Gotham S03E21 "Destiny Calling" Recap

The Tetch virus has spread fast through Gotham and the majority of its citizens are now infected. Chaos has erupted.

Jim, Harvey, and Alfred have Bruce in interrogation at the GCPD and are doing everything they can to try to break the Shaman's brainwashing that is still in place after his the Shaman's death. Fox arrives and tells them that Strange had developed an antidote to the virus so Jim and Harvey set off after him. They find him at the train station but Fish Mooney arrives, intent on taking Strange for herself. Victor Fries also arrives and puts up an ice block that gives Fish the means to get away with Strange. Jim is still infected and tries to bodyslam his way through the barrier but to no avail.

Ed and Barbara are searching for Oswald, intent on killing him.

Alfred continues trying to break through to Bruce, but nothing is working. Bruce claims that the Court is paving the way for "the one to come". Bruce is able to escape when riots break out in the station and he heads to the building the Shaman had instructed him to go to.

Butch and Tabitha team up with Fish, now intent on killing Ed and Barbara. Strange is brought to Dahl Manor and Oswald puts him in the same device that Strange had put Oswald into during his stay in Arkham. This is all for the purpose of creating the antidote for the virus. Oswald and Strange then go to meet Fish, Fries and Bridgit in a slaughterhouse to obtain the antidote but are interrupted by the arrival of the League of Shadows who are also after the antidote. Fries and Bridgit get to work fighting off the League and then Jim and Harvey arrive and begin to kill League members in the large scale fight. Fish is accidentally but gravely wounded by Jim in the fight and as a result, she drops the vials of antidotes she had been carrying. Oswald holds her until she dies. Strange must now use Tetch's blood in order to make a new antidote but Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch recapture Tetch for themselves.

Bruce reaches the building and gets inside using a secret passage where he encounters assassins from the League of Shadows. They lead him to a room that holds a glowing pool and meets Ra's al Ghul, the "Demon's Head" that the Shaman sent him to. Ra's shares that he has been alive for a very long time and now wants an heir to his empire, which he intends to be Bruce. Ra's then brings Alfred into the room and demands that Bruce kill him to prove he is worthy of being his heir. Ra's gives him a sword and Alfred pleads with him to not do this, and remember who he is. But Bruce stabs Alfred through the chest with the sword anyway.

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