Ace Wilder, De Vet Du, Dinah Nah, Adrijana on First Public Show Before Melodifestivalen 2017 Semi-Final

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

It is customary that each Melodifestivalen show holds two additional rehearsal shows that takes place before the live broadcast. The public can purchase tickets to attend at a discounted price relative to the cost of attending the televised show and enjoy the festivities. For the participating artists, it is an opportunity to not only rehearse once more, but get a more authentic sense of how the show will run with a live audience in the venue. We caught up with some of the semi-final 1 acts following the first public dress rehearsal to see how their rehearsal went and if any additional revisions will be made before their performances will be broadcast for the world to see.

Adrijana was relieved following her first performance to such a large audience but her health has been an issue. "I have little bit, problem with my voice. I've been sick. I have to take it easy, not talk much, just take it easy tonight. I have to whisper," jokes Adrijana.

Dinah Nah has been looking forward to seeing the audience and only needs to fix the sparklers that malfunctioned during the rehearsal show. "They weren't quite working as they should but it's going to be fine tomorrow." She is overjoyed to hear that young Swedish girls in attendance responded well to her performance and presentation. "I just want to have the greats time ever and of course I want to go to the finals but you never know, it's Melodifestivalen."

De Vet Du also had a technical malfunction in their first rehearsal show. "The map in the back seat was gone," says Chris Martland. True to form, the group makes jokes about the cause of the issue. "Sabotage," says Martland and Tor Wallin, the member that is supposed to hold the map up during the performance. "We think it was Nano who took it away," kids Johan Gunterberg. The additional revision they plan to make is to better synchronize their head movements to perfect the highly technical performance. Through it all, they maintain a positive outlook. "We don't want to jinx it. Of course it would be more fun to advance than be sent home but it really doesn't matter, we're just happy to be here," says Wallin.

For Ace Wilder, the routine might not be new but the nerves leading up to the show are still present. "You get real nervous but it feels good. There's always small stuff, details, small things you want to improve but all in all, I'm pretty happy. I got this kick from seeing the audience." She is touched to hear that children in attendance had signs bearing her name. "I'm just hoping it all goes well."

Watch our dress rehearsal interviews with Ace Wilder, De Vet Du, Dinah Nah, and Adrijana here:


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