Gotham S03E20 "Pretty Hate Machine" Recap

The Shaman brings Bruce to the Court so they can discuss the death of the Waynes. But the Shaman betrays the Court by having the Talons murder them all. When the GCPD arrives, one member is still alive and able to inform them of the Shaman and Bruce's involvement in their deaths before succumbing to his own wounds.

Ed tells Barbara, Butch, and Tabitha about Oswald being alive and returning to Gotham. They all decide to go after him, as it's only a matter of time before he comes for all of them for conspiring against him.

Jim goes to Lee's house, having learned that she was the one that stole the vial of the virus. She is waiting for him, already infected, and tries to seduce him while talking about the darkness already inside of him before knowing him out.

Oswald meets with Ivy and Selina at a hideout before they are attacked by Ed and Butch. Selina runs away, but everything was part of a larger plan of Oswald's. He traps Ed and Butch in the hideout and gets away with Ivy while Selina is the one that ends up caught.

Bruce and the Shaman go to meet with Strange who shows them the bomb that will unleash the virus on Gotham. The Shaman says that this bomb will lead the rise of a dark hero (these are more references for DC fans to geek out over). Bruce, the Shaman, and some Talons get away with the bomb when their place is raided by Harvey and Alfred, who are able to capture and arrest Strange. Alfred tries to get Bruce to come home but Bruce is too brainwashed to listen to him.

Strange is kept in a cell at the GCPD, while Lee returns to the station. When Jim wakes, he finds he has ben buried alive in a coffin. His oxygen supply is limited and the only thing he has is a radio transmitter and a syringe containing a sample of the virus. She informs the GCPD that if they do not find Jim in time, the only way he will be able to survive is to infect himself with the virus so he can use the enhanced strength to get himself out of the coffin. Lee is arrested while Harvey leads the other officers on a full investigation into finding Jim.

Alfred interrogates Strange, who eventually reveals that Bruce is at Wayne Enterprises. The bomb will detonate at a train station very soon.

When Jim realises that the GCPD will not reach him in time, he injects himself with the virus and escapes the coffin. Harvey is busy ordering a full evacuation of the station.

Oswald and Ivy arrive at her home but Ed, Barbara, and Tabitha arrive to recapture Oswald, as Selina gave them the address after she was left behind. But Fish Mooney returns yet again with a full squad of henchmen and she takes Oswald for herself.

Jim makes it back to the station and is determined to stop the bomb. But Lee intervenes after escaping her cell. Bruce is prepared to pull the trigger but Alfred arrives at Wayne Enterprises and implores him to remember who he is and not do this. The Shaman orders Bruce to detonate the bomb, which he does. Alfred proceeds to shoot the Shaman, who uses his dying moments to tell Bruce to find the Yuyan Building and the "Demon's Head" so that he can fulfill his destiny. Bruce, still brainwashed, attacks Alfred for killing the Shaman but the GCPD arrive and arrest Bruce. The bomb explodes in the GCPD station and the virus begins to spread through Gotham.

Gotham airs on Mondays on FOX at 8/7c.


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