Loreen on "Statements", Return to Melodifestivalen, and New Music (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Loreen has been one of the hottest topics on the Melodifestivalen 2017 circuit since she was announced returning, just five years after she won the contest and Eurovision too with the song "Euphoria", which became a wide hit throughout numerous countries. This time, she is returning with a song she wrote on herself with The Family called "Statements" with a stage show that brings forth imagery related to powerful historical women, ranging from the French Revolution to an old woman hitting a Nazi with her purse.

"The whole point of the song is just basically, realizing your own inner power. You're not a victim. I don't like that we see ourselves as [victims] of anything negative. We're in charge. We set the rules for our own life. So that's why I say, 'We don't need no Statements'. We don't need anybody doing the talking. I follow my heart and my intuition, that's what I do, and I'm the one controlling my life."

Loreen has also drawn criticisms from her most ardent supporters who have long been clamouring for more music -- Loreen has not released an album or EP since her post-Eurovision-winning album "Heal". "I think looking back, I think it was because I'm really bad at doing two things at the same time. I really tried for a while, being out there gigging, playing shows, private ones... Euphoria was such a huge hit and we thought that after like a year or two it would die down a bit and give more space and room for creating new music. I really tried hard to create music at the same time I [was] playing but it really didn't work for me because I need to be so focused on one thing. As you can see, I'm just giving everything I have. If it's a show, then I'm all into that, just focused on 'How is this gonna look?' and all the details. I think looking back, that's one of the main reasons. I created new music and then I was out playing, and then coming back I tried to finish it up but I couldn't because I've developed and I want to create new music. Now is a different time. Now I have been able, for at least a year, just creating music, just doing it focused. It sounds completely different obviously."

Loreen promises that new music is on the way, and this year to be precise. "There's two parts to the album. There's one coming out, like a small one, coming out this spring. And then the next part two, is gonna come out this fall."

Watch our full interview with Loreen here:


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