Gotham S3E22 "Heavydirtysoul" Recap (Season Finale)

Bruce is shaken out of the Shaman's mind control due to the trauma of stabbing Alfred in the chest. He refuses to be Ra's al Ghul's heir and Ra's simply tells Bruce that the Lazarus Pit may be used to heal Alfred before leaving. Bruce pours water from the Pit onto Alfred's wound, which restores him enough to get him to a hospital.

Jim is back at the GCPD station, where Lee calls him to say that she'll be leaving Gotham and wants him to leave with her. Jim decides that he will go so they can finally be together.

Ed and Barbara leverage their ownership of the antidote to the mayor's office. They want Oswald handed over to them in exchange for the key to restoring the city to its pre-infected state. Jim and Harvey bring Oswald out of his cell in order to negotiate but Ed has every intention of finally killing Oswald. Jim and Harvey bring Oswald to a factory where Ed has strapped a bomb to Tetch as a backup if anything goes wrong with the deal. Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch show up to the factory too, intending to get Tetch back as he's their bargaining tool. Oswald breaks free from his restraints and knocks out Ed before escaping in the cop car with an unconscious Ed in the back.

There is no way to disarm the bomb in time so Jim slits Tetch's throat to get the necessary blood to create the antidote and gets it back to the station with Harvey. But Jim finally loses himself to the virus and leaves the station. He attempts to inject Lee with the antidote but is unsuccessful. He escapes with Lee through the train station but Harvey arrives and unsuccessfully tries to stop them, though he does slip Jim his badge back. On board the train, Jim injects himself and Lee with the antidote, which Harvey had hidden in the badge.

Barbara shoots Butch in the head for betraying her and he appears to die from the injury. She then fights Tabitha in a safe house and the confrontation when Tabitha uses her whip to electroshock Barbara and seemingly kill her too.

Ed gets out off is handcuffs and tricks Oswald into bringing him to the port, but this was also part of Oswald's plan. Oswald already emptied Ed's gun and both Ivy and Fries followed them to their final destination. Oswald is determined to never let love be his weakness again and has Fries freeze Ed.

Alfred wakes in the hospital and promises to support Bruce on whatever path he chooses next. Selina visits Bruce at the hospital too before going to The Sirens and reconnecting with Tabitha. She plays with Tabitha's whip, hinting at Tabitha training Selina to use it (remember that a whip is one of Catwoman's signatures).

Oswald and Ivy make preparations to use Ed's frozen body as a decoration for their new Iceberg Lounge, a club they will be opening together.

Butch's body is on life support at the hospital and the doctors discuss how Butch's birth name was actually Cyrus Gold, indicating that Butch will return as the super villain Solomon Grundy.

Finally, a family are shown to be walking through Gotham before being attacked by a mugger. A vigilante appears and fights off the mugger before heading to a rooftop. The vigilante is Bruce.d.

Gotham will return for season 4 on FOX.


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