Gotham S03E17 "The Primal Riddle" Recap

Oswald and Ivy set up a base at the Arctic. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) is there and holding a grudge agains Oswald for running he and all the other freaks out of Gotham during his mayoral campaign. But Oswald convinces him to join his newly founded army, with the promise to give him what he needs to reverse his condition. They give him his Cold suit so that he will be able to return to Gotham.

Jim has a meeting with Kathryn in the Court. He must prove his loyalty to the organisation by doing what they command to stage Frank's death. Jim agrees and feigns ignorance when pretending to discover Frank's body but Lee is suspicious of his facade. But Jim and Harvey must now deal with Ed, who is on the rampage again using his new name, "The Riddler".

Ed is visited by Barbara, who begins enquiring about the secret organisation running the city. Ed recalls Strange mentioning working for a group in Indian Hill and decides to investigate the matter. But first, he decides to kill some actors during a play they are performing for Gotham's upper class.

Five is keeping busy posing as Bruce but is prone to sporadic bleeding. He finds time to meet with Kathryn to enquire about his health problem and she tells him he only has a short amount of time before he will die.

Jim and Harvey are called in to investigate Ed's attack on the theatre and discover a box containing a riddle that makes reference to a "two-faced politician" (fans of the DC Comics universe will know this is a reference to Harvey Dent). Jim and Harvey go to James' office and find him eating pastries made by an anonymous citizen. But when he tries to take a painkiller, there are marks discovered on the pills. He is sent to a hospital but Ed has rigged a biker gang's bar to explode which leads to a riot in the hospital. In the commotion, Ed kidnaps James.

Oswald and Ivy visit Bridgit, who has been channeling her fiery abilities by working in an industrial factory. Her boss is a domineering tyrant and Oswald and Ivy use this fact to convince her to join their army, and she kills her boss.

Ed and Barbara interrogate James in search of more information about the organisation controlling Gotham, finally learning that it is called "The Court". Ed takes a TV station hostage and broadcasts his intention to kill James if the Court is not exposed. James must bring Ed to them. Jim calls Ed and promises to tell him about the Court if he will come to the GCPD. Ed agrees but only on the condition that the station is emptied out first. Ed arrives with James, who has an explosive device on his neck that will kill him if Ed presses the button to activate it. But Jim had thought ahead and asked Tabitha to help by deactivating the device, which allows James to escape to freedom. Jim leaves the station with Ed and brings him to the Court. Kathryn and some others are there to meet Ed, and Kathryn tells Ed to get in her car and he will get the answers he is searching for.

Five visits Selina and reveals his true identity, advising her to leave Gotham to get to safety. She is outraged and refuses to do so, saying he is nothing like the real Bruce. She is intent on telling Alfred but Five pushes her out her apartment window and she falls to the pavement, seemingly dead, but anyone familiar with Selina Kyle's origin story knows this is all part of her character journey leading to her becoming Catwoman. True to her mythology, Selina is promptly swarmed by some cats.

Barbara flies into a rage at Tabitha and Butch for conspiring with Jim. She is outraged that the device was disarmed and when she reveals that she cares only about herself rising to power and having full control as opposed to a collaborative effort with Tabitha, their relationship is further fractured.

Oswald, Ivy, and Fries arrive at Dahl Manor where they set up a new base of operations. They also catch up on the ongoing of Gotham, particularly all of the antics Ed has been getting into.

Finally, Kathryn inducts Jim into the Court and presents him with a mask in a formal ceremony.

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