Jeff Davis on Final "Teen Wolf" Season and Returning Faces

Photo: Jenevia Kagawa Darcy

Teen Wolf is set to begin airing the final arc of its sixth and last season. The series has seen a number of fan-favourite characters come and go during its run. Series show-runner Jeff Davis hopes to work with the show's actors again on future projects. He is in the midst of developing a War of the Worlds series for MTV and also shot a pilot for a Let The Right One In series which was in negotiations with TNT but failed to work though it may yet find a home elsewhere.

Davis put the work in to bring back a number of former characters to optimise the send-off of Teen Wolf. "Some of it was, 'How many can I fit in?' I'll tell you, writing the finale was a challenge because  there's like twenty-something main characters and it's giving everyone their moment. I wanted Daniel Sharman back in but he was off shooting Fear The Walking Dead. Daniel and I had been texting a lot and talking about the possibility of coming back. He's the one I regret not getting back. There are of course other characters that I would've loved to have brought back. It still has to be dictated by the story otherwise it feels like you're just shoving everyone in for a cameo. The last season is about fear and it's about Scott and his friends becoming pariahs again in Beacon Hills. It's a little bit of an analogy for the current goings-on about being an outside, about feeling left out, or about feelings as though the world is against you. It's the rise of new hunters and it's about a creature that preys upon you and preys upon fear. I thought this show was over season five. That was meant to be a series finale in a way but then the network said 'You gotta do more.'"

This final season will see the return of former lead actors including Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver, and Tyler Hoechlin. Hoechlin's return was exceptionally well received by fans, many of whom enjoyed the bickering of his character Derek Hale with Dylan O'Brien's Stiles Stilinski. "That was one of the things I was looking forward to writing in the last episode was the return of Stiles and Derek together and their bickering. They have great comedic chemistry, those two characters, and [Tyler and Dylan] love playing it too, so you'll see that too."

Davis hopes that the show's legacy lasts in the hearts of the viewers that made it such a success. "I hope that people remember it with fondness. I hope that people say, 'Oh yeah, Teen Wolf, I used to love that show. That was a great show and it was one of my favourite shows when I was growing up.' That's how I feel about The X-Files. I didn't watch every season of The X-Files, I didn't even see the last movie but that was a seminal show for me. I hope people feel that way about it, like I feel about my favourite shows."

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