IRON SKY: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME on Kickstarter This Month

 The Official Roleplaying Game
Based on the Acclaimed Movie
(AACTA Award for Best Visual Effects, BIFFF Audience Award & Silver Méliès, 
Jussi Award for Best Art Direction)
Includes Material from the Upcoming Film, Iron Sky the Coming Race
Release Date on the Same Date As Iron Sky the Coming Race, the 14th of February, 2018
Written by Some of the Best RPG Authors in the Business
Kickstarter Starts on Tuesday, the 15th of August, 2017 

Watch Director Timo Vuorensola's Announcement Here:

Upcoming Kickstarter

Badass PR is pleased to announce the upcoming Kickstarter for the Iron Sky Roleplaying Game. Written by award-winning authors, this brand-new roleplaying game will not only include innovative mechanics, but also a hundreds of pictures, artwork and illustrations from both Iron Sky movies, some of which has never been released before. 

About Iron Sky

In 2012, Iron Sky took the world by storm. The 7.5 million dollar film was catapulted into instant cult status by the fans, who had funded more than 10% of the project, and its quirky storyline, tongue-in-the-cheek humor and great special effects made sure it reaped in 4 major awards and 2 more major nominations at leading film festivals. The Iron Sky team didn’t stop there, though: it released its own comic and board game and expanded its universe. As we are writing this press release, the 18 million dollar sequel, Iron Sky the Coming Race is in the final stages of post-production, while Chinese spin-off Iron Sky: The Ark is already being worked on. On top of that, a TV series uncovering the conspiracies that led to Nazis being on the moon in the first place may be added to the Iron Sky setting as well, making sure there is a lot of room for future RPG supplements and adventures.

In the original film, we found about a secret Nazi community that was established on the dark side of the Moon during the closing moments of World War II. With a new generation being readied to ‘bring peace’ to Earth, Führer Wolfgang Kortzsleisch (played by the German cult actor Udo Kier), is preparing the huge space fortress Götterdämmerung to lead the way in establishing a new Third Reich. After American astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) sets foot on a sector of the Moon too close to the secret Nazi base, he gets captured by the Moon Nazis, and is being brought as a prisoner to the Moon Base. There, the young teacher Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) finds out about the strange prisoner, and by getting to know him, she gets whisked away on an adventure, which takes her to Earth and back, to save Earth from the evil invasion plans of the Nazis from the Moon, her own people. 

In The Coming Race, the Iron Sky Universe will be hugely expanded. Set 25 years after the events depicted in the original film, the former Nazi Moonbase has become mankind’s last refuge. The film will reveal the existence of a Hollow Earth buried underneath our planet’s wasteland, as well as the truth behind our creation and the presence of the Vril, an ancient reptilian shapeshifting race that will determine the fate of everyone involved. 

Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game will allow players to create characters for different time periods within the timeline. With so much resource material to draw from, the game is sure to expand with supplements and adventures for years to come.

Authors & Designers

Spearheaded by editor and author Dirk Vandereyken (former Regional Director for the RPGA, award-winning author of IJs, de Verloren Planeet, Fates Worse than Death: Hunter and Baour: Strands of Death), the rulebook will bring together some of the best RPG authors out there, including Steven S. Long (Aberrant, Deadlands, HERO System, In Nomine,  Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, Mage: The Ascension, Star Trek: The Next Generaton Roleplaying Game, Star Trek: The Original Series Roleplaying Game, Trail of Cthulhu, etc.) Michael Satran (HERO System), Michael Surbrook (Dark Heresy, Here Be Dragons, HERO System, Rogue Trader), Stephen Tasker (HERO System, The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy Role Playing Game, Metatopia), Jason Walters (HERO System, The Vast White, Indie Press Revolution, Blackwyrm, Hero Games) and Darren Watts (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, HERO System, Silver Back Press). Joining the team will be newbies Andy De Maertelaere (Disney) and aerospace engineer Hans De Ryck, who will make sure the crunchy bits are both accessible and playable. With designer Cedric Van der Kelen and Gerry Kissell (The Agency, Alan Wake, Army of Two, Back to the Future, Iron Sky, Vanquish, etc.) also on board and taking care of illustrations and art, the book will look as great as it sounds!

The Synthesis Rules System

Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game will use a brand-new universal rules system specifically written for Iron Sky. The system is geared towards recapturing the feel of the film, but contains all of the building blocks and elements necessary to be adapted to any setting or genre.
Some of the unique Synthesis elements include:

A Basic and Advanced Version

Game Masters and players can choose to play Synthesis as a Basic or as an Advanced game. Both are included in Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game and are fully compatible with each other, as the Advanced game simply elaborates on the Basic rules. There’s no need to convert Advanced characters for a Basic game session and Basic characters can easily be inserted into Advanced sessions as well.

Three Methods of Character Generation

Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game offers 3 ways to create a character:

Point Pool Distribution: the standard way for distributing points for the Basic game can also be used for the Advanced game and simply involves distributing a number of points amongst the Traits, Skills, Perks, Powers and Advantages available in the game.

Life Path Generation: adapted to the Iron Sky setting and adaptable to any setting, Characters can be taken through different stages in their life, each offering points to distribute amongst Trait, Skills, Perks, Powers and Advantages according to what happened during those periods in time.

Board Game Life Path Generation: Uniquely, Iron Sky also offers character generation through a custom-made RPG board game. Players can each create a Character separately or join to develop their group together by moving their Character Pawns on the board to the life events that have determined their Characters. If the players group and the GM also want to play with an arch enemy or Nemesis in their campaign, the GM can create the Nemesis at the same time as the Character Pawns are moving around. When the Nemesis Pawn crosses the Player Character Pawns, the Characters and their arch enemy meet, creating a past history that adds immersion and a level of suspense to the Campaign. 

Whatever method chosen, each Character ends up with exactly the same Character Points as (s)he would have using any other method, making everything completely compatible and interchangeable. Thus, it’s even possible to mix up methods according to player preferences and include Characters created differently in the same group!

The d1000

Synthesis is a d1000 system. It uses three 10-sided dice (one of which can be our custom Synthesisdie) to generate results with a single-roll mechanic. No need to roll for Hit Location or Damage: a single d1000 roll is enough to determine all outcomes.

True Normal Distribution

Most things in our reality fit into a standard-normal distribution, with good chances of hitting average numbers and very low chances of generating results on either end of the curve. Don’t waste time discussing how to best reflect a standard-normal distribution anymore: Synthesis uses a simple but effective mechanic that includes the target numbers you would get in an actual Bell curve, while still being very easy to use in play.

Hit Locations

Yes, the Advanced Synthesis game uses Hit Locations and if you’d like to include them in your Basic game, that’s fine as well, but Hit Locations have become more fun than ever! Not only do you use a crosshairs overlay you place over a silhouette to determine where you hit, the silhouettes and crosshairs also vary in size according to range, which does away with a lot of the otherwise pesky modifiers you would need to better reflect size, range, cover, friendly fire and more.

Action Dial

In Synthesis, combat situations are counted in Ticks, each of them representing a tenth of a second. This might be difficult to track, if not for our custom-made Action Dial! The only thing you need to know is how many Ticks an Action takes. All of the Ticks used in the Basic game are included on the dial, while specialized maneuvers included in the Advanced game have their own Ticks listed in the rulebook.


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