Erin Richards on Barbara Kean's Electric Resurrection ("Gotham" San Diego Comic Con Interview)

Erin Richards has spent the last three seasons on FOX's "Gotham" playing a rapidly evolving Barbara Kean. From doting girlfriend to power-hungry super-villain, there's been a wide wealth of material for her to play. Now that Barbara has died via electric shock from Tabitha's whip, there's a whole new version to play reborn from death, topped off with a new hairstyle.

"You're gonna see more skill. She's been brought back and trained up by Ra's al Ghul so she has fighting ability now, which will be a kind of Aikido-based martial arts, using other people's force against them. She's not a superhuman, I'm still the size that I am so if I'm fighting somebody big I have to be able to find a way to use their energy and power back against them.

This collaboration with Ra's al Ghul means the possibility of a refreshed intersection with Bruce Wayne. But just as she has been reborn into a more powerful fighter, Bruce has gone down a new path as a fledgling vigilante. "Barbara's interacted with the version of Bruce Wayne that is the child millionaire. That's really interesting because she calls him a brat and she sees this side of him but she's not met him as Bruce Wayne that will become Batman. I think that would be a really interesting development but I'm not sure that anybody can know him like that other than Alfred, Ra's al Ghul obviously, maybe Jim. I think that pocket has to be quite self-contained otherwise everybody would know who Batman was."

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