Camren Biconodova on Selina Kyle's Whip Work and Relationship With Bruce (San Diego Comic Con 2017 Interview)

Camren Bicondova had plenty to tease about for Selina Kyle's jam-packed development in season 4. She's now undergone the quintessential "falling to a non-death and then being promptly swarmed by cats" moment of her character's origin story and now Bicondova will get to act alongside Jessica Lucas ("Tabitha") to further develop her fighting and whip skills. "It becomes a mix between a mentorship and a sisterhood. Selina initially goes to Sirens for Barbara and she finds that Barbara's not there and it's a gone-with-the-wind kind of step into this future of hers that we all know but she doesn't. She goes with it and this relationship forms where Tabitha teaches Selina hoot fight and how to basically escalate what she's already learned on her own. In episode 1 we learn that Barbara is alive. Selina wants to step up. You'll see in episode 1 where Selina isn't exactly where she expected to be with having Tabitha as her mentor. Selina believes that forming this relationship, mending this relationship with Barbara could actually elevate them and we'll see how that goes up and down throughout the season especially in the beginning part of it."

Selina Kyle is known for operating in a morally grey area, something that Bicondova has plenty to share about. "I've never seen her as an indecisive character. I've always seen her as a very decisive character. That concept of her walking between each line, I've never agreed with. I've always felt that she's definitely stuck with walking straight in the middle of the grey line. I hope she stays in that realm because sometimes it's fun to play a dark side but what I love about Selina is the fact that she doesn't like a label. She doesn't like being titled a hero, she doesn't like being titled a bad person. I hope she continues to stay on that path."

Bicondova is excited about all the new whip training she has and continues to do for this new facet of Selina's character journey and abilities. "It was so cool! I have a video on my phone that I've been waiting to share but I'm just waiting for the coolest moment ever to share it. For that scene in the finale, I only practiced for 45 minutes total that same day. I ended up getting some cracks and it was amazing but as far as filming, they don't allow you to actually use the whip itself because of liability issues and everything else. They just give you a nub. You have to know the technique so when you actually do it, visual effects can go in and add the whip itself."

True to form, Selina's journey will remain intertwined with Bruce Wayne. The two have had a falling out towards the end of season three so now viewers must tune in to see if they can mend their relationship. "They both truly love each other. It's just that his upbringing, not necessarily that their differences are what constrict them cause I think their differences actually bring them together more than they separate them, but I think his upbringing has made him a lot more judgmental than her upbringing is. His judgement has always been the backbone of their fallouts. I think it's interesting because there's a lot of fans that say, 'Oh Selina's so selfish! She only cares about herself' like Bruce said but I think it's the opposite. I think Bruce is the selfish one."

Bicondova is intrigued at the prospect of Selina getting to develop a taste for the finer things in life by forging this new relationship with Tabitha, though they haven't embarked on that characterisation just yet with the episodes of season four filmed thus far. "I think it would bring a different perspective to her for sure. But I don't think it would change her as much as being on the streets has changed Bruce. I think Selina has always desired that luxury of having the jewelry and having a place of her own, and not having to squat in these slums. It wouldn't change her as much as it would Bruce because she's always wanted it."

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