Gotham S03E18 "Light the Wick" Recap

Barnes is still imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, still uncured from the infection that sent him on a rage-fuelled killing spree. He is escorted out of Arkham as he's set to be transferred and breaks free from his restraints using his super strength. The orderlies run away but he is stopped by Talon, who despite nearly being killed in the encounter manages to sedate him. Tetch watches everything from his cell. Barnes is then brought to the Court where Kathryn instructs Professor Strange to drain a sample of Barnes' blood.

Lee presents evidence to Harvey that suggests that Jim may have had something more to do with Frank's death than he claims.

Ivy vists Tabitha in search of Selina, but learns from her that Selina is injured and in the hospital. When Ivy tries to visit her, she learns that Selina's injuries are so substantial that she will likely not survive.

At the Court, Strange is shown to be infected by the Tetch virus, which indicates that the virus can be spread through the air. Jim discretely gets a sample of Kathryn's hair from her mask and sends it to Harvey. Harvey gives Jim information and upon going outside finds Oswald and Bridgit waiting for him. Oswald demands to know where Ed is but Jim gives him nothing. Oswald leaves Jim with a phone that he will use to contact him at a later time. Jim investigates Kathryn's house and discovers a Wayne Enterprises access code hidden in a drawer. He tells Kathryn about Oswald and Kathryn tells him that the weapon about be unleashed will bring out everyone's darkest selves. This makes Jim realise that the weapon the Court plans to use is the Tetch virus.

Bruce is still training with the Shaman, who has now shifted to sending Bruce into his parents' wake. He forces Bruce to confront the anger he feels about their death and coaches him to let that anger go.

Jim and Harvey are attacked by a man who is acting under the influence of the Tetch virus. Strange stops the man but Jim and Harvey cannot make any arrests without risking an outbreak of the virus. Strange sends them off with some of his scientific notes and a vial containing the virus compound. Kathryn calls Jim and summons him for a meeting. They attend a fancy gathering of Gotham's elite where a bomb is set to go off that will infect everyone in attendance. Kathryn leaves and Jim calls Oswald to tell him about the virus bomb. Jim then fights Talon, after which Bridgit arrives and kills Talon with her flamethrower. The commotion causes the guests in attendance to run out of the party.

Ivy uses her special knowledge of plants to heal Selina, who is intent on killing Five for what he has done.

Jim encounters Lee as she is leaving the GCPD. They have yet another argument about Mario Falcone and she leaves.

Oswald is kidnapped by the Court and imprisoned in a cell. Oswald is shocked to find that the person in the next cell over is an equally shocked Ed. Kathryn meets with Barnes and declares Jim to be a traitor to the court and orders him to kill Jim. Barnes is more than happy to be Jim's executioner.

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