke pulls Danny off a teenager, Cole. Luke is easily able to overpower Danny and is unphased by Danny's attempts to beat him until he uses magic to do so. Only then is Danny able to throw a punch that sends Luke flying into a wall. The conflict can't unfold any further, as Luke, Danny, and Colleen all make their respective escapes when the police arrive. Luke is disappointed that Cole is arrested, having been unable to help him.

Meanwhile, the stand-off between Jessica and John is cut short. John was frightened that 'they' (the Hand) will not only come after him but his family too. John says the explosives were to stop them from taking down the city but John is too frightened to tell Jessica anything more. Elektra arrives in order to kill John but he shoots himself first, refusing to let her be the one to kill him. Elektra met her escape and Jessica chases after her but when she gets outside, Elektra has disappeared and Misty has arrived. Misty arrests her and brings her in for questioning.

Alexandra is revealed to have kidnapped Stick, determined to torture answers out of him to help the Hand carry out their plans.

Jessica's interrogation by Misty is short-lived when Matt arrives and announces himself as Jessica's lawyer. Foggy had contacted Matt to help cover some of his extra work, including keeping Jessica out of trouble.

The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game Funded

Kickstarter Updates

After just a few days, Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game was already funded. Today, the Iron Sky team announced more extras as it gets ready to try to reach for those much-coveted stretch goals.

The Iron Sky RPG team has announced Backerkit support as well as several add-ons and pledge options, including the inclusion of the original Iron Sky comic.

‘We’ll have a new comic made as well,’ RPG creator Dirk says, ‘but we needed to wait with announcing the inclusion of the first comic until the publisher gave us a go-ahead. We’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible, at lower prices than you would normally pay, and we’ve also included full character writeups for comic characters—they’re even coded to the exact pages so you can find your favorite characters right away.’

The Iron Sky team has also announced it will launch a Living Campaign at Gen Con 2018 — a shared Iron Sky: The RPG universe players can be part of. Their Characters’ actions will have an impact on future Adventures and Character advancement, making sure the players get immersed into the Iron Sky setting even more than usual.  Details will be made available upon the RPG launch in February 2018.

Backer Feedback

‘The backer feedback has been tremendously helpful,’ Dirk Vandereyken, the RPG creator, comments. ‘We knew we were on the right track when we found out a lot of questions were about stuff we’ve already planned to be in the book, such as how the themes introduced in the first, pulpy, Iron Sky SF satire, will fit into the game.’

The RPG will allow players to take on the role of either characters from the original film, pregenerated characters provided in the rulebook, or completely new characters generated with the Synthesis rules system. All of the major movie characters will be included as (N)PC’s, while the rules will cover everything from social interaction to hand to hand and space combat.

Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game uses Genre Tropes, specific, but easy rules that  allows Gamemasters and players to tweak their campaigns to any genre. ‘It’s a lot more specific than just saying “in gritty campaigns, multiply damage by factor X”. We’ve listed many different genres and each of them comes with just a few rules that’ll allow you to capture the right atmosphere.

The standard genre for Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game? That would be Pulpy SF Genre!’

One backer asked about how themes like standing up against bigotry, hatred and ignorance will get translated into the game. ‘We thought long and hard about that,’ Dirk says. ‘Obviously, the film setting—and its sequel—already gave us a solid background, as did the comic and other Iron Sky-related products. Adding a fun timeline and cool descriptions — nothing boring — and having several new characters comment on the fluff text as well as the mechanics went a long way to establish the feel. We also have the Personality Trait, which is divided in 5 Focuses if you’re playing the Advanced game. Negative scores — which can reflect jealousy, racism and similar characteristics — hold you back, while positive ones—like openness—can actually substitute a weaker Trait for a while. It’s a neat way to reflect how positive thinking allow you to not only reach your own goals, but also be sensitive to others’ aspirations.'

Rules System

‘Because the rules system is a universal one, we needed a lot of flexibility,’ Dirk adds, ‘but we’ve also made character generation itself more fun than ever, by introducing the option of creating your character by moving a pawn on a board game with life events. You can play the game together with other players and the GM can even create an arch enemy or major supporting characters at the same time as you’re building your Character. It’s also possible to spend points from a point pool or go through life paths — as each method generates exactly the same Point Value, each also is completely interchangeable.'

'We’re the first game to not only have color-coded silhouettes of the humans and creatures found in the setting,’ Dirk says, ‘but also of the vehicles and spacecraft, including the iconic Götterdämmerung. You don’t need them to play the game, but it lends a strong visual, cinematic aspect to the gameplay and it eliminates the need of difficult game mechanics about what angles you’re firing from, distance or targeting, as we’re using different-sized silhouettes and crosshairs to reflect range and magnification. Since some players won’t like having to juggle multiple silhouettes at once, the Basic game includes just a few generic silhouettes that should be enough to reflect just about any possible target.’

Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game uses a d1000-mechanic. ‘Nazis on the Moon: that’s over the top. A reptilian race hiding underneath the surface of the earth, able to change shapes and choosing to look like dictators past and present: that’s also over the top. We thought a d1000 would be over the top as well, but we’ve also made it into a simple, elegant mechanic. You only ever need one single die roll to determine anything: the time it takes to accomplish an action, whether and how well you succeed, where you hit someone, how much damage you do… No need to add up dice, look for combos, do subtractions or—worse—divisions, you just read them as hundreds, tens and digits. It’ll be easy to wrap your mind around.’

Visual Flair

Both Iron Sky and the upcoming Iron Sky the Coming Race use strong visuals. ‘We wanted to reflect that in the RPG as well,’ says Dirk, ‘which is why we’re including hundreds of pictures, several pages out of the comic — the signed limited edition book even includes the entire comic — and cool designs,’ says Dirk. ‘We’ve also created great-looking accessories. Again, you don’t need them to play the game, but they don’t only make it easier and more fun to play, they add a touch of visual flair to your gaming table’.


We’ve released the names of our writer and designer team from the get go,’ Dirk says, ‘but we didn’t advertise the fact that several of our authors were nominated for ENnie Awards In the past — Eloy Lasanta even won an ENnie this year. We wanted to wait until the awards ceremony, which went great for us. Winning an ENnie as a game designer or writer is much the same as winning an Academy Award for a movie actor — you can’t get better than that.’

Next 20 Days

‘We have less than 20 days to go,’ adds Dirk, ‘and we’d like to make good use of those 3 weeks. We’ve got some great stretch goals lined up, so we hope people will continue to support and us and get us there. It’d be great if we include some of the extra stuff we have in mind, as it’ll make sure we can develop the setting and the visuals even further, so here’s hoping people will continue to support us!’


REMEMORY Starring Peter Dinklage Available for FREE Today on Google Play

Today, Google Play released the sci-fi mystery film REMEMORY, starring Peter Dinklage and Julia Ormond, alongside the late Anton Yelchin, exclusively for FREE as a digital exclusive.

Directed by Mark Palansky, the film explores the ways in which our past defines the present. In Rememory, a visionary scientific pioneer (Martin Donovan) is found dead shortly after unveiling his newest invention: a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. His grieving wife (Julia Ormond) retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world when a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage) shows up. After stealing the machine, he uses it to try and solve the mystery, beginning an investigation of memories that lead him to unexpected and dangerous places.

Download REMEMORY for free on Google Play at:

Check out the trailer:



LOS ANGELES, CA (August 14, 2017)REMEMORY, the sci-fi mystery directed by Mark Palansky (PENELOPE, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS) and starring Emmy Award® winners Peter Dinklage (GAME OF THRONES, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) and Julia Ormond (MAD MEN, LEGENDS OF THE FALL), alongside the late Anton Yelchin (STAR TREK, LIKE CRAZY), will debut exclusively for free for a limited time on Google Play* on August 24, 2017. The film will also be released by Lionsgate Premiere in select theaters on September 8, 2017.

REMEMORY was written by Michael Vukadinovich and Mark Palansky and produced by Lee Clay and Daniel Bekerman. Robert Halmi and Jim Reeve serve as executive producers. The film explores the ways in which our past defines the present. A visionary scientific pioneer (Martin Donovan) is found dead shortly after unveiling his newest invention: a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. His grieving wife (Julia Ormond) retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world when a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage) shows up.  After stealing the machine, he uses it to try and solve the mystery, beginning an investigation of memories that lead him to unexpected and dangerous places.

REMEMORY had its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and marks the first time that Google Play will exclusively debut an Official Selection from the festival. The film was financed by Great Point Media who hold the international rights to the film.

*REMEMORY will be available for free from August 24 to September 20, 2017 on Google Play to residents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Botswana, Cambodia, Fiji, Iceland, Jamaica, Macedonia, Malta, Namibia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Google Play is an online store with millions of digital songs, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books and more. With access to 40 million songs, thousands of new release movies and next day TV shows, millions of apps and games, and thousands of news sources, Google Play is your one stop shop for digital entertainment on any device.

Founded in 2012 by Robert Halmi and Jim Reeve, Great Point Media specializes in development, investment and exploitation of intellectual property in entertainment media. Halmi is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning film and television producer with over 300 production credits, including Tin Man, Farscape, and Lonesome Dove. Reeve is an Emmy Award-winning producer with 25 years’ experience in production finance and distribution with credits including Foyle’s War and Jack Higgins’ On Dangerous Ground. Recent projects backed by Great Point Media include Lady Macbeth, Christine, Rememory, Complete Unknown and The Party.


The Defenders S01E01 "The H Word" Recap

In Cambodia, a resurrected Elektra is fighting alongside agents of the Hand. Her face isn't officially revealed but all clues point to it being Elektra that lands some deliciously wicked blows against Danny Rand in battle. She gets away, of course, and Danny and Colleen Wing must pick up the pieces of their investigation into the Hand. Their lead was killed in battle but before he dies, informs them that the fight they are involved in is going on in New York City.

Each of the other Defenders is at a new turning point in life. Matt Murdock is no longer doing his Daredevil vigilantism and is focusing only on his work as a pro bono lawyer. The trauma of losing Elektra in battle has weighed heavily on his conscience. He doesn't work with Foggy or Karen anymore, either. Jessica Jones is now known to the city for her heroism in defeating Kilgrave and despite Trish's pushing, Jessica is still reluctant to take on any sort of superhero role. Luke Cage has had his name cleared by Foggy, who is now working for Jeri Hogarth's firm. Just as soon as he is released from prison, he goes to see Claire Temple, with whom he had been corresponding during his imprisonment. The two consummate their relationship.

Viewers are also introduced to the enigmatic Alexandra, leader of the Hand, who appears to be suffering from some health issues.

Jessica meets Michelle Raymond and her daughter Lexi when the two are waiting for her at her office/apartment. Michelle's husband John is missing. He works as an architect and though Jessica is dismissive of the woman's pleas, she eventually decides to take the case after they leave when she receives a call from a mysterious, anonymous caller that warns her not to look for John. Jessica later discovers a massive stash of explosives that John had stockpiled for some unknown purpose.

Misty visits Luke and informs him that some local Harlem young-adults have been getting into trouble with a mysterious business and eventually end up dead. These youths are all seemingly at a crossroads and get swept up in the wrong direction and Misty urges Luke to use his influence over the nieghbourhood to try to save more from falling into this same trap.

Alexandra is informed that all of her major organs are failing. She is dying with little time left so she commands her colleagues in the Hand to speed up their plans. Shortly afterward, a massive earthquake surges through New York City that all of the Defenders feel, including Danny who has arrived back in New York with Colleen. Alexandra watches from the rooftop of a building with the resurrected Elektra.

Marvel's The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


NEW CLIP: The Mummy – Starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella – Now on Digital and Arriving on Blu-ray September 12

See how the first fight sequence between Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella was made in this awesome behind-the-scenes look in celebration of THE MUMMY now available on Digital.

Watch the new clip here:

When an ancient evil rises up to seek revenge on our world, relive the epic saga in The Mummy, unleashing onto Digital on August 22, 2017, and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand on September 12, 2017 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Packed with over an hour of special bonus content, experience never-before-scene footage and hidden secrets The Mummy has within with stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe, and Jake Johnson.


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