Khylin Rambo Wants To Play A Superhero After Final "Teen Wolf" Season

Photo: Jenevia Kagawa Darcy

This final season of Teen Wolf will see two of its actors step into the director's seat, Tyler Posey and Linden Ashby for episodes 13 and 14, something series star Khylin Rambo is proud to support. He is also pleased with how the show evolves and shifts his character, Mason. "Let me just prefix it with, Mason's always been the happy-go-lucky guy. He's always been the guy that can see the positive no matter how dark things get. But it's gonna be great to see how those challenges actually resurface and see how he deals with them. There's some very intense moments that he's gonna experience and he's gonna respond in a way that I haven't seen him respond."

Rambo relates to his character for their shared value and prioritisation of friendship. "How we loves his friends, that's why he does the things he does for his friends. It's not just because they're cool, he truly loves the people who he's around. That's something that I do and something I aspired to grow into. I wish I was as brave as him, I say this all the time but when I really, really think of it, I would not do half of the things that he does. If most of the danger was real, running into it or staying in the middle and not moving away, I admire the bravery. For his friends, it's because of how much he loves his friends."

The friendship between Mason and Liam will remain an integral part of their character journeys. "The way I see this final season of Mason and Liam is, you know how Scott and Stiles, they got into a groove of being in the pack and being on missions and accomplishing things. They became partners as much as they became best friends and that's something I see Mason and Liam doing. Even though they make each other laugh and they're good friends, they have now become partners and it's more so mission-oriented and I like that. It's gonna be really cool to see that."

Rambo is disappointed to not have worked with the returning stars, as his character is on a separate mission that keeps him in a different location when those characters return to the series but is hopeful that he'll have the opportunity to work with them in the future. He raves about Posey's creativity and preparation for his directorial debut on the show, adding how it inspired him as a creative. He teases that the last season will be full of fear and possibly death.

So what's next for Khylin Rambo? He wants to play a superhero! "It's a dream of mine, and I plan to accomplish this, but to be a superhero, [or] superpowered individual of some sort. I would love it! The fact that I got to play the Beast, even though I didn't go through any makeup, it was CGI, that idea alone let me know this is something I want to do. I've done an action film and from that moment on, I was like, 'This is awesome!' I get to do the thing that I watch. When I watch action films, I've actually said I want to do that, and I'm doing that at a young age. So I would love for that to continue. Anything action, something supernatural, superpowers, I'd love." When asked about his favourite superhero, he says it's Nightcrawler. "He's the guy who teleports. I really like him cause he started off teleporting only to where he can see and then he figured out how to teleport anywhere. If you really think of it, you're invincible."

Watch our full interview with Khylin Rambo to hear even more about the final season of Teen Wolf here:


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