Gotham 03E16 "These Delicate and Dark Obsessions" Recap

The Court has a meeting to discuss the recent happenings in Gotham. With everything that has transpired, they decide to get a weapon which will be used to destroy the city. The decision is voted on and receives unanimous support.

Bruce is awakened in his cell by an old Shaman that warns him that no one will notice he is missing so long as he is captive here. The Shaman then asks for Bruce's help on something he's been working on.

Following Oswald's fall from grace, Mayor James is reinstated. Jim begins investigating Michael Ness, the drunk that killed his father. But he comes to discover that Ness suffered from chronic persistent hepatitis which would have prevented him from drinking. Jim later meets with Frank, who informs him of the the Court's weapon, though he doesn't know what sort of weapon it is. Jim also discovers that Ness' lawyer was paid by Carmine Falcone.

Oswald is still recovering from his wound from Ed. Ivy is tending to him and Oswald asks her to gather up Gabe and his other remaining henchmen so that he can try to reclaim his power. Ivy is weary of Gabe but Oswald dismisses her concerns and calls her a freak. She leaves him, outraged. But Ivy was right to be suspicious, as Gabe proceed to knock out Oswald.

Bruce attempts an escape when his cell doors open but is unable to do so, as he is inside a maze. The Shaman summons him and puts an acupuncture needle on Bruce's forehead which causes him to relive the moment his parents were murdered. When Bruce wakes from the vision, the Shaman tells him to rest and that they will continue their work later.

Jim confronts Falcone about his involvement with Ness and demands to know who ordered the hit on his father. Jim is shocked when Falcone reveals it was his uncle Frank. When Jim confronts Frank, he admits to having ordered the hit because Peter had threatened to expose the Court. Jim attempts to arrest Frank, but opts not to for the time being when Frank reveals the location of the weapon and promises to buy him some time to get to it. Jim is running low on allies so he turns to Barbara for help and she interrogates a worker from the dock. They learn that a new item came in and is being kept on an Indian Hill crate. A Talon arrives and launches an attack that ends with all the henchmen dead but Barbar and Tabitha have escaped alive. Talon also kills the worker that revealed the information on the weapon.

Frank tells Kathryn what Jim has learned about his father's murder and the Court, and is given the order to kill Jim.

Ivy is captured and taken hostage with Oswald. She uses her powers to seduce on Gabe's men and compels him to kill everyone but Gabe, allowing her and Owald to escape. Gabel reveals to Oswald that he and the other men were never truly loyal to Oswald and only followed him because they feared him. He mocks Oswald by saying he is still the "umbrella boy" and an enraged Oswald kills him. Oswald asks Ivy to help him father an army and rebuild his empire. She agrees and tells him about the monsters being kept at Indian Hill, suggesting that they can be an army of freaks to do his bidding.

Jim meets with Frank, who tells him the Court doesn't trust him now and the only way we can survive and stop them is to join the Court. Only then can he finish what his father started. Following this instruction, Frank shoots himself in the head.

Bruce is repeatedly being put into a dream-state to relive the murder of his parents. The Shaman tells him that this rawest source of pain will prevent him from becoming the protector he needs to be. Gotham can only be reborn if Bruce becomes a symbol against fear.

Jim visits his father's grave and gets a call from Kathryn. Jim takes the blame for Frank's death and arranges a meeting. She sends a limo to retrieve him and he gets in.

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