Bella & Filippa on Melodifestivalen Debut, Song-writing, and Style (Interview)

Country-pop duo Bella & Filippa are part of a new wave of talent entering the Swed-pop scene after first garnering a following from some form of Internet platform. They will be competing with a song they co-wrote on called "Crucified" topped off with a simple performance in which they will sing their song while playing guitars.

"Our song 'Crucified' is about the feeling that you can't really put down in words. You get so madly in love, you can't stop looking at the person," says Bella. "It's feelings we both experienced," adds Filippa.

They're not only artistic collaborators, but are close friends turned step-sisters embarking on this journey together. "We met in a playground and then we became best friends. We went to the same kindergarten, hung out every day for a couple of years. Our families got pretty close so we had summer vacations together, dinners, and then both our parents got divorced. Then in 2011, [Bella's mother and Filippa's father] fell in love, got married. From best friends to sisters, it's pretty amazing. We live together now and we have five younger siblings."

They write songs together and worked with Filippa's father and some other writers to create "Crucified". They recorded covers together for fun and once they gained a larger following, they were able to transition into being signed to Warner Music Sweden.

They also like to coordinate their style with each other in order to enhance the effect and impression they give as artists. "We have our style, a little boho chic, and we try to match. It's fun to dress up, we both love it a lot. It's our style, no one told us to wear this, we want to wear it. We think that it fits our music."

Watch our full interview with Bella & Filippa here:


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