Cory Michael Smith on Ed Nygma's Frozen State and New Alliances in Gotham (Interview)

Cory Michael Smith is ready for Ed Nygma to get unfrozen and unleashed once again on "Gotham" in the upcoming fourth season. As Ed had a significant falling out with Oswald, resulting in both of them trying to kill each other, the two are set to be in conflict once again. Ed will have to make new alliances, and we learned about what's to come for him at San Diego Comic Con.

"With this year brings new challenges for him. A nice theme that's happened that's been fun to latch onto is his issue with identity. We find another identity crisis this year in the way he thaws and his mind not quite thawing well and his mental deficiencies and that being the thing to overcome. 'Who am I without my level of intelligence and wit and speed?' His intelligence is stunted so he's gonna struggle with getting ideas across but he's a pretty prideful person so he's a bit in denial of his abilities. So there's some potential for some humour, someone who think they can do something but cannot. I'm really excited about that."

Season four will see Ed align himself with new characters he had not yet truly intermingled with. "My storyline is going to cross paths with Solomon Grundy and Lee Tompkins this year. It's a very exciting, unexpected choice that they've made. I love especially that I've allowed Ed to be extremely influenced by the company he keeps. Part of the fun of him having extreme evolution has been being influenced by those around him. The kind of ruthlessness and toughness and directness that he took from being around Oswald may not work in this new arena that he's in. To be around a new character like Solomon Grundy whose brute strength is incredible but is an idiot, how do you navigate around this person and control them? Then being around someone like a really dark Lee Thompkins, however she may be, we haven't gotten to those scenes so I don't know how Morena is playing that... it's very exciting. I've worked with Drew a lot. The few things I've done with Morena have always been super fun and I'm particularly looking forward to that cause I think she's an extraordinary actress."

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