Gotham S03E19 "All Will Be Judged" Recap

Oswald and Ed argue from their adjacent cells. Ed initially believes that Oswald is just a figment of his imagination, similar to the previous hallucinations he had when he was taking pills.

Selina attacks Five at Wayne Manor after getting out of the hospital. Alfred separates them but Five knocks him out when he learns that he is an imposter. It's then that the real Bruce returns to Gotham with the Shaman.

Lee dreams of Mario, who puts his infected blood on her glass.

Jim and Harvey continue their investigation into Kathryn. She owns several properties throughout Gotham and set off for one of them in search of a bomb. Upon reaching a particular property, they find a map of Gotham city. Barnes arrives and attacks, making his getaway with Jim.

Alfred wakes and wants to search for Bruce but Selina declines helping him. Alfred orders her to leave, saying she is just like her mother.

The Shaman send Bruce into another vision in which Bruce is instructed to lock away his mother's jewels as a means of ridding himself of pain. Next, Bruce is lead to a memory of the Shaman in which he discovered who ordered the hit on Bruce's parents and killed that person.

Barnes takes Jim to Kathryn, who confronts him for his betrayal. After she leaves, Barnes starts monologuing about being Jim's judge, jury, and executioner. Barnes attempts to behead Jim but the GCPD arrives just in time to save Jim, while Barnes escapes.

Lee visits Tetch in prison, who admits to infecting Mario for the sole purpose of making her hate Jim so he would be ruined. He says that Lee has no one to blame but herself.

Ed and Oswald decide to put their disagreements aside so that they can work together long enough to escape from the Court's captivity. After escaping they agree that they will have five hours of safety before their attempts to kill one another are back on.

Harvey has Kathryn arrested and brought to the GCPD station. Alfred learns of this and comes to the station to question her. In an interrogation room, he stabs Kathryn to force her to reveal where the real Bruce is. Barnes comes to the station and knocks everyone out with grenade. Kathryn tries to calm him but he retaliates by decapitating her. Jim shoots at Barnes' axe-tipped glove with a shotgun, which cuts his hand and knocks him down.

Bruce is shown to have succumbed to the Shaman's efforts to brainwash him into feeling no more emotions about the death of his parents. Bruce is now completely compliant with whatever the Shaman commands him to do.

Harvey has taken Kathryn's owl statue and mended it so that the map can be shown. He learns of Barnes' escape and also finds that the vial of blood containing the virus given to them by Strange is missing. Jim checks the surveillance tapes and finds that Lee has taken it. She later injects herself with it and becomes infected with the virus.

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