Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game Now on Kickstarter

Kickstarter for Roleplaying Game Based on Award-Winning Film now Live

Pulp SF Pastiche Featuring Nazis on the Moon, Hollow Earth, Dinosaurs and Reptilian Shapechangers

Brand-New Universal Rules System Specifically Written for the Iron Sky Franchise, but Adaptable to All Genres & Settings

Game Uses Unique Accessories, such as the Synthesis Action Dial, silhouettes, the SynthesisCrosshairs, the Synthesis Tick Track and the Synthesis Character Creation Board Game

Many Backer Rewards, Including More Roleplaying Game Stuff, Custom Dice, Streaming Links to the First Film, Wallpapers, Previously Unreleased Film Artwork, etc.

Written by Some of the Best in the Business

Early Bird Discounts at Certain Pledge Levels Until August 20

Kickstarter Live

It’s on! The Kickstarter for one of the most successful pulp SF films ever, Iron Sky, has gone live and already includes some imagery from the upcoming sequel, Iron Sky the Coming Race, which will be released on February 14, 2018, on the same day as the actual RPG will be out! Now, player's won't just be able to fight Nazis, but also reptilian shapechangers and much more! 


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