Jessica Lucas on Tabitha's Mentorship of Selina Kyle ("Gotham" San Diego Comic Con 2017 Interview)

Jessica Lucas enters season four playing a whole new territory for Tabitha. Not only is she alone without the support of her once-close allies, but she is set to take on a mentoring role to the post-balcony-fallen Selina Kyle. Believing her former love interests, Barbara and Butch, to be dead when they're both set to rise again, there was plenty to discuss at San Diego Comic Con about what's in store for season four.

"She's in a quite vulnerable place for the first time. She has no allies. She's starting fresh. She's kind of hiding out. She's grieving over the loss of Butch. Then quite quickly she finds out that Barbara isn't dead. So that brings up all her emotions again, and her anger. In Gotham, it's who you align yourself with, who your allies are, that's how you survive. She might be put into a position where she has to trust Barbara again just to survive. I'm really excited to explore the relationship with Selina. That's gonna be really fun. I've been waiting for that since I signed onto the show so that'll be great. I didn't know when it was coming and they said it would be quite some time but I always knew. When we conceptualised Tabitha as a character, we wanted her to look somewhat similar to certain versions of Catwoman so that there would be a nod to that. The whip is Catwoman's weapon and she wears a lot of black leather. I loved Michelle Pfeiffer's version of Catwoman but the thing with Tabitha is she doesn't have that sexual element to her as much. She's not really a seductress. That's more of Erin's side of things of the wheelhouse. So that'll be interesting cause that's such a huge part of that character so Camren will have to discover that on her own without Tabitha's influence."

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