Dylan Sprayberry on Teen Wolf's Final Season and His Contentment With Liam Dunbar's Finale

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Dylan Sprayberry's biggest film appearance in the beginning stages of his career was as young Clark Kent in Man Of Steel, but it was his long-term role as Liam Dunbar on MTV's Teen Wolf that gave him the greatest momentum and catalysed a significant flux in his own fan-following. Now that the series will be coming to a close, Sprayberry has time to reflect on his last few years on it.

"I feel good. I really am proud of what we did on the show. You come together every year to finish the show and to makes sure that we finish it on time and everyone does their job and I really think that we were all on track this season. We killed it. We wrapped everything up really well."

Sprayberry was already friends with his co-star Khylin Rambo before they joined the show. The friendship between Liam and Mason is integral to each of their characters and will continue to be so in these final episodes. "That was a big thing, especially cause it's the end of the show to make sure that we get to see their friendship, that they're still [close] even as the characters' lives go on that we won't see. We do a lot of really fun stuff. I think every season we've had great friendship moments. Jeff and all the writers know that me and Khylin are great friends so they alway write for us. They kind of watch us on set and see what dumb stuff we do and will play on that a little bit. So there's gonna be a lot of good stuff. I'm grateful for this show because it grew our friendship so well. We wouldn't be the friends we are today with that show. He lived with me, cause he lives really far away. So he lived with me and we would go to set every day together and drive there and I would wait for him and he would wait for me if we finished at different times. I started on the show when I'd just turned fifteen. I think I was fourteen when I auditioned and Khylin was seventeen, I think. I have a friend named Aramis, I met Khylin through him at Comic Con. I met Khylin for the first time at Comic Con in 2013 or 2014, which is really funny. We just got lucky. It's kind of the same like Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Posey story. We hit it off immediately like that. I think the fact that I knew him before allowed us to, we didn't need any time to 'make friends' or anything. We already knew each other. We were already comfortable because we were all friends.

In looking back at the complete arc of his character, Sprayberry is pleased with how it has all wrapped up. "I feel good about it. I think that the writers know what they're doing. I had a little input here and there with certain things but writers, they did a really good job. They're really good at observing and then saying, 'I think from what I've seen of Dylan, he would enjoy doing this as Liam'. They always did a really good job doing that and always having stuff that they knew I would like because I'm always on set, they're always on set, you have those relationships. I think they killed it. This season is gonna wrap up my character's arc very well and I think the arc in this season is great. I'm so proud of this season and I think this season is really where I always wanted my character to be.  I just like the way that my character looks this season, the wardrobe, everything about it. This is a really good season. It felt great to do and I'm excited for everyone to see it."

Sprayberry reveals that he didn't get to work with the returning actors/characters though he still has warm words to share about their presence on the show. "It was cool! I know all of them through events and them coming on set just to visit. I know everybody but I didn't get to work with them on the season cause we all have our own storylines. There's like seven storylines going on simultaneously in the show so you don't always get a chance to work with everybody. But it was great having everyone on set cause that just added to the whole atmosphere and the fact that we all need to come together to finish this. It was great to have that overall tone regardless of if I get to work with specific people or not."

Sprayberry also speaks highly of his co-stars that took on the added job of directing episodes in the final season. "Posey directed an episode and so did Linden. I'm really excited to see those because for an actor, when you get to work with another actor as your director, it's great, and for an actor getting to work with a friend as a director is great. So we got both. I got to work with a friend who's also an actor and they're directing me. So they know what I would want from a director. If I was gonna direct you and you're an actor, I know exactly what you would want me to say because I'm also an actor and I've been there when a director doesn't have that connection. That's one of the most important things between an actor and director is that connection cause you're not gonna have full trust and full commitment on both sides if there's no connection. It's not always like that so when that happens, it's really great. It's kind of like finding a golden egg. I like everyone being on the same page. We're all going to the same thing. I don't think my ideas are better than anybody's. I don't think that I need my ideas to be spoken. I just want to be able to sit down with a director and have a heart-to-heart and get to a middle ground where we can both be happy with what's going on. It's like a business deal."

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