Krista Siegfrids on Return to Melodifestivalen, Choreography, and Aspirations to Host The Contest

Krista Siegfrids is no stranger to the world of Eurovision and its various national selections. After being a fan-favourite during Eurovision 2013 when she represented with her highly pro-LGBT+ entry for Finland, "Marry Me". Following this, Krista has kept active on the Eurovision circuit, having hosted the Finnish national selection, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK), and competed in Melodifestivalen in 2016 with her Swedish-language entry "Faller" which narrowly missed out on qualifying from the semi-finals. This year, she returns to Melodifestivalen, more determined than ever to not only prosper in the contest but break out in the Swedish market.

Siegfrids assures us she's out for revenge her second time through the competition. "This year I'm back with a better song, with a better show, and I was really close last year to [making] it to Andra Chansen so I think that actually, there's a chance for me. I know it's a bit hard because I'm a Finnish person in Sweden. It's quite difficult but still I think that it's a good song so I think that people could actually like it. I love Melodifestivalen, I love Eurovision, I wanna be in this bubble forever. I love this."

Siegfrids aims to break out more in Sweden, and this is why she chooses to compete in the contest by singing in Swedish. To further make her entry more competitive, she has taken a more personal approach with writing the song. "I think the song is better and it's more me. It's very personal. I wrote the song for my boyfriend, once again. I always do happy songs. This is quite a melancholy song. It's about the every day struggle. You're in a relationship with somebody, you love him, and you're just trying to get your shit together. Both of you [are] focusing on your careers, you're far away from each other, but you still want to be together because you love each other, so it's about that. But then it's baked into a clubby vibe so it's a cool song, it's very modern, it's fresh, the beat is nice, you're gonna love it, you're gonna dance! Litho Nericcio did the choreography. He worked with Ace Wilder. Litho heard my song and he loved it. He believes in me and that's nice. I just told Litho, 'You can choose the dancers because you know them and you've got the eye for it.' He chose two girls and two boys. The choreography is like Michael Jackson meets Beyonce."

Siegfrids remains open to the possibility of competing again in Eurovision as the Finnish representative. The Finnish entry for Eurovision 2017 has already selected, and Siegfrids is even more eager at the prospect of someday hosting Melodifestivalen. "I would love it! Can you please just send tweets and messages to Christer Björkman and just say that Krista, she would be an amazing host, I would totally love that! That would be so cool!"

Watch our full interview with Krista Siegfrids here:


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