Loreen and De Vet Du on Upcoming Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen Duels (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

As is customary in Melodifestivalen, the night before the televised broadcast, all competing entries for that week's show will perform in front of a live audience to simulate the experience for all involved in putting on the show of how things will be executed with the arena full. Among those competing are fan and YouTube-favorites, De Vet Du and Loreen, both of whom have brought large-scale shows befitting a television program.

De Vet Du's wardrobe are a hybrid design of the merchandise they already have for sale on their official website, with a black and yellow colour scheme embedded on a race-car style. Among a few changes they've made to their show to step things up for their duel, the group have debuted a new eccentric set of facial expressions they call "Psyk-face", something they liken to psychopathy. "[It means] we are excited," says Chris Martland. "Embarrassingly excited," adds Johan Gunterberg.

Loreen is the stand-out favourite among international viewers, having garnered a large following due to her previous time competing in the contest. Loreen's one self-critique she has about her dress rehearsal performance that she'd like to improve on going into the live show is her focus. "I have this belief, it's about being focused and knowing exactly what you want to say. If I'm really grounded, I get in my zone, then that energy runs through the whole performance. If I'm a little bit unfocused, anything disturbs me anywhere, I can lose focus and then it takes a while before I'm there again. I lost it a bit in the beginning."

Watch the dress rehearsal interviews with Loreen and De Vet Du here:


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